Your first Xiaomi 5G phone might be here!


For years phone manufacturers, wireless carriers, chipset makers and infrastructure developers have been working tirelessly to develop a new 5G ecosystem globally. At the beginning of 2018, many experts believed it is little too early to have expectations around 5G, but if truth be told then in 2018 itself we are going to see Xiaomi snatching all the limelight and for the right reasons.

Xiaomi has been slowly revealing the upcoming surprises with its Mi Mix 3 handset on social media and very recently the big news came from Xiaomi’s Global Spokesperson, Donovan Sung. In a tweeter update Mr. Sung posted a photo of Mi Mix 3 being tested for 5G network.

Sung did not just stop at one feed but the photo was followed by more updates on Xiaomi’s success in testing other handsets with 5G technology. He also quipped about the “10X faster speeds” that 5G connections are going to have compared to 4G connectivity.

Xiaomi is known to stay ahead of the game when it comes to making killer phone designs with ramped up specs, the very reason it is a dominant smartphone brand in India. There are also other factors need to be seen including battery life and RAM spec of Xiaomi’s 5G phone. 5G connectivity entails a whole new ball game and hardware is mostly going to see a sea-change in this. We cannot forget the beginning of 4G technology and how most phones proved insufferable when it came to their battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has already surprised us with its sliding camera, which manual and not motorized. Pop up motorized cameras are becoming a thing with phones recently launched by Vivo Nex, and a couple others. Xiaomi is also the one which radicalized the zero bezel look.

According to reports in media worldwide, smartphone brands are working hard to release 5G smartphones in 2019, this includes the likes of Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Apple. In some instances, company CEO’s have themselves revealed through social media that when they are poised to bring in the new 5G flagship device into the market. 5G is not only about speed but also about how smartphones will radicalize the whole experience of using a phone. Apart from unprecedented speed 5G phones will bring in the experience of augmented reality, virtual assistant, holographic displays, high-end resolutions, and massive camera functions into phones.


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