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Plum Goodness Coupons, Hottest Deals, Offers & Promo Codes For 2022 - Upto 14% GoPaisa Cashback Extra

If you are looking for Plum Goodness offers, promo codes, and Plum Goodness discount codes, then you are at the best place. GoPaisa provides all its users with the hottest deals and lucrative offers on all Plum goodness products online. On top of that, you can earn GoPaisa cashback on every shopping.

Here are the latest Plum Goodness Offers and Plum Goodness coupon codes to make your shopping experience reliable, convenient, and budget-friendly. Let's have a look at these exciting Plum Goodness coupons, offers and discount deals online.

Plum Goodness Coupons & Offers

Plum Goodness Offer Details

Plum Goodness Discount Offer

Shop any product with upto 40% off & extra 20% off using the Plum Goodness discount offer.

Plum Goodness GoPaisa Cashback Offer

Shop for all the cosmetics products at Plum Goodness & enjoy a Flat 10% off at GoPaisa.

Plum Goodness Skin Care Products

Now enjoy up to 40% discount on all Plum Goodness Skin Care Products & earn extra cashback on all products using GoPaisa.

Plum Goodness Gifts Offers

Enjoy up to 30% off while purchasing gifts at Plum Goodness, using Plum Goodness coupons & promo codes.

Plum Goodness Skin and Hair care Offer

Shop for beauty and hair care products at up to 40% discount using Plum Discount Code India.

Plum Goodness Sale

Shop for any three beauty & cosmetics products at just Rs. 999. Enjoy extra cashback on your shopping with GoPaisa.

Plum Goodness Free Body Oil

Now get a Plum Goodness Hawaiaan Rumba Body oil for free. This offer is only available for shopping of more than Rs. 1499.

Plum Goodness Free Products Offer

A free shampoo is available on all orders. Shop now and enjoy these benefits.

Plum Goodness Cashback Offer

While shopping for Plum Goodness products, you can now earn up to 10% cashback reward points from Plum Goodness.

Get Discounts on Plum 100% Vegan Paraben-Free and Natural Skin Care Products Using Plum Discount Codes

Ever wondered, what makes the human race different from any other living species? It’s their habit to keep themselves looking well-groomed, cleaned, and confident. For ages, Humans are continuously growing. Earlier they use to roam around naked, then they discovered animal skins and fur, and with time Humans finally made clothes using cotton & other fabrics. Now, in the present time, humans are using fashionable clothes and suits to dress up well, getting haircuts & shaving to look well-groomed, and on top of that, they are using fragrances and cosmetics to improve their appearance & attractiveness. And. here’s where Plum Goodness steps in. Plum Goodness is India’s finest beauty brand and a one-stop shop for all your grooming and beauty needs. Plum Goodness offers premium beauty and cosmetics products. Plum Goodness has a wide variety of products across categories like Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare, Makeup, and PHY (for guys). They also have got edible products to promote beauty from the inside, like Green Tea, Hello aloe, Chamomile & white tea, Grape seed & sea buckthorn, and more. 

They have a variety of products for every skin type, be it oily, dry, normal, or even acne-prone. There are various discount coupons and offers provided by Plum Goodness to its customers, to give them a quality and economical shopping experience. Plum discount codes and plum coupons can be availed by GoPaisa users to get an extra discount while shopping. You can seize these discounts using Plum Goodness coupon codes, offers, and Plum goodness discount codes while shopping for beauty & cosmetic products via GoPaisa. GoPaisa is a trust-worthy platform, which had made a place in its users' hearts by providing them with 100% authentic & working promo codes, offers, and vouchers. So, whenever you are looking to save extra on your shopping, always look up to GoPaisa. On top of that, you can earn cashback after every purchase, if you had been redirected to the Plum offers via GoPaisa's official website.

Trending Plum Goodness Offers and Deals

As you already know, Plum Goodness has got everything for beauty & cosmetic needs. Thus, Plum can be said a one-stop shop for the beauty and cosmetic requirements of its users. Plum Goodness provides various offers, Plum Discount codes, promo codes, and plum coupons so that you can buy them at a much lower price. Apart from Plum Goodness Coupons, they also offer various discounts on different products through many deals. So, if you are looking to buy some good beauty and cosmetic products, make sure you once check out all the offers and deals available on the Plum Goodness store at GoPaisa. Select the deal or offer, that suits you best, and click on the grab deal button on the GoPaisa Plum Goodness page. Hence, you’ll be redirected to the official website of Plum Goodness beauty and cosmetic store. Moreover, you also have a chance of earning cashback while shopping for Plum Goodness online products via GoPaisa.

  • Plum Goodness coupons & offers for skin care products: If you are looking for some good skincare products, at a lower price. Then here is your chance to grab Plum goodness skin care products at a huge discount of upto 40% off. Moreover, you can save extra Rs. 50 on prepaid orders. On top of that, the Plum Goodness coupon is here to let you an extra 10% off on all products. Use code PLUMG10 to get a 10% discount on all skin care products. After availing of all these discounts, if you chose to shop via GoPaisa, then you can also earn GP cashback on your shopping.

  • Plum Goodness Kohl Kajal offers: To bring beauty to your eyes, at a very reasonable price Plum came up with the Plum Goodness Eye Kohl Kajal offer. With this deal, you can shop for eye kajal at a Flat 40% discount on the final price of the product. And if you choose to pay via an online payment method, then you can seize an extra 5% discount on your product. This kajal is 100% smudge-proof, water-proof and single-swipe brilliant black kohl-cum-liner that's also gentle on your eyes. So, when quality comes at a cheaper price, just go for it without thinking twice.

  • Plum Goodness Offers on gifts set: It is a perfect time to buy a gift for all your loved and special ones because Plum Goodness is offering upto 30% discount on gift sets. No coupons or promo code is required to claim this offer. On top of that, you can get an extra 5% discount on all your transaction, if you choose to pay via an online payment method.

  • Plum Goodness Cosmetic Offers: With Plum Goodness cosmetic offers and coupon codes, you can save upto 40% on all skin care and hair care products. Use Plum 20% discount code India, to claim an extra 20% discount on all your cosmetic shopping.

  • Plum Goodness bestsellers offer: Now grab three bestseller products from Plum Goodness for a nominal price of just Rs. 999 only. Here, you can choose any of the bestsellers of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Continue with your shopping now.

  • Plum Goodness Body oil for free: Now you can get Hawaiaan Rumba Body oil for free. Yes, you read it right. On every shopping of more than Rs. 1499, you will get one Plum Goodness Hawaiaan Rumba Body oil, absolutely for free.

  • Plum Goodness FREE shampoo offer: Now get a shampoo for free while shopping for any/all products. So why wait any more, when you get something for absolutely free? Visit the Plum Goodness official website to claim this offer, now. 

  • Plum Goodness cashback rewards point: Now you can earn 10% Plum Goodness cashback reward points on your every shopping with Plum Goodness. You can redeem these cashback reward points while shopping at Plum Goodness to get a discount on your shopping. This cashback has nothing to do with GoPaisa cashback, so don’t get confused with it. GoPaisa cashback can be redeemed directly to your bank account and you can use them as real money.

More About Plum Goodness

Plum is a one-stop destination for all the beauty and grooming needs of everyone, be it a man or a woman. If you wish for the simplest skin care product to safeguard your skin from dust and chemicals? Look no further than Plum! Plum is the most suitable choice for all vegan skincare lovers because its products are 100% vegan and therefore the richest source of natural nutrients. Plum was started with the intent to assist women to take better care of their skin using natural ingredients. They concentrate on gentle, natural formulas for products like face wash, face scrubs, makeup, kajal, shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, hand creams, and plenty of other things. you'll trust their products to be safe and mild for your skin. Moreover, Plum provides its products at affordable prices, you can seize these discounts with the help of Plum coupons and discount codes, available at GoPaisa.

Plum Goodness Discounts & Offers Across Categories

Plum Goodness provides products across various categories and subcategories including skincare, haircare, makeup, and phy (for guys). If you further go to these categories, you will find subcategories of each category. This is how you can filter your products there. There are various offers & deals available at GoPaisa on products under these categories. You can avail of these offers by visiting & signing in to the GoPaisa app or website. GoPaisa will also provide extra cashback on the purchase of these products. Let us have a look at these categories, their subcategories, and the types of products available in each of these categories, which you can purchase online using Plum discount codes and coupons.

Plum Goodness Skin Care Products

Skin care is further divided into various sub-categories like skin type, Skin Concern, Product Category, and Salicylic Acid.
  • Products under the Skin Type category are classified on the basis of products that are suitable for these subcategories of skin, including oily and acne-prone skin, normal/combination skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, and lips.
  • Under the Skin Concern category, you can buy products for any problem or skin-related issue you are facing. These categories include concerns like acne and oil control, ageing skin, dryness, dull skin, sun protection, sensitivity, tanning and pigmentation, and dry and cracked lips.
  • If you want to purchase products according to the Product Category, then you can directly visit this sub-category of skin care. Under this category, you’ll find subcategories like Face washes & cleansers, Face scrubs Face mists & toners, Face masks, Facial moisturizers, Sunscreens, Face oils, Serums, Specialists, and Lips.
  • Under the Salicylic Acid category, you will find products that will enhance your beauty by providing essential nutrients to your skin and your body. In this range, you will find Green Tea, Ello Aloe, Chamomile and White Tea, Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn, Bright Ears, Vitamin E, Bulgarian Rose, Vitamin C, and Mandarin, Niacinamide and Rice Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol. and Bakuchiol. Use Plum Goodness coupon codes to get extra discounts on all salicylic acid based beauty products. 

Plum Goodness Hair Care Products

Nowadays people are facing hair fall, hair fall, dandruff, and many other problems due to increasing pollution and poor water quality. So to tackle these issues Plum Goodness provides various hair care products. Here, you can experience a more personalized treatment for your hair care with the subcategories of this category. Plum Goodness hair care category is subdivided into Product, Hair Concern, Hair Type, Scalp, and collection & combos. Now enjoy various Plum promo codes and offers, to buy these hair care products at a reasonable price.
  • Under the Product category, you can easily find your needed products according to the product you are looking for. For example, if you want to shop for shampoos only, or if you need conditioners, both these product types are just a click away from you. The products that you will find under this category are Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair masks, Hair oil, Scalp serum, Accessories, and Combos. For better care of your hair, Plum Goodness recommends going for the combos. Use Plum coupons to purchase combos at an affordable price.
  • The second category, the Hair Concern category has products personalized for any specific issue that you facing related to your hair. The concerns that are covered in this category are Dry, Dull & Damaged, Frizz, Dandruff, and Hairfall. So if you are facing any of such issues, just click on the specific concern category, and find the most suitable product for your hair.
  • Though we all humans are nearly similar, we tend to have different skin tones, skin types, hair colors, hair types, and tastes. That is why everyone and everything needs special and personalized care, and so do our hair. So under the Hair Types category, you can find products that are suitable for your hair type and nature. The hair types that are covered under this category are Coloured & chemically treated, Straight, Curly, and wavy. Plum coupon code for the first order, can help you save extra on your shopping with Plum Goodness.
  • Many people have experienced that the product which was recommended to them by their friends, loved ones, or relatives, does suit them well as it did to others. Well, this could be because of the different skin types or scalp. That is why Plum Goodness has also added the Scalp Type category, to hair care products. In this category, you can find products according to your scalp, whether it is dry or normal.
  • Now the last subcategory under the hair care category is the Collection category. If you want to buy the collection products of a specialized ingredient or anything, then you can directly visit this category. Here you can get products of Onion, Tea Tree, Ginseng, Avocado, Olive & Macadamia, and Combos. Just go for these products by using Plum Goodness Coupons and Plum Goodness offers.

Plum Goodness Body Care Products

It is so important to take care of your body, or else there are many unwanted guests or diseases/infections that may be waiting to enter your body. There are many skin diseases that people face in their day-to-day life. So, in order to get rid of them, we have to take care of our bodies always. So, to make the task easier for you, Plum Goodness brings you the most effective Body care products for you. On top of that, to let you save extra on shopping for these products, Plum Goodness offers you Plum coupons, promo codes, and Plum discount codes. The body care category is further divided into four subcategories.
  • If you want to shop for all your needs according to the Products Category, then you are at the right place. Here you can find all the body care products in the following categories- Shower Gels, Shower Creams, Body Mists, Eau De Parfums, Body Lotions, Body Scrubs, Body Yogurts, Body Oils, Body Butters, De-odorizing Pit Creams, Hand Care, Foot Care, Scented Candles, Bundles of goodness, and Gift Sets. There is nothing of Body Care products left under this category. Whether you want to buy the products for yourself, or you are looking for gift sets for your loved ones, everything is covered with the exciting Plum Goodness offers. You can get exciting discounts using Plum Discount Code India, Plum 20% discount code, and Plum promo codes.
  • Just like skincare and haircare, you can also purchase body care products according to the personalized issue or concern about your body. The type of products that fall under the Body Concern category is Body Cleanser, Exfoliation, Moisturization, Intense Moisturization, Hand Moisturization, and Foot Moisturization. 
  • For a charming, attractive, and appealing personality, it is important to keep your body away from any kind of foul odor. That is why Plum Goodness brings you the Fragrance category under the body care category. Here, you can find all kinds of fragrances that may entice you. You can choose your fragrances from these products including Everythin' Plum, Hawaiian Rumba, Oopsie Daisy, Drivin' Me Cherry, Tropical Tango, Lychee Cuddle, Vanilla Vibes, Coffee Wake-a-ccino, Trippin' Mimosas, Orchid-You-Not, Feelin' So Rose, Caramel Popcorn, Lemme Lemon, Shea got it,  and Minions Goin' Bananas.
  • More Bodylovin'- Last but not least, this subcategory of body care, doesn’t have a product-based classification, but it has a set-based classification. This category includes Goodness Combos, Gift Sets, Take-me-anywhere-minis, and Accessories. To add the cherry to the cake, Plum Goodness gives exciting offers and deals on it. You can claim discounts on all fragrances using Plum coupons, discount codes, and Plum promo codes. So, what are you waiting for? Buy these fragrances at the earliest, and grab all your friend's and peers' attention.

Plum Goodness Makeup Products

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Make-up’? Obviously, the first image that may have come to your mind is of a girl only. And why shouldn't it be so? After all, girls love make-up so much. That is why Plum Goodness brings you the best premium makeup products for all the girls out there. This category is further divided into sub-categories like Face, Eyes, Lips, Nails, Makeup removers, and All makeup. Under these subcategories, it will be easy for you to find products that are required by you. Simply click on the types of products that you need, and you’ll be provided with all the relevant products. And most importantly, don’t forget to use Plum Goodness coupons and discount codes provided by GoPaisa, to get extra discounts on your shopping. With GoPaisa, you can also earn cashback to make your more reliable and economical.
  • Plum Goodness Phy (for guys) products: Phy is not just a category, you can even call it a different brand (branch of Plum Goodness) dedicated to men's product needs. This category of Plum Goodness has everything that is needed for guys for their grooming and beauty needs.  Here, you can find products for the face, body, fragrance, hair, and beard. Not only these, but you can also shop for a special category of products like combo sets, gift sets, most-loved, and fresh drops products. You can shop for many products including Beard & Moustache Oil, Beard Butter, Beard Shampoo/Wash, Beard Kits, Beard Cream & Gel. The products offered by Plum Goodness are a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and convenient way to enjoy beauty and grooming products. To buy these products at a discounted price, you can visit GoPaisa, to find valid Plum Goodness Coupon codes, discount codes, and Plum promo codes. If you choose to buy these men’s grooming products via GoPaisa then you can also earn huge cashback on your shopping.

Enjoy GoPaisa Cashback On Plum Goodness Products

While you can save a good amount of money on the premium beauty & make-up range using a valid Plum Goodness coupon code or Plum discount code, there are a lot more waiting for you! Yes, you read it right! Now you can get a little extra on every Plum Goodness shopping if it is done through GoPaisa. 

GoPaisa presents you with some lucrative cashback on all the Plum Goodness orders that you will buy through the custom links provided by GoPaisa. It is India's most trusted and highest cashback paying platform and a one-stop destination for shoppers who love to seize exciting discounts and save some extra money by earning GoPaisa cashback on their online purchases. GoPaisa helps all kinds of online shoppers by providing coupons, offers, and cashback across 1500+ online stores, including Plum Goodness.

How to redeem discounts & cashback using Plum coupon codes?

To redeem the cashback & discount offers on the purchase of Plum Goodness products, follow these simple steps shown below.

  1. Visit GoPaisa.com or download the GoPaisa App, and sign in or create an account with us using your email address & phone number. Though we recommend you download GoPaisa App for a better & easier experience.

  1. After successful sign-up, search for the Plum Goodness page on GoPaisa to find Plum Coupons, offers, and deals.

  1. After visiting the Plum Goodness page, go through the deals and offers available out there.

  1. Once done, select the Plum promo code or Plum discount code that suits your requirements. 

  1. Now click on the 'Activate Coupon' or 'Grab Deal' button, and you'll be redirected to the Plum Goodness official website.

  1. Select the products (across all the categories) of your choice, and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  1. After adding all your required products to the cart, now click on the cart, available at the top right corner of the webpage.

  1. Now select your payment method. After that, you will be asked to fill in your phone number and other details to proceed with your shopping.

  1. Fill up the details, you asked for. Add your shipping address, and go ahead with the payment options.

  1. Apply the Plum coupon or Plum discount code in the discount code box to avail of the extra discount on the products. 

  1. Now proceed to the payment. After the successful transaction, you’ll be provided with the cashback after the confirmation period of 60-90 days.

Plum Goodness Contact Details

Contact Number:       75064-96604

Email:                           [email protected] 

                                      [email protected]

Address:           1st Floor, Lodha i-Think Techno Campus, A Wing, Chirak Nagar, Thane Maharashtra 400607

Opening Hours:         Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM- 6:30 PM