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Cashify Coupons Offers - Want to upgrade our Gadgets? Sure, you can whenever you want to. But what about your existing Device? Sell your used phone instantly and get Rs.200 extra Value by using the Coupon [ + ]

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Get an additional 7% value of your old device as Cashify in partnership with Amazon Pay Gift Card has started a new 'Sell Your Old Phone' offer called “Cashify Amazon Offer”. Under this offer, you can [ + ]


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About Cashify

The mission of Cashify is to transform the way people sell their old or used gadgets. Cashify offers an online platform that enables their customers to unlock the best price for their old/used gadgets. Through Cashify localized network of buyers across the country, Cashify make sure that their customers are able to sell their gadgets "Fast & Easy!"?

You can sell your old gadgets at the best price available in the market and access all of the Cashify Coupons and Cashify promo codes from GoPaisa. Not only this, if you sell your product on cashify through GoPaisa, then you might even get benefitted with assured cashback provided by GoPaisa.

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Cashify Coupons & Offers

Cashify Offers its users a chance to sell their old gadgets at the best price available in the market. They run with the motto: “One man’s waste could be another’s resource.” Cashify offers really fast services and allows you to fully use them just as easily. They stand by what they say: Sell Fast & Easy. Now, they are open for Repairs too. Along with this, Cashify Offers various Cashify Coupons and Cashify Promo Codes that will further help you enjoy the reselling.

Gabbar Sells His Old Phone on Cashify in 60 Seconds

Why use Cashify?

It is not easy to sell a used product, in fact, it is not even easy to quote the perfect price for that used product. But now, there is no need to worry because Cashify offers its users with the perfect price for their product and even take the burden of reselling it.

Cashify Offers various Cashify Coupons and Cashify Promo Codes. You can use the provided cashify coupons and cashify promo codes to save yourself some money in the total bill while you submit your phone for repair.

Sell Used Mobile Phone on Cashify

There are several other things that Cashify provides its users:

1. Get Instant Price Quote - As we have already laid the foundation that Cashify Offers to provide you with the Perfect Price for your old gadget, but did we tell you that you will be told about the price quote in an Instant. Yes, that’s right. You do not have to wait for a perfect price quote.

2. Assured Sale Guaranteed - Cashify offers the users, who want to sell their product on their website, a surety that their used gadget will be sold.

3. Assured Hassle-free Experience - You do not have to stress yourself. Put in the information on Cashify, from the phone model to your contact. Then, Cashify will provide you with the price quote and after that the company will for itself look after the selling and pick-up of your old gadget.

4. Privacy of Information - There is a guarantee that Cashify offers to everyone who tries to resell their gadget on the website and that is about their privacy. Cashify guarantees to keep the user provided information private and see to it that it is not used anywhere, unnecessarily.

5. Free Device Pick-up - You do not have to worry about the pick-up or the drop either because cashify offers free device pick-up. Along with this, it offers instant ‘cash’ delivery at your doorstep at the time of the pick-up. All you have to do in this whole process is open the door, make the exchange, and your work is done, that easy.

6. Anti-theft - There are times when our phone is stolen. Now, Cashify offers here it's own official app which, once installed, will give you access to your phone - if it is stolen or you are not able to find your phone - from the official Cashify website. You can make your mobile sound the alarm, send a message, lock itself, and wipe itself entirely of all the images or your personal data.

7. Repair - This is the latest addition to the various features that cashify offers. You can also submit your phone for repair at cashify. There are around 20 popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola etc whose phones cashify repairs. So, now you know where you should send your phone to get it repaired.

How Cashify Works?

How Cashify Works

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    Cashify Application

    You can also install the official cashify application to use the services of cashify. Through the Cashify app, users will be able to use various cashify coupons and cashify promo codes that will only be available on the official app and not on the website, and benefit themselves.

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