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A desktop is a personal computer that consists of a monitor, a CPU, a keyboard, a mouse and a UPS. When computers were designed for the first time, they were as huge as an entire auditorium. Later the size of the computers reduced and they became more compact. This is when we saw the birth of a desktop. This intelligent device can mostly be seen in offices, schools and homes. We all remember working on those lofty desktops with large monitors. Well, with the advancement in technology, the desktops have continued to move towards compactness. There are computers with flat screen, LED monitors that offer better image quality and do not stress your eyes. From huge to compact, a desktop has been though a vast phase of transformation. So here are some of the types of desktops, that might interest you.

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Mainstream Desktop

Mainstream desktops are mostly home PCs with high-end specifications. They are loaded with powerful processors, graphic cards and huge RAM capacity. These desktop computers have multiple hard drives as they are majorly used for gaming purposes.

All in One Desktops

All in One desktops are the latest style desktops as they have least external peripherals as a result of CPU integration with the monitor. The only external components connected to these computers are mouse, keyboard and printer and these can be connected to your computer wirelessly. The All in one desktops consume less space and are even easy to be carried around. No like to keep themselves busy detangling the wires, and these all in one desktops relieve you of this task.

Home Theatre Desktop

Home theatre desktops are personal computers that are used for entertainment purposes and are linked to home entertainment systems. With high definition displays, video graphics, surround sound and TV tuner systems to compliment typical PC feature, these are absolutely great when it comes to gaming. The Velocity Micro CineMagix Grand Theatre and Shuttle XPX G5 3300m are some of the best home theatre desktops.

Where to Get Best Desktops from

If you plan to install a personal computer at your place, then there are number of options to go through. Web portals like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Paytm, and a few more are loaded with latest desktops that are worth buying. You can search for well reputed brands like Dell, Acer, Apple, Lenovo and the like for best results. A great way to make your purchases it to buy via GoPaisa. GoPaisa is an e-cashback site that offer links to all the top retailers and helps you get great deals at amazing prices. When you shop via GoPaisa, you are entitled to win up to 100% cashback. Apart from cashbacks, you can even get discount coupons that help you save while you get your desired product. So end your wait and bring home a latest desktop at an amazing price.