Zomato Piggybank Offers: Earn Free 10% of Order Value as Z CoinsExpired

Zomato Piggybank Offers: Earn Free 10% of Order Value as Z Coins

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Zomato Piggybank Offers: Zomato has just introduced a Reward Service called "Zomato Piggybank" for its loyal users. Every time you order food online on Zomato App at any restaurant, you will get 10% of your order value back as Z Coins into your Zomato Piggybank. Using these points, you can pay 10% of the value of the next food order you place at Zomato top rated restaurant partners. You can even earn Z Coins in your Piggybank when you use Piggybank coins on a particular order. The Best part of "Zomato Piggybank offer", it is valid along with any other offers, Coupons, Discounts running on Zomato. So Order food now & Earn Free 10% of Order Value as Z Coins under Piggybank offer.

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  • Zomato Rolled out Piggybank: A Loyalty Programme for Frequent Users to Save on Every Order

    On Tuesday, Zamoto, the leading food ordering and restaurant search application announced the launch of another reward points program known as Zomato Piggybank for loyal users. This will allow frequent customers to save 10% on every order.

    The amount is deposited as 'Z coins' in user's Zomato Piggybanks, which can be used to pay for the next order. However, this new feature is for selected users only "based on their loyalty and geographic availability of partner restaurants."

    According to Zomato, the Piggybank feature will be accessible to 10,000 Android users from Tuesday onwards. Additionally, the users will be served with 200Z coins, equivalent to Rs.200, as a joining bonus. Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato, said that Zomato will double up its partner network on Piggybank within a couple of weeks and will extend this program across India to "loyal food ordering users", referring to those who place more than five orders in a month. Also, Zomato Gold users will get the opportunity to access piggybank feature on their Android app before anyone else.

    The most important point to be noted is the offer can be clubbed together with any other schemes running on Zomato. In other words, users can take benefits of other discount given by restaurants on Zomato.

    Users who are a part of the launch invitation list will see a new option when Piggybank feature rolls out in their area. For those who are not the part of the invitation list will have to get referred by a person who already has access to the feature. Therefore, a referral code is a must to gain access. In addition, Zomato is planning to convert the piggybank feature into a paid subscription program in two months, at the cost of Rs.299/year.

    Furthermore, Zomato says, it will donate Re.1, when you order food via Piggybank feature, to Akshaya Patra Foundation, an NGO which runs mid-day meal programmes for children. Goyal said, "One rupee per order is a lot - if all orders at Zomato were placed using Piggybank points, we would be donating Rs. 1.25 crore a month on your behalf to Akshay Patra Foundation. That changes the lives of millions of children in our country."

    How Zomato Piggybank Reward Points Programme Works?

    Zomato is known to deliver the hot meals right at your doorsteps on time. Also, this popular Food ordering and restaurant search application enables the user to share reviews and photos, and make a table reservation. Recently. Zomato has rolled out a loyalty programme, Amazon Piggybank, where you can some money whenever you spend a dime on a meal. Plus, you get to earn Zomato Piggybank joining bonus and Zomato Piggybank discounts on food.

    What is Zomato Piggybank?

    As the name suggests, it's a reward points program for loyal users of the food delivery service on Zomato. The idea behind this service is to reward loyal users on our food delivery service, whilst also doing our bit in helping others give a bit back to the society. Intrigued?

    Zomato Piggybank Offers:

    Zomato has rolled out a new loyalty program for loyal users that will allow them to save up on every order placed at Zomato. Zomato Piggybank, as it is called, is a reward point-based loyalty programme that will enable customers who place at least five orders per month will earn 10% on each meal.

    The reward point is deposited in the form of 'Z Coins' in their Zomato Piggybanks, and can be used to pay for subsequent orders. Zomato is releasing the new feature to select users for now (10,000 of them) on Android "based on their loyalty and the geographic availability of partner-restaurants".

    Zomato Piggybank: Earn Free 200 Z Coins as Joining Bonus

    All Loyal Zomato users stand to receive a joining bonus of 200 Z Coins, which is equivalent to Rs 200. The company revealed in an blog post that Zomato Gold users will get early access to the Piggybank feature and their offers.

    Zomato Piggybank Supports Akshaya Patra Foundation

    Every time you place a food order using your Piggybank, you get a chance to spread smiles somewhere in the world. You'd be able to do this because Zomato will donate Rs.1 on your behalf to Akshaya Patra Foundation, which is world's largest NGO running mid-day meal programs for children. Yes, Zomatodonate Rs.1 per order. As a customer, you don't pay, but you enable us to do. So you are directly responsible for the good deed that Zomato do on your behalf.

    One rupee per order is a lot - if we combine all orders at Zomato were placed using Piggybank points, we would be donating Rs.1.25 crore a month on your behalf to Akshay Patra Foundation. That changes the lives of millions of children in our country.

    How Will Zomato Piggybank Offers Work?

    Zomato Piggybank programme is beneficial for loyal Zomato users. Whenever they place an order online via Zomato at any restaurant, 10% of the order value will get credited into their Zomato Piggybank in the form of Z coins. This way, the customers will earn Zomato Piggybank Free Points. Users can use these reward points to pay for the next order at Zomato's exclusive restaurant partners. Even users get to earn Z coins whenever they use Piggybank coins on a specific order.

    How to Earn Zomato Piggybank Bonus Rewards?

    For some time, Zomato Piggybank feature will be available to a selected number of users only. The selection will be done based on their loyalty as well as the geographic availability of partner restaurants. On joining, the lucky users will earn Zomato Piggybank Free 200 Z Coins worth Rs.200.

    However, Zomato Piggybank is planning to extend the loyalty program across India to frequent Zomato users who place more than 5 orders in a month. All those who have the Gold subscription will get the early access to Piggybank.

    How to Get Access to Zomato Piggybank Feature?

    Only those who are a part of launch invitation list will get the access to Zomato Piggybank feature. In order to get access (if you are not part of the invitation list), you need to get referred by a user who already has Piggybank. If you are a part of the invitation list you will see the Piggybank feature whenever Piggybank rolls out in your area and to get access, you need the referral code.

    Is There Any Zomato Piggybank Coupon?

    No, at present no coupon code is required for Zomato Piggybank feature. However, in a couple of months, Zomato Piggybank will likely to get converted to paid subscription program. For this, a user will require to pay Rs.299 for a year.

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