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Supr Daily Offers

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Supr Daily Offers Free Milk for 1 weekSUPR7
Supr Daily Offers Flat 50% OFF on Your First OrderSUPR50
Supr Daily Offers Free milk for 2 weeksB2G2

Supr Daily Promo Code, Coupons & Offers in Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon & Delhi

Going to a store daily to purchase fresh milk and other dairy needs is a monotonous job that no one wants to do. No more you have to leave your bed, get out of your comfort zone, and stand in a queue as SuprDaily comes to your home with fresh milk, bread, eggs, etc. Take it as the best solution to all your daily dairy needs and groceries demands. To get started with SuprDaily fast deliveries, take the subscription and load your virtual wallet with money. Along with SuprDaily benefits, you will be treated with specially curated SuprDaily coupons and promo codes. Such money saving SuprDaily deals let users buy products under budget. 

What is Supr Daily?

Some are early birds while some can stay in bed for the rest of their lives. However, none of them likes to step out of the house early morning to buy fresh milk and other breakfast items such as bread, eggs, butter, etc. Further, those who are working don’t get time to quickly run to a store to buy their breakfast. So, to solve everyone’s problem, SuprDaily started a service of delivering fresh milk before 7 o’clock in the morning. Under the service, one can ask for dairy products, coconut water, and other groceries, apart from fresh milk, to deliver right at the doorsteps. Therefore, you can have your long hours sleep, while the fast SuprDaily delivery team will do their task of bringing your orders right on time. Additionally, SuprDaily offers lucrative SuprDaily discounts and cashback offers, knowing how much customers love to save on their bills.

Supr Daily Referral Code

Supr Daily does not have any referral program for now. So no referral codes is available on Supr Daily. But as a business strategy most of it's competitors are working on referral program. So, hop Supr Daily referral program will come soon. 

What are the delivery timings of Supr Daily?

  • SuprDaily delivers milk and other products in the morning before 7:30 am.

Benefits of Supr Daily Daily Milk and Groceries Delivery Service:

SuprDaily comes with plenty of perks that users can enjoy under their subscription:

Everything at Supr Daily

Apart from delivering fresh milk, one can place online orders of eggs, bread, butter, paneer, curd, cheese, fresh fruits & vegetables, and other daily essentials. 

No Minimum Order

Need only an apple? Well, SuprDaily will deliver that as well. As there is no bar of minimum order value, one can order whatever he wants to without thinking of the value. Additionally, SuprDaily gives an option to order particular products on specific days. For instance, one can opt for daily milk, eggs over the weekend, dosa batter on every Tuesdays or fresh veggies and fruits on specific days of the weekend. Everything that is required will be delivered before 7 in the morning.  

Supr Daily offers Quick and Easy Payment

Everyone wants to stay away from the hassle of money and keeping a change, especially in the early hours of the day. SuprDaily saves you from that as well. After loading money to the online wallet, you only have to add items to the virtual cart and schedule the delivery, as per convenience. The amount to be paid will be auto-deducted. Hence, there is no need to go through the checkout procedure for every order.

Multiple brands

Some people stay particular about the brands they use. SuprDaily delivers you the exact brand that you use and for this, they have partnered with popular brands, including Nestle, Amul, Mahananda, Chitale, Warana, Mother Dairy, Heritage, Aksyayakalpa, Nandini, Gokul, Danone and more. Therefore, one can be assured that he would receive fresh products straight from brand factories to their doorsteps.

Supr Daily Offers Schedule Repeat Delivery

Sometimes it slips our mind to order products that we use regularly and then, regret later for not ordering on time. With the scheduling of repeat deliveries option at SuprDaily, one can stay carefree as the team will deliver the scheduled items at your doorsteps. 

Supr Daily Fast Deliveries

Generally, online portals take one or two days of time to deliver what you have ordered. But the good thing about SuprDaily is even when you order at night before 11 o’clock, it will be delivered the very next morning by 7 AM.

Sup Daily is Available 24x7

Is your order not delivered or have you received a wrong product? Whatever be your complaint, raise it on the Suprdaily app. Any time you can contact the customer care as they stay available for their customers all the time. The team of experts will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Supr Daily Coupons

Besides delivering daily needs on time, SuprDaily offers coupons and promo codes that can be used while placing orders to earn discounts or cashbacks. Such attractive SuprDaily deals let you save on your regular orders.

Why should you trust Supr Daily?

  • When it comes to supplying milk, SuprDaily ensures that what users receive is fresh. Whatever brand you trust, SuprDaily will deliver directly to your home. No more you have to handle the hassle of a middle man or worry about adulteration. 
  • Flexibility in delivery schedules lets you make changes in deliveries as per convenience. Additionally, one can manage subscription like pause or resume subscription when gone for a vacation.
  • Those who plan their week before ordering groceries could easily add or remove daily needs from the basket. 
  • How does SuprDaily subscription work?
  • To get started with on-time deliveries of SuprDaily one has to add their favourite brands to the basket, add quantity, and set frequency. After making a payment for up to three deliveries (a trial period) or a whole month (30 deliveries), enjoy the product getting delivered every morning before 7 o’clock.

What is Superbag?

After subscribing for at least one month, you will receive a bag from SuprDaily. To receive morning deliveries, hang the bag on the door. As the bag is insulated, it will keep the milk cold for hours. Now you can sleep for hours without getting disturbed because of early morning deliveries. 

Supr Daily Offers and Discounts 

  • Here are the current offers running on SuprDaily product, order, and subscription plan:
  • Upon using the SuprDaily promo code while taking one-month subscription of milk, users will get a one week of milk absolutely free. 
  • Those who are ordering for bread, eggs, paneer, coconut water and dosa batter for the first time, can avail a discount of 50%. In order to avail the offer, one has to use the SuprDaily coupon code “SUPR50”.

Supr Daily Swiggy: Swiggy Acquires Supr Daily?

Has Swiggy Acquired Micro-Delivery Startup Supr Daily?

According to The Economic Times report, the online food ordering and delivery service company ‘Swiggy’ is planning to invest $100 million (roughly Rs. 680 crores) into its daily essentials delivery arm Supr Daily. Supr Daily is a subscription-based service, which was acquired by Swiggy last year. The hyperlocal delivery service delivers daily essential goods such as milk, eggs, bread, curd, paneer and many more daily needs, to its users every day. 

Currently, Supr Daily offers customers the choice of buying weekly, monthly or even quarterly milk delivery subscriptions. Also, you can order other daily consumables such as milk, eggs, bread, etc. as per need. 

The Supr Daily service is currently running in six different cities, with Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR among them. Their hyper-locals are successfully fulfilling more than 1 lakh orders daily in different cities.  

Recently, Swiggy has launched a subscription-based tiffin food service - Swiggy Daily. Swiggy has broadened their horizons and will compete directly with well established hyperlocal delivery service such as Milk Basket, DailyNinza, BigBasket and others.

Supr Daily Offers: Use Coupon Code SUPR7 and Get Free milk for 1 week

Get Free milk for 1 week on Subscription of 30 deliveries or 1-month milk subscription. After subscription Use given promo code. 2 weeks Milk price adjusts your total Price. Also, get 1 Superbug free on this subscription.

Supr Daily Offers: Use Coupon Code B2G2 and Get Free milk for 2 weeks

Get Free milk for 2 weeks on Subscription of 60 deliveries or 2 months milk subscription. After subscription Use given promo code. 2 week Milk price are adjust your total Price. Also get 1 Superbug free on this subscription.

Supr Daily Offers: Use Coupon Code SUPR50 & Get Flat 50% OFF on Your First Order

Supr Daily Offer- Get Flat 50% OFF on Your First Order. Get 50% off your First BREAD, PANEER, EGGS, DOSA BATTER AND COCONUT WATER. Use given promo code to avail this offer. Also, get 1 Superbug free on this subscription.

Supr Daily Discounts and Cashback Offers via GoPaisa

Now you are aware of the SuprDaily benefits. So, if you are interested in taking up the SuprDaily subscription, go ahead as the platform claims to be the best among other milk and breakfast delivery services. Additionally, SuprDaily is the only service that provides you with a Suprbag that lets you sleep for long hours while your order gets delivered early morning at the regular time. To make your purchases affordable or better to say to earn discounts or cashbacks on SuprDaily orders, you need to get your hands on SuprDaily offers, discounts and deals. GoPaisa website is India’s best coupons and cashbacks destination in India. All those who are looking for SuprDaily promo codes can visit the website to grab the best offers. On this single portal, you will come across all the best deals running on different products across categories. Additionally, it offers cashbacks on certain products that get added to GoPaisa wallet and are redeemable on further shopping. This way, you spend less and save more on your shopping. Therefore, before you start your ordering at SuprDaily, look for the current SuprDaily offers on GoPaisa.

Supr Daily FAQS

Which Milk Brands Supr Daily Delivers?

Supr Daily delivers all common milk brands including Amul, Gokul, Mother Dairy, Mahananda, Aarey, Warna and many more. You can see the full list on Supr Daily app or contact Supr Daily on 9699000035.

How Does the Supr Daily Subscription Work?

Supr Daily subscription is very simple. You choose your favorite brand, quantity and frequency. You make a payment for as little as 3 deliveries (trial) or a full month (30 deliveries). Sit back and enjoy products delivered right to your doorstep every morning.

What are the Delivery Timings of Supr Daily?

Supr Daily delivers milk and other products in the morning before 7:30 am.

How to Change Quantity for Next Day is I am Going on Vacation?

The option is available on Supr Daily APP. You can simply change the quantity for next day on our app or pause all deliveries for your vacation duration. Supr Daily transparent service has been created so that you only pay for what you consume.

What Payment Options on Supr Daily?

You can make payments using our app, or a payment link sent to your phone, or swipe debit/credit cards with our payment executive, or request for a cash pickup. We support all common cards, internet banking and many wallets.

What’s Supr Daily Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel anytime you like with just a few taps on the app.

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