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Khadi Natural Latest Offers, Coupons & Coupon Codes

Khadi Natural Enticing Offers on GoPaisa

Khadi Natural, a brand synonymous with purity and originality, is popularly known for its highly advanced natural line of products for Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, etc. Considered as a real organic brand, the products manufactured by Khadi Natural are amongst the best-selling across the world. Through its association with a number of top e-commerce giants in India, Khadi Natural offers the entire range of products with greatest deals and discounts. With a vision to make organic products affordable, Khadi Natural offers a whopping 50% discount and more on a variety of products. Be it skin care products like Face wash, Face Scrub, Toners and creams or hair care products like Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Oils or Serums, Khadi Natural has it all.

Khadi Natural offerings are crafted under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic doctors. Plus, they are composed of herbal ingredients, which makes it a preferred choice over conventional cosmetic products. Also, Khadi Natural products contain a lovely aroma that instantly uplifts your mood and makes you feel rejuvenated. 

Avail great deals and offers on best-quality products via online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and 1mg, and save big on every purchase or every order. Best known for its Hair & Skin care range of products, Khadi Natural top-selling products includes Herbal Henna Tulsi Hair Cleanser, Herbal Shikakai Hair Cleanser, Herbal Honey and Villa Hair Cleanser, Herbal Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner, Herbal Greentea & Aloevera Hair Conditioner, Neem & Tulsi Face Wash, Sandalwood & Honey Face Wash and many more. Get amazing limited-time deals and discounts complemented with highest-ever cashback by shopping Khadi Natural products via GoPaisa, your best shopping companion. Check out the latest offers, deals and discounts to save big on Khadi Natural products only on GoPaisa NOW!

About Khadi Natural

A leading manufacturer of natural and authentic products, Khadi Natural is perceived as the most credible amongst other brands offering organic products. Engaged in the development, distribution and selling of its high-quality products, the brand has carved a niche for itself. With its web of distribution network pan India, Khadi Natural trades across 18 States through more than 35 authorized distributors. Apart from its operations nationwide, Khadi Natural also exports its products to 25 countries via numerous channels of distribution. Having gained the repute of being the most reliable brand, Khadi Natural has become a household name well regarded for its close to nature ideology. Rising as a disruptor within the natural skin care industry, the brand strives to make pure, standardized and quality products affordable and provide remedial solutions for health related problems. With a sharp focus on safety and wellness, Khadi Natural has introduced a widest range of Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Hygiene Care products, which are free from paraben and harmful chemicals. The products are prepared with 100% natural ingredients and herbs that cleanses the skin and hair while creating a protection barrier against harmful pollutants and components. Prepared with absolute natural elements and organic plant extracts, the composition of Khadi Natural products comprises herbal active ingredients. Ensuring complete transparency on product compositions and developing chemical-free products, Khadi Natural takes into consideration the advisory of renowned doctors and experts. 

Why to Choose Khadi Natural Products?

Khadi Natural, being a renowned manufacturer of natural, organic and authentic products is known for its quality, standards and ethical practices. What sets Khadi Natural apart from most of the other cosmetics and skin care products sold by a number of brands in the market is its quality and composition. Unlike most brands Khadi Natural products promises 100% natural and safe products free from parabens, silicones, sulphates and other chemicals as these chemicals can lead to serious skin disorders and allergies as well as skin cancer over the long term. 

Below are some of the reasons why Khadi Natural products are better than the products by other brands: 

  • Best-in-Class quality products 
  • Widest range of exclusive natural products
  • Stringent quality testing of products on rigorous parameters
  • Detailed focus on purity, originality and authenticity of products
  • Prepared with natural ingredients, herbs and organic plant extracts 
  • Thoroughly checked for harmful substances and impurities
  • No animal testing
  • Products are prepared with WHO, GMP and ISO standards
  • Developed in line with international safety and quality standards
  • Ethical practices for deriving goodness from natural plants and herbs
  • Acts as remedial solution for healthcare related problems
  • Real organic offerings
  • International standardization of all products
  • Handmade products 

Khadi Natural Offers on Amazon

Amazon, your favorite online shopping destination brings to you an entire collection of Khadi Natural products. Visit the Amazon Khadi Natural Store to choose from the widest range of premium quality products. Amazon has come up with enticing offers and unmatched prices on Khadi Natural products. Be it Khadi Natural Skin Care products like Creams & Body Butters, Moisturizers, Face Masks or Khadi Natural Hair Care must-haves like natural SLS & Paraben Free Hair Cleansers, Hair Conditioners and Hair Oils, Amazon has it all. Apart from the Khadi Natural Skin & Hair Care range of products, Amazon also offers Khadi Natural Body Care products as well as Gifts & Kits. For amazing offers, deals and discounts and pick all your favorites in one-go, shop via GoPaisa to get Cashback of 6.25 % & more of the total amount. Get exclusive flat limited time discounts on top of the actual lowest-price on greatest Khadi Natural products. Ensuring the absolute genuinity and originality of products, Amazon is perceived as an all-time virtual store for entire Khadi Natural product offerings. Avail the best-ever Amazon Khadi Natural Offers and get highest-ever savings each time on every purchase of Khadi Natural products on Amazon. 

Amazon Discounts on Khadi Products

Checkout below some of the Khadi Natural products on Amazon complimented by 6.25% GoPaisa Rewards. Save upto 50% and more by choosing to buy via GoPaisa. Earn whopping Cashbacks and bag surprises with every purchase. 

Amazon Khadi Products

Original Price

Amazon Offer Price

Khadi Natural Herbal Amla Bhringraj Shampoo

Rs 296

Rs 280

Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj Hair Cleanser

Rs 145

Rs 136

Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash

Rs 175

Rs 160

KHADI NATURAL Neem and Aloevera Herbal Hair Cleanser

Rs 235 

Rs 145

Khadi Herbal Lavender and Ylang Ylang Herbal Body Wash

Rs 160

Rs 136

KHADI NATURAL Rose and Honey Herbal Body Wash

Rs 250

Rs 225

Khadi Natural Herbal Red Onion Hair Oil

Rs 294

Rs 250

KHADI NATURAL Rosemary And Henna Hair Oil

Rs 350

Rs 297

KHADI NATURAL Neem and Teatree Herbal Face Wash

Rs 275

Rs 233

Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash

Rs 175

Rs 160

KHADI NATURAL Aloevera Face Wash With Scrub

Rs 275

Rs 233

Khadi Natural Offers on Flipkart

Flipkart unveils an entire catalogue of Khadi Natural featuring best of Khadi products at lowest prices. From skin care to hair care, body care to regime combos, Flipkart Khadi Natural product portfolio comprises best of beauty care products like Khadi Natural rose water skin toners, Khadi Natural Moisturizers, Khadi Face massage gels, face wash, and much more. 

Being a popular online shopping platform, Flipkart offers some of the best deals and discounts on all products from Khadi Natural. Flipkart Khadi Natural hair care products as well and body care products are offered at lowest-ever prices. With a seal of guarantee, Flipkart Khadi Natural product range can turn out to be a perfect gift hamper for your special ones. Choose from the widest array of products and start saving big with Flipkart. Get on to your trusted shopping destination for a hassle-free and convenient at-home shopping experience complemented by fastest free doorstep delivery.   

Care for your skin like a PRO with Khadi Natural Skin Care products available on Flipkart. Flaunt your healthy skin in style and get truly amazed by the goodness of real nature extracts and herbal ingredients of Khadi Natural skin care products. Khadi Rose Water, being a special secret for glowing skin is one of the top-selling items from Flipkart Khadi Natural offerings. The powerful concoction of fresh rose water and other components is an important part of the beauty vanity kit. Used as an important cleaning and purifying agent, Khadi Natural Rose Water is amongst the top recommendations for removing dirt, grime and oil gently with the help of cotton ball. Goodness of rose helps provide essential moisturization to the skin while forming a protection shield against skin damaging allergens. The product is undoubtedly a must-have for engaging in daily skincare regime for a beautiful healthy skin speaking volumes. SImilarly Khadi Natural range of Face Wash are developed using natural and herbal ingredients that acts as a deep-cleaning agent for face. The skin of the face is sensitive as compared to the skin of the body and therefore requires a special care that not only cleanses but prevents acne, pimples, black heads, etc. Khadi Natural Face washes are best known for their organic ingredients. For instance, Khadi Natural Neem and Tulsi Facewash enriched with real neem oil and tea tree oil clears the skin pores and removes excessive oil and impurities for bringing out the best of your charm. Look bold and beautiful with an extensive range of Khadi Natural Face washes that lightens, brightens and tightens the skin uncovering the real beauty of your face. Indulge in quality rejuvenation and detoxification of face everyday with Khadi Natural Face washes and face the world with confidence and pride. 

Flipkart Offers on Khadi Products

Natural, handmade and pure, Khadi Natural products on Flipkart includes best of solutions from categories like hair care, personal care, beauty, body care, etc. Give your skin and hair the care it deserves this winter season by choosing from Khadi Natural range of Moisturizers, Shampoos and Conditioners. The moisturizers from Khadi Natural are best known for protecting the skin from damage and dryness. The advanced moisturizers acts as a protection agent locking in the moisture and enriching the skin with essential nutrients. The advanced range of body wash, face wash, shampoos and more from Khadi Natural are too amongst the most popular products. 

Check out some of the best Khadi Natural product categories on Flipkart to pick and shop on-the-go. 

Flipkart Khadi Products

Original Price

Flipkart Offer Price

Khadi Natural Aloevera With Scrub Face Wash

Rs 275

Rs 260

Khadi Natural Herbal Neem & Tulsi Face Wash

Rs 185

Rs 165


Rs 175

Rs 168


Rs 215

Rs 195

Khadi Natural Organic Peach & Avocado Moisturiser

Rs 250

Rs 240


Rs 270

Rs 240

Khadi Natural Herbal Satritha Shampoo

Rs 160

Rs 130

Khadi Natural Organic Almond & Saffron Moisturizer

Rs 250

Rs 230

Khadi Natural Offers on Myntra 

Myntra, your favourite fashion store now features a range of beauty products that are natural, organic and safe. The popular e-commerce platform offers a series of striking deals and unmissable offers on top-selling Khadi Natural products. The online fashion giant known for its superb line of clothing, footwear, accessories and more has immense popularity over the years. With inclusion of natural skin and hair care beauty products from Khadi Natural, Myntra has turned into a one stop shop for all. Myntra Khadi Natural product offerings comprises products for skin and hair care like face and hair cleansers, moisturizers, hair oils, soaps, hair conditioners and much more. Get lowest-ever prices on a range of Khadi Natural products and start saving big on your wishlisted or most desired items. Shop from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks and be amazed with the fastest delivery straight to your doorstep. Apart from the best prices, claim exclusive Khadi Natural Coupon Codes for surprising discounts. To make your buying experience even more rewarding, choose to shop Khadi Natural products via GoPaisa and get the highest cashback on products from all major categories. Besides that, the Cash on Delivery provision and 30-day easy returns makes it even more convenient to buy without a second thought.   

From shampoos (cleansers) to conditioners, moisturizers to body wash, hair oils and more, Khadi Natural brings to you an entire assortment of Khadi Naturals products suggested by skin care experts. Keep your skin and hair well-nourished and healthy with Khadi Natural range of Sulphate, Silicones and Paraben free conditioners and moisturizers. Khadi Natural products on Myntra includes shampoos like honey, vanilla, shikakai, tulsi and reetha which are all sulphate and paraben free. The natural composition of shampoos cleanses the hair from root to tip while washing away the clogged dirt on the scalp. Gain lustrous, strong and intact hair with premium shampoos and conditioners from Khadi Natural specially curated by Myntra. Turning from your favourite styling companion to your favorite beauty companion, Myntra constantly expands its line of natural skin and hair care offerings parallel to trendsetting fashion clothing. Some of the fastest-selling Khadi Natural products on Myntra from skin and hair care segments includes Khadi Natural Body Wash And Scrub, Unisex Aloevera Hair Cleanser, Ayurvedic Lavandar Bubble Bath, Ayurvedic Rose & Aloevera Herbal Face Massage Gel, Rose & Honey Herbal Sustainable Body Wash and more. 

Myntra Offers on Khadi Products

Check out some of the limited-time discounts on limited-stock products on Myntra. Sign up/ Sign In to Myntra NOW to select from the products as per your preference to not only look great but feel great.

Myntra Khadi Products

Original Price

Myntra Offer Price


Rs 325

Rs 260

Khadi Natural Unisex Peppermint Diffuser & Aroma Therapy Essential Oil

Rs 350

Rs 280

Khadi Natural Sustainable Unisex Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil 

Rs 375

Rs 262

Khadi Natural Unisex Orange & Lemongrass Herbal Sustainable Face Wash

Rs 275

Rs 247

Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Green Tea & Aloevera Herbal Hair Conditioner

Rs 185

Rs 129

Khadi Natural Unisex Ayurvedic Neem & Teatree Sustainable Face Wash

Rs 275

Rs 192

How to Avail Khadi Natural Offers via GoPaisa?

GoPaisa being the best cashback and coupon site features the latest coupons and offers from Khadi Natural. Grab the best deals by redeeming the coupons and be surprised by saving in double digits on each order from Khadi Natural.  

Refer to the steps below to avail all lucrative offers on Khadi Natural products via GoPaisa: 

  • Visit GoPaisa and complete LOGIN/ SIGNUP with your credentials/ personal details
  • Type Khadi Natural in the top search bar post LOGIN/ SIGNUP
  • Click on Khadi Natural in the appearing drop down menu
  • Access the entire list of Khadi Natural Offers, Deals and Coupons 
  • Select the desired Deal/ Offer/ Coupon by clicking the GRAB DEAL or GET CODE
  • To avail an Offer, add the product(s) to your Cart, upon redirection to Amazon
  • To Redeem a Khadi Natural Coupon, COPY CODE, choose your desired product(s) and paste the Coupon Code prior to Checkout
  • Make the payment and, snap, its done, avail the discount, cashback in just moments
  • For more deals, offers and discounts on Khadi Natural products or other brands, bookmark GoPaisa or download the Mobile App.  

Biggest Savings on Khadi Natural with GoPaisa

Whether you want personal care products like Natural Face Cream or face wash, you will find promo code for all herbal products of Khadi Natural. GoPaisa.com brings to you different Khadi Natural Promo Code for different herbal products. With this promo code, you can make your shopping quite affordable, which is not possible even with Purplle coupons.

From Natural Lip Balm to popular and best selling Khadi Natural Oil, you will find promo deals and coupons for all its products. So, shop organic products online and save more with Khadi Natural Offers and Deals.

Khadi Natural Coupon Code allows you to save significantly on assorted organic products. Whether it is skincare, haircare, or body care products, you will find discount deals and promo code for all its products online. Khadi Natural Discount Coupon Code is available for free, and you can use them when buying hair oil, face wash, or even Khadi Natural Soap.

Besides beauty and body care products, you can also buy personal organic products from the brand using these coupon deals and offers. Khadi Natural Hand Sanitizer is the best selling personal care product today, and with coupons, you can buy it with 30% off, which is not possible even with Biotique coupons.

The best time to save money on personal care, hair care, and body care products is during Khadi Natural Sale. Whether it is Khadi Natural Henna or Natural Conditioner, the seasonal sale makes your shopping quite economical that is not possible on regular days of the week.

During this weekly and monthly sale, you can save up to 50% on all-natural and herbal products from the brand. So, when it comes to buying any hair care, personal care or body care products ensure to check out for available online sales.

Khadi Natural Customer Care

Khadi Natural Customer Care Number (General Inquiries) +91 11 46810016, 43047953

                                                                                            [email protected]

For assistance, query or clarifications specifically pertaining to orders, customer can get in touch with support team on 1800 123 0690 from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM or write at [email protected] 

Khadi Natural FAQ

Are there any Combo Offers on Khadi Natural?

Yes, there are a number of ongoing combo offers on Khadi products, which can be availed from the leading ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Customers can avail greatest discounts on Khadi Natural soap packs, Rose Water packs, Shampoo & Conditioner packs, moisturizer and face creams packs, etc. The other products on which combo offers can be availed are Khadi neem tulsi soap, Khadi Natural Basil Essential Oil, Khadi Natural Neem Tea Tree Face wash and Khadi Natural Shampoo Neem Tulsi. Besides these, customers can also get Khadi Natural Toner combo pack at a nominal price.

Are Khadi Natural products really safe?

Khadi Natural products are prepared with natural ingredients, herbs and nature extracts. All products are developed under the guidance of Ayurvedic & skin care experts for rigorous checks and identification of any impurities. Khadi Natural products comes with a seal of genuinity and originality ensuring complete purity, safety and standardization. 

Are Khadi Natural products good for skin?

Yes, considering the composition of Khadi Natural products, Khadi Natural products are good for skin. The natural ingredients and goodness of various herbs provides a healing touch to the skin treating numerous problems like acne, dryness, pimples and so on.  Khadi Natural products are known for Ayurvedic properties acting as a skin care solution. 

Are Khadi Natural products chemical free?

Yes, Khadi Natural products are perceived as herbal products, which are made of absolute natural ingredients. The products are free from sulphate, silicones and paraben that causes serious damage to skin. The products do not contain any chemicals or reactants which causes problems like skin irritation, allergies, or infections. 

Which Khadi Natural moisturizer is the best? 

There are a number of moisturizers by Khadi Natural which provides intensive nourishment to the skin and prevents dryness. Many moisturizers contain natural ingredients that helps enrich the skin with essential nutrients for providing long lasting moisturization. 

Here are some of the moisturisers which are considered good for their composition and quality ingredients.

  • Khadi Natural Moisturizer Aloe Vera
  • Khadi Natural Face Gold Massage Gel
  • Khadi Natural Rose Honey Moisturizer

Which Khadi Natural face wash is the best? 

All Khadi Natural face washes are great for all skin types but identifying the skin type and choosing a face wash that best suits the skin will deliver the best results. For instance, neem face wash is usually suitable for oily skin and orange face wash is suitable for dry skin. 

Is Khadi Natural face wash good? 

Khadi Natural face wash range comprises completely natural and organic products which are prepared with natural ingredients and herbs. Due to the natural composition of Khadi Natural face washes, they are good for the skin as the products are SLS & Paraben free.  

How to avail offers on Khadi Natural products? 

Latest offers on Khadi Natural products can be availed via GoPaisa. GoPaisa features a series of greatest deals, offers and discount coupons which can be availed by customers. 

Where to shop for Khadi Natural products? 

Khadi Natural products can be purchased via major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Amazon features the widest range of Khadi Natural skin care, body care, hair care and hygiene care products. 

How to save on Khadi Natural Products? 

Gopaisa lets you access all the latest and best offers on Khadi Natural products. A number of Khadi Coupon Codes and Promo Codes would fetch greatest savings over and above the flat discounts on a range of products.

GoPaisa, India’s #1 Coupon & Cashback site is your ultimate companion helping you to save big on all your purchases and orders of Skincare, hair care, bath, body products. Get the highest-ever cashback on every purchase or order from Khadi Natural only on GoPaisa. 

How to get a Khadi Natural Coupon Code?

The best way to get the best Coupon Code to avail the best deal and discount on Khadi products is to check out the GoPaisa Khadi Natural store page featuring the latest and amazing coupons, deals and discounts.