This TRAI Diktat May Give iPhone Users a Nightmare!


Apple has been asked by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to install a ‘pesky call’ app on its iPhones. The ruling added that Apple has six months to pull its socks up or risk disruption of support from network providers. However, Apple has unwaveringly refused to obey the regulations listed by TRAI.

The regulatory body has been trying to regulate and identify spam calls and messages through their own do-not-disturb (DND) app (already available on Android’s Play Store). But Apple’s firm denial to following the regulation might act as a thorn in its way. The tech giant was earlier accused of being associated with data colonisation by TRAI chairman R S Sharma.

TRAI on July 19 issued a press release stating that every network provider should ensure smartphones registered on its network permit functioning of DND-like apps within six months. It added, “Provided that where such devices do not permit functioning of such apps as prescribed in regulations… access providers shall on the order or direction of the authority de-recognise such devices from their telecom networks.”

Apple, on the other hand, is awaiting approval for its in-house do-not-disturb app from TRAI. The move, by TRAI, has been welcomed by other mobile operating platforms to get rid of unwanted spam calls, texts, and robo-automated calls for commercial purposes.

Several discussions have taken place between TRAI and Apple, but is yet to yield results. A report on The Times of India suggests that Apple had proposed to develop its own in-house pesky call app, only to be put down by TRAI. On its part, Apple has stated that it won’t be compromising with customers’ privacy at any cost.

The only solution that has been stated in TRAI’s regulation is to either allow its DND app to be supported on all smartphones or have a third party or in-house app developed by any person or entity. The latter should however be approved by TRAI.

If Apple doesn’t comply with the authority’s terms, it will be difficult for the tech giant to do business in India.


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