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Group Purchase OnlineUpto Rs.2250 Off
Pre-Paid OrderRs.200 Off
Pre-Paid Everglade WalletRs.200 Off
Pre-Paid Voyager Smart WalletRs.200 Off
Cuir Ally Site Wide OfferFlat Rs.500 Off

The Smart Way to Get the Best Cuir Ally Coupons and Cuir Ally Offers

Do you believe that only smartphones are smart enough to offer different functionalities nowadays? Then, think again because now your wallet can do a lot more than just carry money and cards. Cuir Ally Store brings you world’s most functional smart wallet. Not only this, they design all-rounder clutch for women and ultra slim wallet for teenagers. Though the price of these smart wallets is reasonable, you can use amazing Cuir Ally offers and Cuir Ally Coupons to get a heavy discount on your wallet purchase.

How smart is Cuir Ally's Voyage Travel Wallet?

Secura Smart Clutch - Wallet Loss Alert Smart Feature

Secura Smart Clutch - Women's Safety Feature

Secura Smart Clutch - Phone Finder Smart Feature

Secura Smart Clutch - Hands-Free Selfie Feature

A wallet keeps your money safe but Cuir Ally Voyage Travel Wallet literally secure your money, as you won’t lose your wallet ever. Whenever you leave behind your wallet, you get a notification via text, on your smartphone. Therefore, you do not have to worry anymore about losing your wallet at office, restaurants, shops, or even home.

Sometimes, it happens that we forget about the place where we last kept our wallet, like inside a drawer or under the couch. But when you have Cuir Ally smart wallet and its application, you can easily locate your precious possession without turning your room upside down. Simply open the app on your smartphone, tap the ‘ring button’, and your wallet will start ringing on its own. Not only this, if you are not able to locate your smartphone which is on silent, then use your Cuir Ally smart wallet to find it. For the case, you forget your wallet and mobile phone, both, or are not able to locate them, Cuir Ally got your back. Just go to the Chiplo account, using your MAC, PC or Tablet to check where you last kept them. Doesn’t matter if you are countries apart, you get the exact location of your wallet.

Apart from this, Cuir Ally Voyage Travel wallet enables you to take selfies. Your wallet is your selfie remote that clicks hands-free selfies. You only need to double press the bottom right corner of your smart wallet after turning on selfie option in the Chiplo app.  

Cuir Ally Secura Smart Clutch for Women Safety

Similar to the Voyage Travel Wallet, you receive notification on your smartphone when you leave behind your Secura Smart Clutch. It is a phone finder that locates your phone when it is on silent, and if your wallet is missing, you can use your smartphone to seek it for you. And, when you are not able to find your wallet and phone, make use of the Chiplo app to check the last seen location on a map via PC or tablet. Moreover, you get the freedom to take hands-free selfies. Along with these functionalities, your Cuir Ally Secura Smart Clutch can do more. When you are travelling alone, you can share your real-time location with others. For this, you have to grant permission to the person(s) with whom you want to share your location in real time. This way, you can roam freely without giving any worries to your family members. Also, make sure to take a look at Cuir Ally Discount Deals before buying the product to save some money in your wallet.

Ultra Slim Teenage Wallet - A compact travel companion

You do not have to carry a separate passport holder anymore as Ultra Slim teenage Wallet can easily carry your passport, boarding pass, sim, pen, and notepad. And, even after holding all these things, it perfectly fits in your pocket. Made from luxuriously soft leather, Ultra Slim Teenage Wallet offers you a separate mini pen holder, two rear card slots to store your sim cards and business/visiting cards, thumb-friendly card slots where you can keep your credit/debit cards, and a secure pocket to hold your passport. Besides all these features, you get a 1-year warranty and special discounts when you use Curially Promo Codes.    

STARK - The World’s Slimmest Unisex Wallet

Whether you are a woman or a man, you can buy Cuir Ally’s STARK wallet which comes with RFID security to keep your card details secure. The handheld scanners can scan the details of your card and extract the sensitive card details, without your knowledge, from your wallet. However, STARK wallet by Cuir Ally is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) theft protected. You can buy this world’s slimmest unisex wallet at a discounted price with the help of Cuir Ally Coupons.

What’s so good about Cuir Ally?

No matter where you are situated in the world, you can easily order your wallet at Cuir Ally and get it delivered at your doorsteps, right on time. Plus, you do not have to pay any shipping charges as it is completely free of cost worldwide. However, the COD (Cash on Delivery) is only available in Pan-India. All the products at Cuir Ally are made of finest quality of leather, and you do not have to pay any extra attention as their leather is low maintenance. However, you have to be cautious while you are near to water. Though the leather is water resistant, Cuir Ally’s premium grain leather has tiny pores that soak in the moisture and cause discolouration.    

Furthermore, you can buy Cuir Ally products without spending much from your pocket, and after using Cuir Ally Promo Codes and Cuir Ally Discount Codes, you can avail further discount on your purchases. Also, the Mega Summer Sale at Cuir Ally gives you an opportunity to get Rs.600 flat discount, when you buy Cuir Ally Voyage Travel Wallet or Cuir Ally Secura Smart Clutch.

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