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Country Delight Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes for 2021 — GoPaisa

Country Delight Offers & Coupon Codes

Country Delight Offer Details

Country Delight Free Milk Offer

Get 100% Cashback on First Recharge

Low Fat Cow Milk Offer (500 ml)

Start @ Rs 28

Country Delight Fresh Dahi Offer (400 gm)

Starting @ Rs 39

Buy Fresh Paneer Online Offer (200 gm)

Starting @ Rs 70

Country Delight Referral Code & Offer

Get Upto Rs. 500 in Wallet

Freshness Delivered to Your Home with Country Delight

Are you sure the milk that you drink daily isn't impure? Grab this opportunity to consume natural and fresh milk when Country Delight is promising to deliver the fresh and unadulterated milk directly to your doorstep. By providing high-quality milk which is tested scientifically on 26 parameters, you can expect pure milk for you and your family. The milk is extracted twice daily, undergone scientific quality tests post milking, pasteurization & packing at 3° celsius and then delivered every morning. Country Delight also gives you the freedom to test the milk every time so that you can be sure of what your family is drinking is completely safe and has not been tampered. Country Delight guarantees purity in every drop, so they provide a complimentary test kit as well. Enjoy good health like never before as the milk is free of any adulterants.

About Country Delight: Fresh and Pure Milk Products at Your Fingertip

Milk along with other dairy products is the best source of protein. Therefore, it is essential for our body. People living in metro cities and big towns are facing a significant problem related to milk as well as milk products. Most people buy milk and other dairy products directly from the milkman or either from a physical store or online store. However, a very basic but prevalent question is: is the milk you’re drinking adulterated or fresh one? One such online store which offers natural and fresh dairy products at our doorstep is Country Delight. The company guarantees purity in every drop of milk. Therefore in present days, Country Delight offers 100 percent natural, fresh and unadulterated milk directly to the doorstep of the consumer. Consumer ordering and servicing happens through a first-of-its-kind mobile application that completely takes away the hassle of managing one’s milk requirements.  

The journey of Country Delight was started in 2015 with a promise to provide natural, fresh and pure milk directly to the doorstep of the consumer. It was started by two young and dynamic IIM graduates Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal to solve a fundamental but prevalent problem - artificial and adulterated milk. Country Delight aims at bringing the goodness of fresh and natural milk that is directly collected fresh from local farms to its customers. Also, the milk products that are delivered to customers door steps are fresh and have zero preservatives. So the users can consume pure and fresh milk every day. Country Delight services are now available at Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Country Delight promises natural, unadulterated and fresh products to its customers. Customers can order free trials of the products to check the quality and freshness of products. 

Why Shop Country Delight products?

The fresh and unadulterated milk that Country Delight offers to its consumers is the best of its kind and is processed through the best techniques. It is suitable for both kids as well as the grown-up. Consumers can enjoy the delicious taste and freshness of the products by sitting at their homes.

  • Milking twice a day: Country Delight offers fresh milk that is directly collected from the local farm and delivered to your doorstep within 24-48 hours.
  • 26 Tests Every day: Country Delight performs 26 scientific quality tests at every stage to prevent adulteration.
  • Pasteurization & Packing at 3 degrees Celsius: Maintaining milk at 3-degree celsius improves shelf life, prevents an increase in bacteria counts and maintains healthiness. 
  • Doorstep Delivery Every day: Country Delight promises a hassle-free delivery of the products at your doorsteps on a daily basis so that you will get fresh milk every day. 
  • Hassle-Free Management: Easy to use mobile application for managing daily orders and subscriptions.
  • Self-Test Kit: Get a complimentary self-test kit free with the trial order from Country Delight.

What cities currently have Country Delight service in India?

It is good to note that most cities in India have Country Delight farm-fresh milk delivery services. You can easily check on the Country Delight app before placing your milk order or google it beforehand to check. 

So far as of 2020, Country Delight farm-fresh milk delivery facility is available in the following cities:

Greater Noida – Dwarka – North Delhi – West Delhi – Faridabad – Indirapuram – Gurgaon – East Delhi South Delhi – Noida – Pune – Mumbai – Thane – Bangalore

Country Delight Coupon Codes, Promotional Offers & Discount Deals that you Shouldn’t Miss

When you are shopping at Country Delight, make sure that you avail lucrative offers, coupon codes. And discount deals for better savings. All you have to do is look for the right coupon codes, discount deals and promo codes featured at GoPaisa, before actually paying at Country Delight’s store. GoPaisa is the place where you can find all the latest Country Delight coupons, offers and deals to make it quite affordable for you to buy natural and fresh milk every day. Visit the website and apply the Country Delight Coupons and offers to lower down the maximum retail price of the milk packet. Save your money and enjoy Country Delight natural, fresh and unadulterated milk and other dairy products directly to the doorstep. 

Country Delight New User Offer — Get 100% Cashback on First Recharge

Bask in the goodness of essential nutrients and unadulterated milk delivered at your doorstep with Country Delight. Currently, Country Delight is offering a lucrative cashback offer to its new users where they can get 100% cashback on their first recharge. Please note that this offer is only valid for new Country Delight users and the maximum cashback is limited to Rs. 200. 

Country Delight Offer & Cashback

  • Maximum CashBack Upto Rs 200.
  • Cannot Be clubbed with any other offer.
  • Maximum 1 Offer on 1 Address.
  • Offer valid on the first recharge only.
  • CashBack Amount cannot be refunded.
  • The cashback component of the wallet balance cannot be utilized to buy prepaid products (Ghee, Fruits & Vegetables etc.)

How to order farm-fresh milk on Country Delight?

Manage your daily subscription hassle-free on Country Delight. Follow the below-mentioned steps to order farm-fresh milk from Country Delight. 

  • You can begin your milk ordering by Logging in or by entering your location
  • If you’re new to Country Delight, head over to the Sign Up page and enter basic details like your name, mobile number, city and locality. 
  • Recharge your wallet based on your weekly or monthly consumption
  • Subscribe your products
  • Choose a convenient delivery time
  • Get free home delivery of the products at your doorstep with special instructions like to ring the bell or not.
  • Enjoy the fresh and pure Country Delight products.

When milk shopping and saving is that easy, there’s no reason not to give yourself a break. Try GoPaisa and Country Delight discount coupons today!

Country Delight Trial Offer

If you’re hesitating while shopping at Country Delight, here is good news for you. The Country Delight is offering a 5-day trial pack offer where you will get fresh and unadulterated Cow & Buffalo milk at your doorstep for the next five days. This is really a good deal where you can try and use Country Delight’s products for the next five days for free. Further, you will get a complimentary test kit and check the adulterants in your milk without delay. Some of the highlights of the Country Delight trial offer are mentioned below:

  • This is a 5-Day Trial Pack offer from Country Delight
  • Under this offer, you will get fresh and unadulterated Cow & Buffalo Milk at your doorstep
  • Regular subscriptions prices apply after the trial period ends on a continuation of subscription
  • During the trial period, you need to pay for 4 days and get 1-day milk free
  • The trial offer is valid only once per user
  • Offer cannot be clubbed with any other referral/promotional offer
  • Customers are entitled for a free milk testing kit and Dahi 400gms (only NCR region) during the trial period

Country Delight Products

Country Delight offers a variety of fresh dairy and bakery products to its customers. Some of the best Dairy Delight products are listed below:

1 - Cow Milk: Sourced from Desi Gir cows, desi Sahiwal cows, and crossbred Holstein & Jersey cows, the cow milk is indeed a country delight. It does not contain any preservatives, milk powder or added cream. What it does have is the natural sweetness of cow milk that makes it an instant favourite among the kids.

2 - Buffalo Milk: Sourced from Murrah Buffaloes, the buffalo milk is not recombined in any form. It is the purest and creamiest milk from the countryside and is tested for impurities before delivering to your doorstep.

3 - Low Fat Cow Milk: Country Delight's Low-Fat Cow Milk balances the loss of fat with a high amount of proteins, calcium, and essential vitamins. Your low-fat milk does not have to taste like water anymore- try Country Delight and you'll know why.

4 - Desi Danedar Ghee: An aromatic ghee with a characteristic granule texture is packed in this jar of goodness. Made by replicating the traditional homely processes, this ghee has a long shelf-life and is also great for your health.

5 - Ghar Jaisa Dahi or Indian Yogurt: Created in tandem with thousands of moms, Country Delight's Dahi gets that age-old practice of Dahi-making just right. While being the richest and creamiest Dahi you have ever tasted, it is also 100% pure and made completely from cow milk. For the fitness freaks among us, Country Delight also has Low-Fat Dahi, which is lighter and has a lower fat content.

6 - Taaza Paneer or Cottage Cheese: A paneer that is delectably fresh and melts in your mouth? Yes, please. At Country Delight, the paneer is packed within 36-48 hours of milking, and it's the freshest paneer you'll ever eat.

7 - Bread: Country Delight offers fresh preservative-free white and brown bread, that are baked with absolute care and perfection, and use only natural ingredients.

8 - Eggs: A crowd-favourite is Country Delight's three kinds of egg offerings: White Eggs, Protein White Eggs, and Protein Brown Eggs. The rich flavour and the thick gelatinous texture of these eggs are the hallmarks of their quality.

Country Delight Mobile App: The easiest way to manage your orders  

The Country Delight first-of-its-kind mobile application completely takes away the hassle of managing one's milk requirements. Order placements take place through a first-of-its-kind mobile application that aids convenient and hassle-free doorstep delivery of cow and buffalo milk, along with other dairy products. Choose from an array of essential daily products such as pure cow and buffalo milk, low-fat cow milk, fresh paneer, Dahi, low-fat Dahi, a range of eggs and bread, and just place your order online. You can schedule online delivery through the app every day before 10:00 pm and get it delivered the next morning between 5:00 am - 8:00 am with no delivery charges. In addition, there are no minimum order restrictions! Feel free to order as much or as little as you want, and Country Delight will deliver it to you!

Country Delight Return, Cancellation & Referral Policy 

1 - Return Policy

Country Delight offers a hassle-free return policy that gives you an option to return milk packets within the same day of delivery and other products within 48 hours of delivery. If you want to return any Country Delight product you ordered, please make sure that you don't use the product and preserve its original packaging and seal. Country Delight does not accept opened or damaged products for return.

2 - Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel or stop Country Delight subscription, you can do it easily using the Country Delight mobile application or by reaching out to customer support.

3 - Billing Policy & Payment

The billing cycle for customers is 15 days. This means the bill is generated twice a month. In case of bill payment by cheque, users are requested to draw the cheque in favour of 'BEEJAPURI DAIRY PVT. LTD.' If users are willing to pay bill payments in cash, they are required to submit the OTP that is sent to the user's registered mobile number before handing out cash to our delivery partner.

4 - Referral Program Policy

Country Delight has an amazing referral program where registered users can refer max 10 new users. However, the Referee and the Referrer cannot have the same address. The Referrer should have done at least one recharge with Country Delight in the last thirty (30) days of minimum value of Rs. 200 or must have done a cumulative wallet recharge of Rs. 2000 or more in their lifetime. To be considered a successful Referral, the person you refer (the Referee) has to do at least one wallet recharge of a minimum value of Rs. 200. The Referrer gets 100% cashback up to a maximum of Rs. 200 per Referee, on the Referee’s first wallet recharge of a minimum amount of Rs.200. Additionally, the referral bonus cannot be clubbed with any other promotional offer or bonus.

Grab Country Delight Coupon Codes & Discount Codes for Higher Savings

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Country Delight Coupon Offers: Why to take it from GoPaisa

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2 - Easy to Use Cashback System

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How to Earn GoPaisa Cashback on Country Delight Orders?

Here’s the breakdown of how to earn GoPaisa cashback on Country Delight milk orders. All you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps to avail GoPaisa cashback on your online shopping via Country Delight.

  • Visit GoPaisa and log in (if you are an existing user; if you are a new user sign up on the website for free and start earning rewards on all your purchases thereafter).
  • Once you logged in, click on the search bar and type Country Delight.
  • Browse through the lucrative offers listed on the Country Delight store page and choose one as per your preference
  • Click on the ‘Grab Deal’ button to activate the deal or copy a Country Delight coupon code if you’re activating a coupon.
  • Now shop normally on the country delight website and make payments as usual. Don’t forget to paste the coupon code if you have activated a coupon code.
  • Your rewards will soon be tracked into your GoPaisa account.


Country Delight Customer Support

In case you need any assistance regarding your milk order, you can get in touch with the Country Delight customer care team on +91 96505 78884 (6 am to 9 pm every day) and +91 63662 35177 (6 am to 9 pm every day)(Bangalore Only). You can also email them at [email protected] You can also give your valuable feedback through the Country Delight mobile application, closure of complaints raised through this medium takes 24 hours.

Country Delight FAQs

Q. What is the timing of the delivery?

All the products are delivered between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM in the morning.

Q. What are the delivery charges?

Country Delight does not levy any delivery charges.

Q. How does Country Delight work?

Country Delight works in 3 simple steps as follows:

  • Load Your wallet: Recharge your wallet based on your weekly/monthly consumption
  • Subscribe Your Products: Maintain your everyday subscription with a click of a button
  • Get Fresh Products at Doorstep: Free home delivery of your products with special instructions like ring the bell or not

Q. What mode of payments are available at Country Delight?

Ease to pay is in what Country Delight believes. That is why, the company provides a multitude of payment options such as UPI, net banking, cheque or cash. Users can opt for any of the payment methods to recharge their Country Delight wallet.