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Following the prohibition set by the predecessors is not what the new India does. Gone are the days when homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders were looked down upon or not accepted at all. Many are now taking a stand, thereby declaring their sexual orientation, without feeling any less of themselves. Not only them, but unmarried couples also don’t want to stay hidden under the blanket of prohibition. Stay Uncle, a leading chain of hotel booking promotes their spirits by introducing hotels that are couple friendly, where the LGBT community and unmarried couples are welcomed. Every couple needs a hotel where there are no judgements. Stay Uncle gives them what they want without asking any question. Not just this, the hotel chain offers delightful Stay Uncle offers and discounts to make your stay even more pleasant.

What is Stay Uncle?

Though the mindsets of people are changing, the pace is slow. Despite the declaration of acceptance of the LGBT community, some just cannot digest the news. Stay Uncle keeps those spying eyes at bay by giving couples, including unmarried couples, the space they crave for. Additionally, exclusive Stay Uncle offers, make their stay even more affordable. Since it is difficult to find a place, where couples are allowed to stay as long as they want, Stay Uncle does all the hard work of locating them. Before listing any hotel on the platform, Stay Uncle does a rigorous quality check and ensure that the hotel is absolutely safe and secure. Furthermore, the platform keeps the nature of business upfront so that couples do not have to face any problem afterwards. 

Benefits of Stay Uncle Facilities:

Short Time Slots - Need a room only for a couple of hours? No worries, book hotels via Stay Uncle and choose a time slot that suits you the best. At present, there are two slots available to pick from - 1 PM to 6 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM. 

LGBTQ Hotels - Scared of what people will think of you? Say goodbyes to your overthinking. Stay Uncle doesn’t raise an eyebrow nor pass any judgement, book hotels across India and celebrate your time that you don’t get anywhere else. While booking a hotel room make sure to look for a coloured heath that represents LGBTQ friendly hotels.

Bubbly Bathtub Hotels - To make your every moment extra special, Stay Uncle promotes Bubbly Bathtub hotels. Make memories that will last with your forever. While searching Bubbly Bathtub hotels keep a keen eye on a tiny pink bathtub.

Stay Uncle Love Kit - When you check in to any Stay Uncle hotel, you receive a love kit inclusive of essentials like a pack of condoms, a Peesafe natural intimate wash, a chocolate, a lubricant. There is no stopping to your fun now. However, this kit is available in selected hotels only.


Stay Uncle coupons

Is money holding you back? Don’t worry, Stay Uncle comes to the rescue with lucrative Stay Uncle promo codes and coupon codes. 

Why choose Stay Uncle Hotels?

  • People will take time to completely accept the concept of making love before marriage or between people of the same gender. By the time, Stay Uncle provides the safest place, where couples can hang out without getting harassed by others. 
  • No matter where you live in India, whether you are going on a vacation or want to rent a room in the same city, Stay Uncle has tie-ups with hotels across the nation.
  • When it is not possible to book a hotel for a day, pick couple-friendly time slots, to stay away from the crowd glances.
  • Safe and secure - Finding a place that is safe and secure is not a piece of cake. Stay Uncle proudly says that no incidents have been counted till now. Therefore, you can completely put your trust. 
  • Discounts - Who wants to miss any exciting offer? No one does. Stay Uncle hotels are utterly under-budget and help couples to save more with money-saving Stay Uncle discount offers. 

What should you know about Stay Uncle?

To book a hotel at Stay Uncle, you and partner should be of 18 years or above of age. Also, it is mandatory to carry original IDs, either Adhaar Card, Voter Card, Passport or Driving License, for both of you. Stay Uncle doesn’t accept soft copies of photocopies of any of these IDs to check-in. 

Stay Uncle Refer and Earn Program

Booking a hotel room to spend some quality time is completely acceptable. However, some people still go Hush Hush on this. Break the silence and spread the word openly. With Stay Uncle refer and earn program, not only you can earn rewards but also suggest your friends walk on a safer path. On each referral, Stay Uncle gives an add-on benefit on your profile. Collect and redeem them, whenever you want to, on your next hotel bookings. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends, how friendly and facilitated Stay Uncle Hotels are. 

Stay Uncle offers at GoPaisa

Now you know where to look for hotels when you are in the mood to spend some time with your partner. Couple-friendly hotels, for unmarried and LGBTQ couples, are just a click away at Stay Uncle. From bubbly bathtub hotels to rooms with a love kit facility, whatever be your need, Stay Uncle takes complete care. All you have to keep in mind is carry an authentic ID at the time of check-in. For the case, money becomes a huddle, availing Stay Uncle offers and coupons sort things out. If you are thinking of where you could grab Stay Uncle discount offers, GoPaisa is the right destination.

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