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Playing online games has become a trend. After all, it is a perfect way to pass time and the best part is such online games allow users to earn money in real. So, why not utilize the spare time to play some online games and earn money out of them? Gamezy is that online gaming platform where one can play online games, including fantasy cricket, and win real cash prizes. Furthermore, there are plenty of Gamezy coupons and offers that let the players save a few bucks in their pocket. 

What is Gamezy?

Are you limited to fantasy cricket only? Well, there is more than that at Gamezy. It is an online gaming zone where everybody wins. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, learn at Gamezy new ways to win by playing games. Step into an imaginary world game with Gamezy and win money for real. To have a great time, create your own team and start playing online right away with Gamezy.

How to win cash for real in Gamezy?

Follow the mentioned steps to get started with Gamezy:

  • Select a match that you want to play. From the list of games or contests, select one in which you are interested. 
  • Select your players. To get started with your Gamezy game, select a contest and get choose 11 best players to create a team of yours. 
  • Start wining cash for real. You will start earning real cash money on the basis of how your team performs in the real world. 

What is Gamezy World Cup Contest Pass?

With the World Cup contest pass, users will be able to participate in the One Mega Contest for free of cost during the World Cup on Gamezy. For this, one has to pay an entry fee of up to Rs. 20; however, users don’t have to pay any entry fee for any particular contest in any particular match.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rs. 20, used as an entry fee will be auto-credited to the user’s wallet before the World Cup. 
  • To receive the World cup pass it is mandatory to play a contest on Gamezy other than Head-2-Head.
  • Users will not be able to play Head-2-Head during the World Cup using the World Cup Contest Pass.
  • Users cannot share The World Cup Contest pass with anyone else as it will be given only to one player. Additionally, only that user id who has received the pass will be able to play the free contest.
  • The World Cup Contest pass cannot be withdrawn to the bank, even if a user doesn’t use his card to play.
  • Users cannot use the pass to play World Cup’s Warm-up matches.
  • With the World Cup Contest Pass, users will be able to make only one team for free for the mega contest or multi-team contest.

What is Gamezy Free to Play Mega Contest?

  • Under the Free to Play Mega Contest, users will be able to play a contest with a single team for free. However, this offer is available only for first-time users. Find below the terms and conditions of the offer. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Under the offer, users can participate in only one contest with a single team for free. 
  • The offer is applicable only to the first time user on the Mega contest.
  • No Gamey discount coupon or promo code is required to participate in the contest.
  • There is no expiry date.
  • Users can play Mega Contest by adding cash or using the bonus amount as per will.
  • The amount will get reflected in the user’s wallet within 24 hours.

What is Gamezy referral program?

  • Gamezy allows you to send referrals to family and friends using a personal referral code. Upon sending an invitation, both will earn a bonus of Rs. 150. Additionally, both referee and referrer will earn a ‘Can’t lose pass’ as soon as the referee plays his first contest.
  • How much would referee and referrer earn with the referral program?
  • Whenever one would send a referral to someone on Gamezy, he or she will earn an amount of Rs. 150, provided the referee plays his first contest. On the other hand, the referee would get a signup bonus of Rs. 100 and Rs. 50 after the first game. Additionally, both, referee and referrer would get ‘Can’t lose pass’. Also, there is no limitation to the number of refers that a person can send. 

What is a Can’t lose pass?

  • When you participate in a Mega Contest, create a team by paying, say Rs. X as an entry fee and your team doesn’t win the contest, Gamezy refund the entry fee back to your account. The amount gets added to the user’s Gamezy wallet.
  • Is a player eligible to use ‘Can’t lose pass’ for multiple teams in a single contest?
  • A user can utilize ‘Can’t lose pass’ only on a single team in the mega contest. For the case, he loses with that particular team, the entry fee will be auto-refunded into the user’s Gamezy wallet.

When can one use ‘Can’t lose pass’?

  • Users can take advantage of the ‘Can’t lose Pass’ only in the Mega contests and can be used only to play contest as it isn’t convertible for real cash. Furthermore, the Gamezy Can’t lose pass is applicable only for seven days from the date of receiving the pass.

How can one withdraw his money through Gamezy?

  • Whenever a user wins a contest on Gamezy, he or she can withdraw or transfer the money to the bank account. The minimum amount that a person can withdraw is Rs. 200 while the maximum amount is Rs. 2,00,000. Additionally, he or she will have an option to join a contest for the next match using that winning amount.
  • Furthermore, the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn to bank accounts. Users can use this amount only to play games and join contests. 

Gamezy offers and coupons at Gamezy

Playing fantasy games become super easy with Gamezy. By participating in the content and playing online games, one could win cash for real. Whenever a user wins, the winning amount gets added to his account which can be withdrawn to bank accounts. Additionally, players of Gamezy win bonus amounts that get added to their account and can be further used to play online games; however, this amount is non-transferable to a bank account. Furthermore, there are a number of Gamezy offers and discounts that allow participation in online contests either at discounted prices or free of the cost bonus amount. However, such bonuses are possible only when one uses applicable Gamezy promo codes and coupons. Now, where would you find such interesting Gamezy coupon code and discount code? GoPaisa is an online destination that one would find current Gamezy deals and offers. 

Do you know what is a good thing about GoPaisa? It is the best cashback and coupon destination in India. Along with Gamezy offers and deals, there are plenty of GoPaisa offers to grab that allows users to earn cashbacks. The cashback gets auto-credited to the account and can be used further for shopping. So. whenever you want to save more, visit GoPaisa, where you would come across Gamezy discounts and offers. 

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