What is Use of an Air Purifier?

A woman wearing a mask walk through a street covered by dense smog in Harbin, China.

The quality of air is deteriorating day by day and none of us disagree with this fact. With the number of people affected by airborne diseases is at an all-time high, the risk of being infected by these diseases keep rising day by day. With so much impurity in the atmosphere, the only thing that we wish for is clean and pure air to breathe. Shifting to a new city, where air quality is better, does not solve the problem and not everyone can afford to do so. But what we can do is breathe unpolluted air.


The demand for breathable air is not too much to ask for. The only thing that we are capable of doing is installing an air purifier at our home and work place. Air purifiers are devices that clean or remove impurities such as dust particles, pollen, smoke and other airborne irritants from air. With the aim of providing uncontaminated air, these air purifiers have become the latest hit in the market of home appliances. This great machine works wonderfully especially for those who are allergic to dust or have any kind of breathing issues.


But the question is that, are air purifiers that effective? True that air purifiers remove all the dust particles from air but when it comes to collecting heavy particles that are less likely to remain in the air long enough to be collected, an Air Purifier is not much of a help. Apart from this, an air purifier can reverse its process of cleaning and add to the impurities by stirring the dust particles in the air. Another disadvantage of these air purifiers is that a model of these machines called the Ionic air purifiers, produce ozone as a by-product. This affects our lungs and can cause severe throat and chest infection.


Though the debate about the pros and cons of this device is yet to reach a result, we feel that its presence around us surely makes breathing easy. These not just collect the dust particles but also attract your pet’s hair and reduce odor in the room. This lessens our risk of being a victim of any airborne disease. After all clean and fresh air to breathe is something that we all deserve.


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