Mi Sunglasses India Online Offers: Buy @ Rs 1309 - Xiaomi Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses OffersExpired

Mi Sunglasses India Online Offers: Buy @ Rs 1309 - Xiaomi Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses Offers

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Mi Sunglasses India Online Offers: Buy @ Rs 1309 - Xiaomi Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses Offers - AliExpress Offer: Purchase Xiaomi Mijia Turok Steinhardt TS Brand Nylon Polarized Sunglasses at just Rs.1309 (18$) with free shipping to India. It is a Stylish sunglasses with tinted TAC lenses and stainless steel rims. Specially designed for versatile outdoor activities like climbing, driving, fishing, hiking, and more, this pair of sunglasses are featuring windproof, dust-proof, wear-proof, and UV protection. No coupon code required. Shop now!

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Mi Sunglasses India Online Offers

Buy Xiaomi Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses @ Best Price From Aliexpress

Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses Specifics

  • Brand Name:Xiaomi
  • State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go
  • Model Number:TS Nylon Sunglass
  • Max Speed:Xiaomi Polarized Sunglasses
  • Scale:1:5
  • Gyro:Sun Mirror Lenses Glasses 100% UV-Proof
  • Control Channels:2 Channels
  • Item Name :Xiaomi TS Nylon Sunglasses
  • Item Color:Grey, Blue , Gold
  • Item Code:XM057
  • Features:Remote Control

Are You Xiaomi Fan? Get Ready To Fall In Love With Xiaomi All Over Again With MI TS Polarized Sunglasses

We have often read or heard from someone that sunglasses have the power to lift our overall look. This is perhaps the biggest reason why most of us desperately keep looking for the sunglasses that would go with our face-cut, skin tone, style, and of course, our budget. We all have been there and still haven’t found our ‘The One’.
By now it is a fact well established that when it comes to Xiaomi products, we can trust them with our money. The satisfaction that we can garner from Xiaomi products is full paisa wasool. Xiaomi has ventured into so many spaces now that it would hardly be surprising to any of us if we are told that they have come up with their very own set of sunglasses. The new MI TS Polarized Sunglasses are all set to roll in the Indian market and the MI fans are finding it hard to contain the excitement. Let’s be honest here. All of us are dying to lay our hands on the polarized beauties.

What do We Know About the MI TS Polarized Sunglasses?

Xiaomi Crowdfunding has resulted in the introduction of a new product on the market i.e., polarized Xiaomi TS Nylon lenses. Xiaomi has made it possible to design a product that is adjusted to what we, the consumers, are used to seeing from the brand: best of designs and cost-effective products. There are two varieties of sunglasses that will be available via the MI crowdfunding platform in India:  MI Polarized Wayfarer and MI Polarized Aviators. As per the claim by Xiaomi, these eyeglasses are scratch resistant and will offer 100% protection(upto 400 nanometres) against UVA,UVB, and UVC rays. With these glasses, there will no issues of glare and the polarized light, due to O6 layered lens technology, will offer improved contrast.

When Will the MI Polarized Sunglasses Release in India?

Xiaomi has announced that the sunglasses will start shipping from January 1, 2019, after successful funding. It also mentioned that the MI polarized sunglasses are Rs.300 cheaper than the original price. Therefore, you can be assured that the price of MI TS Polarized Sunglasses will be well within your budget.

Is There Any MI TS Polarized Sunglasses Offers Running Online?

The MI TS Polarized Sunglasses AliExpress offer will fetch you the MI TS Sunglasses for Rs.1309 only. You won’t be needing to punch in any AliExpress coupon codes for the purchase. For more MI TS Polarized Sunglasses offers you will have to keep a tab on its launch and then there will be a plethora of offers for you to avail.

More Information About the MI Sunglasses

One look at the lenses can speak volumes of its inspiration. The classic aviator lenses have found its place in the design of MI Sunglasses. There is a bridge with a double metallic nose in the glasses that allows a better grip. Not just that with these lenses on, you will definitely look fresher and fashionable. What is great about them is that these beauties let your nose breathe as it isn’t pressed and on top of that you won’t even need to fear for any mark left behind.
There is a range of colours of shades to pick from and people of all age groups and genders can find something for themselves. The MI TS Polarized Sunglasses are extremely comfortable and lot of it comes from the fact that it is enormously light. If compared to the Ray-Bans, the MI sunglasses are 13gms lighter. The lightness of the sunglasses can be attributed to the nylon lens used by TS. Nylon is itself the lightest lens material to be used. Adding to its qualities, the metal frames can be extremely thin and light. 

Reasons to Pick the MI TS Polarized Sunglasses

  • Design similar to the classic aviator lenses.
  • 100% protection from UV rays and 100 % scratch resistant.
  • Has a better grip and does not leave any mark behind.
  • Light and durable.
  • Available in three colours.
  • Suitable for all genders and age groups.
  • Perfect for a number of occasions be it hiking, cycling, mountaineering, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • Resistant to water and all weather conditions.
  • Easy to drive with as they come with light reflectors.
  • Use of Nylon for the lenses. Nylon is known to have the best impact resistance. It is a material that was widely used in the aerospace and military fields.It was used for making military glasses, bulletproof glasses, etc.

Xiaomi has been experimenting with a lot of different products and with every launch, their popularity has increased. People have been wanting more from Xiaomi. Previously, it had launched MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver and MI Selfie Stick Tripod. With these introductions to the market, the popularity of the brand went a notch higher. 

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