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OnePlus India Referral Code, Link: Get Rs.500 Off Coupon

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Offer DetailsOnePlus India Referral Code, Link: OnePlus has always offers great rewards when it comes to refer and earn. Right now OnePlus is offering flat Rs.500 off coupon on referral. Directly there is no any direct OnePlus Referral code but you will get Oneplus Referral link through which you will get Rs.500 off coupon. We have already added OnePlus Referral link here in this page, you just need to click on Copy-Code Button. Once you will be redirected to OnePlus page, you will see Redeem Rs.500 off coupon. Just click on that and a coupon code worth Rs.500 will be added to your OnePlus India account. OnePlus Referral coupon will be applicable on accessories when you buy y along with any OnePlus mobile.

How to Avail this offer?
  • Signup or Login to your GoPaisa account
  • Click on “Copy Code” button
  • You’ll be redirected to OnePlus offer page
  • Login to your OnePlus account and Redeem Rs.500 off coupon
  • Coupon will be added to your OnePlus account, on purchasing eligible products you will see discount on checkout page

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OnePlus India Referral Code & Link: Get Rs.500 Off Coupon Voucher on Every Successful Referral

OnePlus India Referral Program: OnePlus, one of the top 5 Android premium smartphone companies in the world, is always ahead to surprise their community by powerful smartphones at affordable prices, punctual software updates, exciting competitions, and some special promotions. Currently, OnePlus has come up with a limitless referral program in India that allows OnePlus users to earn unlimited referral points just by referring their own referral link to friends and family members. If you own the OnePlus smartphone, then you’ve got a great chance to grab lucrative OnePlus gear, accessories, and more for free. To make the most of this referral scheme, all you need to do is invite your friends to participate in the OnePlus referral program. For every successful referral, you will get 100 referral points and your invited friend will get the OnePlus coupon worth Rs. 500. Read the complete post to understand: how the OnePlus referral works; how you can earn more rewards using OnePlus points; and how to participate in this program.

OnePlus Referral Link, Code: Get Flat Rs.500 Coupon via Referral Link

OnePlus Referral Program

Refer & Earn Benefits

OnePlus Referral Code

Give Rs.500 Coupon and Get Upto Rs.200 OnePlus Points

OnePlus Referral Link

Click here to Get Link

Oneplus India Referral Program:

Just like other brands referral programs, the OnePlus India referral program also works in the same way. To participate in this program, you need to invite your friends, and you both will get entitled to earn OnePlus rewards. However, there is a twist in the OnePlus referral program. Other shopping site referral programs let you earn rewards when your friend makes their first purchase using your unique referral link. On the other hand, the OnePlus refer and earn program only lets you earn credit points only when your friend purchases a new OnePlus smartphone. 

What is the Oneplus Referral code:

OnePlus does not provide a unique referral code to its community members. Instead, you need to go to the unique referral page by clicking on the OnePlus referral link. On the OnePlus referral page, you can claim your Rs. 500 Off coupon by clicking on the “Redeem” button.

How to participate in OnePlus Referral Program:

You can either purchase the OnePlus device from the official OnePlus website or you can verify your existing OnePlus smartphone to get the unique referral link. Since the OnePlus referral program is only for OnePlus community members, so you can’t participate in this program without having the OnePlus smartphone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to participate in the referral program.

  • Verify the IMEI number of your existing OnePlus device or purchase a new OnePlus smartphone to generate your unique referral link.
  • Share your unique referral link with friends and family members. When they use your link to purchase the OnePlus smartphone with accessories or gear, they’ll receive a voucher worth Rs. 500 off on accessories and gear. 
  • You’ll receive up to 200 referral points after every successful referral which you can spend on OnePlus gear, accessories and vouchers.

What are redeem prizes with OnePlus Referral Points:

Once you earn enough referral points, you can use them to claim exciting gear, accessories, and more. Inviting more friends will help you unlock more rewards at ease. Here are the detailed OnePlus reward points list for you:

OnePlus Referral Offer

Referral Points Required

Rs. 500 OnePlus coupon for Accessories & Gear

100 Points

Rs. 1000 OnePlus coupon for Accessories & Gear

200 Points

Rs. 2500 OnePlus coupon for Accessories & Gear

500 Points

Free Travel Bag

700 Points

Rs. 5000 OnePlus coupon for Accessories & Gear

1000 Points

Some important things you must know about OnePlus Referral Program

Q. Who can participate in the OnePlus referral program?

The OnePlus referral program is open for customers who own a OnePlus smartphone or headset product. When you purchase a smartphone from website, you’ll receive your referral link through which you can refer OnePlus products to your friends and family members. If you’ve ever purchased a smartphone on or other OnePlus official channels, you can participate in the OnePlus referral program by verifying the IMEI number of your OnePlus device. 

Q. How much time will it take to credit referral points?

It may take up to 30 days after your friend purchases a device through your link before referral points are added to your account. You will get a notification email when your points can be used. You can also see an estimate date of arrival on your referral hub.

Q. Where can you use these referral points?

You can use your referral points on purchasing exclusive OnePlus accessories, gear and vouchers at discount. You can visit the referral hub to find out what’s available right now. The good thing about OnePlus referral points is they will never expire. However, once you redeemed the referral points to make a voucher, the voucher must be used within 30 days of its generation.

Q. How much are referral points worth?

Remember that OnePlus referral points have no real financial value. You can check out the referral hub to see what products can be currently purchased using referral points. The good thing about OnePlus referral points is that there are no limits for referral points you could earn.

Q. Can my friend use multiple referral links?

No. Your friend may only use one referral link when purchasing an OnePlus smartphone. However, there is no limit to the number of people that can use a single link. So, share, share, share!

Q. What does your friend get when he purchases a OnePlus phone?

Your referred friend(s) will get a voucher that will have discounts for accessories/ gear when purchased with a phone. 

Q. How to participate if your OnePlus smartphone is not purchased via

To enter the referral program using a OnePlus device not purchased via, simply verify the IMEI number of your existing OnePlus device at Once your IMEI number has been verified, a unique referral code will be generated for your OnePlus account. Please refer to the link to learn where to find your IMEI number.