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Ace Your No-Shave November Look The GoPaisa’s Mens Way

We all know that No-Shave November or Movember is a month when men around the world forgo shaving and grooming in order to grow awareness about the life-taking disease — CANCER. Growing a beard and moustache is a dream of many and doing it so for some good cause makes it even better. So, the GoPaisa men have also decided to participate in the No-Shave November — the challenge is also known as Movember — in their own way by letting the beard & moustache grow wild and free. And while skipping razors for the month to support cancer sufferers who lose their hair, our men also thought to discover a new look in themselves. However, forgoing a shave for a whole month and grooming, taming & tackling a growing beard and moustache certainly take more effort. This also happened with our GoPaisa men who have painstakingly grown their beards.

Taking any initiative for a good cause is something we better do, so we asked our bewhiskered men to share their pictures for some inspiration and fun! 

So, before you start searching for the best male grooming products from top men’s grooming brands like Beardo, The Man Company, Bombay Shaving Company and Ustraa, here are some of the best beard styles and the recommended products to take your face-game to the next level.

The Full Beard Style

A fully-grown & fully immersed beard in its own natural glory — without cutting, trimming or grooming — completely transform your look, style and personality, and this is what No Shave November is really about. However, growing this beard style needs some light trimming along the way to help shape the yeard and keep it healthy (usually in a month) is all you need to ace this look at its best. And this Beardo Godfather Combo containing a power-packed combination of Beardo Godfather Beard Wash and Beardo Godfather Beard Oil is all you need to groom and maintain your full beard style.

The Low-boxed Beard Style

A meticulously groomed and cropped alternative to the full beard, the Low-boxed style of beard is a classic beard style that suits almost every face type. It is the best alternative to a Full Beard style not only for its versatility which complements a variety of haircuts and occasions but also because they are suitable for most workplace environments. This beard style can make any man look sharp and clean when trimmed along the jawline perfectly. 

Trimming a beard, applying beard serum and some beard wax is the best way to pull this look off at home.

The Scruffy Beard Style

A slightly longer variation of the 5 o’clock shadow, the scruffy beard style is one of the most popular choices for the majority of office people. It doesn’t matter if a beard is patchy or if it comes in extremely thick, the Scruffy adds a bit of grit to a man’s look. And this style, without a doubt, anyone can wear. While the Scruffy is notoriously itchy, keeping the hair soft and the skin hydrated using Beard Wash & Conditioner can help relieve the itch.

Read about the Best Men’s Grooming Products To Tackle Your Unruly Wild Beard

The Stubble Beard Look

The light stubble is highly popular among many men who used to save regularly or a newbie to this beard game. Also, achieving this look is extremely easy. All you need to do is don’t shave or groom for a couple of days and then trim your beard to give it a nice clean look. Acing this look also doesn’t require a plethora of grooming products, just a trimmer to sculpt the hairline can do the job. Achieve the perfect stubble look with a clean-shaven neck with a consistent length of hair with this reasonably priced Beardo APE-X 3-in-1 Multipurpose Trimmer.

The Full Goatee Beard Style

Often referred to as “Circle Beard”, men wearing the perfect Goatee beard style are always be in the centre of attention. Stylish and elegant, the Goatee creates a polished, gentleman-like appeal. Adding a little edge to any face shape, the Goatee is definitely a gentlemanly style that suits both formal and casual ambience. To get a naturally looking Goatee beard, you need to grow your facial hair for about 3-4 weeks and then trim the excess length using a beard trimmer with an attachment size a little longer than the desired length of the beard. Clean up the cheeks hair, neck and neckline with a razor and you are done.

The Chevron Look

This quintessential moustache style is still the first choice of many and we are seeing more and more men opting for this look because of its minimal grooming requirements. As the name suggests, the Chevron Look is a simple moustache shaped like a chevron. Combining the Chevron moustache with a bit of stubble looks badass. To make the perfect Chevron look at home, use a good scissor and a Beardo comb to flaunt the perfect style this winter.

Finding the perfect beard style that matches your personality can be a daunting one, so here we present our guide to victoriously coming out of the No-Shave November month. Our men know how difficult it is to maintain an awesome-looking beard, be sure to check out all the beard care products online with enticing offers. We recommend you shop for all beard products via GoPaisa and seize the opportunity to earn exciting GP cashback.


We at GoPaisa broke the pattern of a traditional workplace. How did we do that? Here’s a sneak peek from our recent rendezvous, filled with fun and laughter @ Worlds of Wonder, Noida, Delhi NCR.


They say don’t let the kid inside you die, ever. Well, we’ve made sure that we stick to the phrase for a longer time. GoPaisa went on to explore the child inside and found an abode at the amusement park.


Though the adventurous rides took a toll on our stress levels, we thoroughly enjoyed coming back to our younger selves. And, not to forget the soothing touch added by the windy weather. To top it all, we treated ourselves with finger-licking food at the food court.


With all of these elements coming together, a working Saturday turned into a grand curtain raiser for a thrilling weekend.

Of Toothbrushes, ‘Colgate’, Cavities & more – When dentists came calling @ GoPaisa

Most Saturdays at GoPaisa are spent having fun with playful weekend activities, but that’s not all we focus on weekends. On July 7 this year, the GoPaisa team had their oral hygiene checked by experts.

Yes, everyone hates a dentist and if truth be told, many of us were scared of their equipment. However, things turned out to be completely the opposite when we met the ‘dental docs’. One by one, they examined everyone’s teeth, illustrated current problems with their causes and what precautions should be taken to avoid further issues related to oral health.

A dentist a day keeps the cavities away!

Later on, they surprised everyone with important facts we were unaware of. Also, they broke some popular brushing technique myths we followed blindly until now. Before they left, the ‘dental docs’ explained the importance of taking care of our oral hygiene and visiting dentists on a regular basis.

But that’s now how Saturdays end at GoPaisa! We devoted the rest of our hours playing general knowledge quizzes and other outdoor games to release work-stress.

Birthday Bombs On Monday

Although days at GoPaisa are always fun and more like a summer’s fresh breeze. And then there are days like these which are anticipated and holds special importance in the history of GoPaisa. So, zoom in your lenses and get ready to have a sneak peak in the fun chapters of GoPaisa.

It wasn’t just another Monday and no sorts of the blues loomed over the head because it was the birthday of our deals’ manager – Anuj. His entry was grand and full of pomp and show! Here we would like to take the liberty to mention that Anuj is one of the most humble and friendly leaders of GoPaisa. And his birthday was the occasion everyone was looking forward to!


“A party without a cake is just a meeting – someone wise with a sweet tooth.”

The day was star-studded by a chocolate fudge cake which was later on used as the facial pack on Anuj. Well, we truly had fun!    

To top it all, later in the evening when Anuj announced that the food has arrived, everyone huddled up and to our surprise, we were treated with half a dozen pizzas, garlic bread, and soft drinks.

That’s How We Roll!

You must be thinking if there is anything we cannot do! The answer is certainly NO!

We truly believe in the mantra of “Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara” and make sure that we own both work and fun times equally.


So, once upon a time, Ah! This is the story we narrate every weekend to keep your blues away! This time around we dedicated our weekend activity to the ever-present spirit of IPL. Our very own Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar had it their way through the most entertaining game of Cricket. And to keep the ball rolling we had our personal Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur playing for us too.


The fun was at its peak when the super bosses joined the gang! No matter if anyone hit a six or was bowled out, the hooting was echoing in the same amount. To add more to the already hyped times, the pictures speak for themselves!


We enjoyed every bit of our GoPaisa Cricket League, hope you had a refreshing experience too.  

Keep your eyes on the space for more fun updates!

Killin’ Weekday Vibes @ Work

Who would have thought that somewhere on this surface of the Earth, work and fun would be used as a synonym for each other? No, we ain’t kidding! Such is the life at GoPaisa. We know better ways to knock out the weekday vibes and how!

Calling out everyone and asking them to show their best moves with the racket and the shuttle is all that you will need on a sulking weekday. What’s more? The day was made a lot better with the cool weather and the evergreen nimboo pani on the rocks!


The fun on the ground was evident with the sound of giggles coming from every corner of it. Challenges were thrown out at each other and all were taken in the good spirit. We ain’t apologizing if we are making you envious in any manner whatsoever because we intend to! *winks*


The best thing about Springs is outdoor games, bright sun and lots of laughter but don’t you worry GoPaisa has got you covered in all the seasons!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Beach Day @ Office

Let’s face it, everyone has mid-week blues, even the GoPaisa team. And I know we have superpowers and charm bestowed to us but what to do??? So, to bash these blues and have a motivating and a cheerful week, we all planned a beach day!! Yayyy!!


Beach is considered as the perfect spot to chill and relax and hence the very wise selection. *Slow Claps*.Our employees were asked to ditch their boring outfits for a day. And were asked to dress up very beachy-ly.  Shorts, tees, maxi dresses valiantly ruled the rooster.  And just FYI tropical prints weren’t daunting at all. Chilled out dominated the atmosphere with hints of laughter and joy.


Now that we are big foodies, we just can’t eliminate that out, be it we are at any landscape!  Delicious snacks and fizzy drinks, made the day even more pleasing!

Luncheon at GoPaisa

GoPaisa is a fabulous team. It shares infinite love for two things: soulful food and hard work. The latter comes naturally to us but the former is something that needs to be refurbished every now and then. And hence, the pot-luck lunch!  This lunch had everything great in it :great food, great people. What else does one need? *Dancing*

Our team is indeed a diverse one, and hence we coloured our lunch with diverse colours. From southern Indian delicacies Idli Sambhar, to North India’s pride aloo poori. If you are wondering we only gorged on these,  Paneer and Dal Makhani did make a brief appearances. After all they were heavenly. For our team members having sweet curiosities, we certainly did not disappoint them. With Sheera and Halwa paving the path of pure sin, we gladly committed them. Lassi filled with cream and chaach, ruled the beverage scenario like a true blue-blooded king.

Good food was amalgamated beautifully with good humour, and that is how we go Saturday-ing!!!


ROFL Friday at GoPaisa

Fridays are streaked with magic for obvious reasons and in GoPaisa they are splashed with oodles of laughter too. This Friday our entire team engaged in a playful conversation with Shamsher Singh. Gopaisa team was enthralled by this chap who was actually in disguise, our Research Executive.

Our Very Own Shamsher Singh

He enacted a rowdy yet humorous police man from own Punjab. His humour and his one- liners spared no one. He regarded our very own Content Head as “Cute Gabbar” and joked on the never ending working capacity of our support team. He showed no sympathy for our engineers and literally cracked a crackpot. His mimicry of the comedian Kapil Singh was spot on.

The Flinstone Roast

Gopaisa team started their weekend with a long laughter and memories that they will hold close to their heart forever.

In Conversation with the Cute Gabbar



GoPaisa Team Lunch

One thing that is common among GoPaisa team members is a sheer love for delicacies. The GoPaisa team decided to treat themselves with  Southern Indian delicacies at the very famous Sagar Ratna.
From mouth watering dosas, to the very sweet yet relishing  Rava Kesari, everything was mouth watering.
Lunch accompanied by laughter and gossip added to the good memories of GoPaisa.

After all, a family that eats together, stays together.

The Game is On!

Gopaisa knows how important it is to break the cycle of mundane working days. To give a break to its employees, GoPaisa organised a short competition for its employees. The ICC Champions Trophy Google Doodle was the game. Everyone was given 25 minutes for playing this game and our team members played this game with full zeal and excitement. Members did show a glimpse of their competitive streaks, and it was a time of fun and fervour.
Our very own UI/UX designer, Akash, Scored the highest.

I am lovin it!


Highest Score

Victory is his.

GoPaisa Goes Skiing

GoPaisa team decided to take a trip to Ski India in DLF Mall of Noida.SKI India is an innovative indoor park which offers its guests a skiing experience.
It was indeed a rejuvenating experience for the GoPaisa team. Not only did they indulge in snow fights but also brimmed with laughter and amazement provided by SKI India.
Slides added quite a lot to the adventure and a dance on icy floor sure made this trip was wonderful and memorable in every way!

The More, the merrier, is what GoPaisa’s precious gems were going for! All lost in the joyous yet soothing feeling.


Apart from showing off their cognitive abilities, GoPaisa team loves to show its muscular abilities too now and then.


Entire GoPaisa team stiffened with the snow at Ski India, yet putting up such brimming smiles since togetherness is what we all crave for!!


Operations and the Support team caught in an off-guard moment!


GoPaisa hopes to bid its loyal employees a hearty farewell like this always!


Because when our pretty graphic designer and technical team’s champ strike a pose, the result are bound to be great!

Wedding Bells at GoPaisa

” Wedding anniversary is a celebration of the bond of matrimony, trust, love and care “
On 23rd of May, Gopaisa team decided to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our very own founders. When it comes to love and affection that two people share as a couple our founders are a couple to reckon with. Their employees decided to make them marry again, our Co-founders exchanged garlands and danced beautifully on a romantic song.
The employees were divided into different teams and several competitions were held such as card making, singing and quiz were held.
The Groom’s team won with a clear margin.
Dancing, singing added quite a lot to the fun and frolic atmosphere. It was indeed an evening of merriment and joy!!

The Grand Entrance.

Shadi Mubarak!

Badhaiyan and Mithaiyan!

Team Bride!

The keen participants of the quiz.

Being creative is a child’s play at GoPaisa.

What’s a celebration without some foot tapping numbers?

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