Blog Managing is easier now with Google Blog Compass!


Google has some very diverse ongoing projects in India and it is getting more India intensive each day. The new Blog Compass that quietly emerged in Google Play Store last week is a ‘India Only’ app for Indian bloggers to manage their blogs. Google has dished out quite a few products in applications for the burgeoning wen users in India. The Tez app for money transfer and payments and even loan now; the Neighbourly app for communities; and Areo for food ordering.

Blog Compass, as Google states is all about helping you stay tuned with trending topics based on the content of your blogs and hence, increasing more footfalls.

The app will guide you in finding trending topics using Google Analytics and help you find the food for your thought for your next blog.

The app also lets you connect with multiple blog sites that you have and check statistics and analytics in one place.

You can approve comments, reap through tips suggested for your every post and enhance your blog experience and visibility. It works with WordPress and also, which is Google’s own. It might take Google a while to add other popular blog sites like Tumblr and others. WordPress is one of the most blog sites out there and accounts for 30 percent of blog accounts globally.

But this app does not necessarily understand the way you want your blog to function and build its presence in the web world. Just following trending topics based on Google’s suggestion is rather robotic and might fail to capture your true intention in blogging. But it surely will give you the opportunity to glean through what is working and what is not. Which keywords are fetching more attention, and which are falling flat.

The app also teaches you few things through courses, like SEO and Analytics and you get to list your blog site on Google.

Blog Compass functions more like a one stop shop for your blog sites. From the look of it, it more seems like a design for newbies in blogging.


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