Netflix Introduces a Smart Download Feature For Android Users


Netflix has already changed the way we experience TV and now with ‘Smart Download’ it takes the game a notch higher. The Netflix app already allows subscribers to download their favorite TV series episodes on their tablets and mobiles, but now with ‘Smart Download’ the app deletes the episodes you already watched automatically. According to Netflix, this feature is all about giving its subscribers more power and freedom in how they experience watching TV.

In a recent blog post, Cameron Johnson, director of product Innovation for Netflix announced this new update on Netflix app. For now, it is only available on Android platform and will be later rolled out on iOS platform too.

Since the download feature was first introduced in 2016, it soon became popular with subscribers worldwide. The feature allowed users to download the episodes and watch it later. You could watch TV series on the app even without Wi-Fi, or internet access and so watch your bets shows on the go, from anywhere and at any time. The ‘Smart Download’ just refines the whole experience by deleting episodes that you have watched already. The feature also downloads the next episode for you without your intervention and deletes the last episode, thus freeing up space. This is one of the major changes in terms of memory issues in our phones and tablets. The ‘Smart Download’ frees up space and prevents unnecessary eating up space in your device memory.

In the blog post, Cameron Johnson goes on to say that, ‘how annoying it can be to go through all your apps and delete files you no longer need’ and therefore ‘smart download’ lets you watch the next episode faster and better, without any hassle.

How Does Smart Download work?

For instance, if you download Season 1, Episode 1 of a certain TV series and you finish watching episode 1, smart download will automatically download Episode 2 for you and delete Episode 1. If there are no further episodes to download then the feature does not delete the last episode you watched.

How Can You Turn off Smart Download?

 Netflix says the app is more about you controlling your watching experience rather than the other way around. You can disable the feature by going to Menu icon, select App Settings, and then scroll down to reach the Downloads section. Now use the toggle to disable Smart Download option.


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