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Upto 50% off on Air Purifier at Amazon + 10% Bank Off (Philips, Coway, Mi & More )Expired

Upto 50% off on Air Purifier at Amazon + 10% Bank Off (Philips, Coway, Mi & More )

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Best Air Purifier for Home Under Rs.10000: Want to buy best air purifier for a budget of Rs.10000 or below? Well you are here on the right page. We have searched and filtered the Best Air purifier from brands like Mi, Honeywell, Philips, Blue Star, Havells, Samsung and more which you can buy Under 10000 from Amazon. You can also all time upto 10% Bank Off, Shop now.

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Buy Best Home Air Purifiers in India with Exciting Amazon Offers

In recent days, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in top metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Lucknow, among others surged to very poor, resulting in mounting health issues. Thus, owning the best air purifiers in India is the only solution to keep yourself safe from the polluted air and enjoy the Diwali festival to the fullest. A top-rated home air purifier can significantly improve your home air quality, ensuring superior well-being of you and your family. 

However, the market is filled with several air purifier options, so choosing the best home air purifier can be difficult. To make this task easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best home air purifiers in India with exciting Amazon offers. All our best-rated home air purifiers in the list will help you a moment of relief from airborne impurities, dust & pollen and viruses. So, let's get started!

Best-rated Air Purifiers in India List: Amazon Air Purifiers Offers 

Make an informed buying decision for the best-rated air purifiers in India online purchase without losing out on the exciting Amazon discount offers. Our list of the 5 best-rated air purifiers deals will help improve your home air quality as well as bring massive savings on your purchase. So, without a doubt, you can pick any one of the budget air purifiers for your home and shop from Amazon through GoPaisa for extra GP rewards. 

Best Air Purifiers in India

Regular Price

Amazon Sale Price

GoPaisa Rewards

AGARO Imperial Air Purifier For Home

Rs. 34,999

Rs. 14,699

3.5% Amazon Rewards

Philips Air Purifier Ac1215/20

Rs. 12,995

Rs. 9,499

3.5% Amazon Rewards

Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier

Rs. 12,299

Rs. 7,298

3.5% Amazon Rewards

Glen Air Purifier 6033

Rs. 15,995

Rs. 8,797

3.5% Amazon Rewards

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4

Rs. 19,999

Rs. 14,999

3.5% Amazon Rewards

1 - AGARO Imperial Air Purifier For Home

Topping our list of 5 best air purifiers in India is the AGARO Imperial Air Purifier for home which is currently available at a highly discounted price of Rs. 14,699 (originally priced at Rs. 34,999). This top-rated air purifier protects your home with 360-degree air purification and removes 99.99% airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses and micro allergens, including PM0.1, PM2.5 & PM10. It is equipped with a Green True HEPA H14 Filter which traps pollutants of up to PM 0.1 particles and the 7-stage purification system ensures clean air in your surroundings. 

Grab AGARO Imperial Air Purifier Amazon Deal Here

2 - Philips Air Purifier Ac1215/20

The Philips AC1215/20 is another best air purifier option currently available at a discounted price of Rs. 9,499 (originally priced at Rs.12,995). This is an elegantly designed air purifier from Philips that offers a boosted clean air delivery rate of up to 270 m3/hr, which is among the best that you find among all its competitors. It has a HEPA Series 1 filter which delivers superior purification efficiency and lifetime against airborne particles. The NanoProtect Pro Filter effectively removes ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um and filters out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC. It is also equipped with Auto-purification mode, which can detect PM2.5 levels and perhaps boost the speed of air purifiers to deal with pollution. Last but not least, the Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier comes with a warranty of 2 years, ensuring you get complete value for your money. 

Grab Philips Air Purifier Amazon Deal Here

3 - Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier

Available at a discounted price of Rs. 7,298, the Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier is a powerful portable room air purifier under a 10,000 price point. With a high CADR of 250 m³/h, this Honeywell Air Purifier can circulate purified air in an indoor area of up to 388 sq. ft. Plus, the 3-stage filtration process through Pre-filter, high-grade H13 HEPA Filter and activated carbon filter removes 99.99% micro allergens and airborne Pollutants, including PM10 and PM2.5. It also can run as quietly as 47.5db/A at high speed to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere preferred when sleeping, studying, or even working at home. Overall, if you're looking for an affordable yet best-rated air purifier for your home, the Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier can be the best choice for you. 

Grab Honeywell Air Purifier Amazon Deal Here

4 - Glen Air Purifier 6033

If you are looking for top-rated home air purifiers under Rs 10,000, this Glen Air Purifier 6033 is all you can buy today from Amazon. The Glen Air Purifier 6033 is currently available at a whopping 37% discount from its original selling price of Rs.13,950 at Amazon. Plus, you can get upto Rs.1,500 instant savings on your Glen air purifier purchase from Amazon through bank offers. This Glen Air Purifier comes with 5-stage Air Purification through Pre-filter + HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Cold Catalyst Filter and Built-in Ionizer, which helps improve the air quality of your home by removing dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and allergens. It is also the best HEPA air purifier that effectively traps allergens and microscopic dust particles as minute as 0.3 microns. Overall, Glen Air Purifier 6033 is an excellent addition to your living area, bedrooms, and offices because of its top features and affordability.

Check Glen Air Purifier Price in India Here

5 - Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4

The only Allergy Care Certified air purifier in India, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 is the best-rated air purifier available online on Amazon. Its triple layer filtration process - primary filter, True HEPA filter & activated carbon filter - effectively eliminates 99.99% of pollutants of particle size up to 0.1 microns. With a high CADR of 400 m3/hour, it provides fast air purification to your home by removing allergens such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander in the air of a standard-sized room in just 7 minutes. Last but not least, the high-resolution OLED touch display of the Mi Air Purifier 4 lets you know everything from PM 2.5 levels and temperature to humidity and Wi-Fi connection. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Equipped with such advanced tech features, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 is the best-rated home air purifier available at a discounted price of Rs. 16,999. Buying this Mi Air Purifier 4 from Amazon can help you save upto Rs. 1,500 through bank offers. On top of that, you can enjoy additional savings of upto 3.5% Amazon Rewards when you buy this air purifier from Amazon through GoPaisa.

Get Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Latest Offer Deal Here

Use GoPaisa Rewards & Get Big Savings on Top-Rated Air Purifiers in India

Buying a top-rated home air purifier online from e-commerce stores like Amazon has several benefits. These include a wide selection of product variety, price comparison options, deals and discounts on air purifier purchases, and user reviews. On top of that, shop for top-rated home air purifiers online from Amazon through cashback websites like GoPaisa to get additional savings in terms of GoPaisa Amazon rewards. GoPaisa, one of India’s best cashback and coupon websites, brings you an opportunity to save extra money on online purchases by offering cashback rewards. In this case, you will get upto 3.5% GoPaisa Rewards extra on your purchase of top-rated air purifiers online from Amazon. 

Best Home Air Purifiers in India FAQs

Q. Which are the best home air purifier brands in India?

Philips, Honeywell, Glen, Xiaomi and Agaro are a few names that top the best home air purifier brands in India.

Q. How to pick the best air purifier for room online?

You can choose the best air purifier for room by determining the room area you need to purify. Look out for an air purifier that has HEPA filters to remove 99.90% of airborne pollutants. Also, check out the additional features like real-time air quality monitoring, timer settings, and noise levels to suit your preferences.

Q. Which air purifier is the best for your home?

Philips Air Purifier Ac1215/20 is one of the highly recommendable air purifiers for homes because of its high CADR rating, long Hepa Filter life of Upto 17000 hours, and affordable buying price of Rs. 9,499.

Q. What is the most highly rated air purifier in India?

Philips Ac1215/20 Air Purifier is a highly-rated air purifier you can buy online from Amazon. It has an overall rating of 4580 users on Amazon at an average of 4.1 stars.

Q. Are there any discount deals on air purifiers online purchases?

Yes, you can get more than 50% off on the best air purifiers online purchase from Amazon. Besides this, there will be additional bank discounts on Amazon air purifier online purchases.

Q. Where to buy the best HEPA air purifier online at a discount?

Find the best HEPA air purifier deals on Amazon and save upto 3.5% extra on your air purifier purchase from GoPaisa cashback app. This app gives you 3.5% extra Amazon rewards on air purifier purchases.