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AyurJosh Shilajit Resin at Rs.565 + FREE 3 Face Mask (Afte code 'TACXADMITAD10' & GP Cashback)

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Latest The Ayurveda Co. Coupon Codes, & Promo Codes For 2023 – Up to 20% GoPaisa Cashback Extra

Are you ready to completely revamp your beauty and personal care routine with The Ayurveda Co.'s ayurvedic products? Visit GoPaisa today and get some The Ayurveda Co. deals, coupons, and promo codes to save big on your next beauty and personal care purchase.

Here are some of the trending deals and offers that are currently available on The Ayurveda Co. Have a look at the following list:-

The Ayurvedic Co. Coupons & Offers

The Ayurvedic Co. Coupons And Offer Details

The Ayurveda Co. Trending Deal

Buy any four beauty and personal care products from The Ayurveda Co. for Rs. 999 only. No TAC coupon or discount code is required to claim this offer.

The Ayurveda Co. Sale Offer

Take advantage of the ongoing sale on The Ayurveda Co. to get a flat 26% discount on your purchase of beauty, cosmetics, and personal care products.

The Ayurveda Co. Coupon Code

Chance to get a free Ayurveda Experience Kit Worth Rs 495. Use The Ayurveda Co. Coupon Code ‘EKTAC’ to claim this offer. You just need to pay Rs. 99 for the delivery charges.

The Ayurveda Co. Prepaid Discount

You can seize a discount of an additional 5% off on placing prepaid orders at The Ayurveda Co. This offer can be clubbed with the other offers available.

The Ayurveda Co. GoPaisa Cashback 

Shop for The Ayurveda Co. beauty and personal care products via custom links provided by GoPaisa and enjoy a cashback of upto 20% on your shopping.

You can always find an exclusive range of TAC Coupons, Trending Offers, Deals, and Promo Codes on the GoPaisa TAC store page, which will help you to seize extra discounts on your shopping for beauty and personal care products. 

Unfold The Magic Of Ayurvedic Products From The Ayurveda Co. At Discounted Prices

In this era where grooming and looking nice is one of our utmost priorities, many cosmetics, and beauty brands have entered into business with the goal of making money out of people’s needs. You can always find such advertisements selling beauty products at your nearby mall, in TV commercials, by roadside corners, and in many other places. As the demand for these products is increasing, the prices also touching the sky. Also, most of these products are comprised of chemicals, that can leave a bad effect on your skin in the long run. So, what needs to be done so that we can enhance our looks while also ensuring our skin’s health? Well, The Ayurveda Co. does that job for you. Just enroll in the beauty and personal care routine of The Ayurveda Co. and unfold the magical benefits of ayurvedic products. You can always find some of the trending deals and discounts on GoPaisa, that will assist you in saving money while purchasing products from The Ayurveda Co.

More About The Ayurveda Co.

Looking for some natural and ayurvedic solutions for your skin and personal care routine, then you could just celebrate the moment because you are at the perfect place and time to do so. The Ayurveda Co. products are comprised of natural and ayurvedic ingredients that promote healthy skin and a natural glow without causing any kind of irritation or any other side effects on your skin. 

Indian culture has always been in terms of natural health and personal care for ages, The Ayurveda Co. uses the same age-old and traditional techniques to cater to the issues that are arising in the modern world due to pollution. As we all know that Ayurveda discovered in India by our ancestors has been proven to be the most effective solution over chemical-driven products. Even the world has started to praise and admire the sciences of our ancient Ayurveda, and the demand for ayurvedic products is continuously growing globally.

TAC provides a holistic ayurvedic treatment for everyone who wants to cut the chemical off and opt for natural and ayurvedic products. The Ayurveda Co. has a very vast portfolio of natural and ayurvedic products for all your needs and requirements. Here you can shop for skincare, haircare, men’s, wellness, bath & body, and many other personal care products at an affordable range of pricing. Although The Ayurveda Co’s products are not heavily priced, they also provide various techniques to enable their users to enhance savings.

The Ayurveda Co. Offers Across Categories

Find the best deals and offers on premium quality ayurvedic products from The Ayurveda Co. There are a variety of products available for every skin type, hair, and age. Just look at the detailed descriptions of the products and categories available on the TAC platform.

The Ayurveda Co. Face Care: As we all know that the face skin is the most sensitive part of human skin. We use a variety of skin care products on our faces to keep them radiant and healthy, and nothing beats holistic ayurveda solutions to fulfill that purpose. The Ayurveda Co. offers ayurvedic face care products for all skin types, including oily, acne-prone, dry, and other skin types. Under this category, you can find all types of Face Wash, Toners, Moisturizers and Face Creams, Sheet Masks, Face Polishers, Sun Protection,  and Lip Care.

TAC Face Wash Best Buys

  • Buy Kumkumadi Face Wash For Rs. 219 At Flat 26% OFF
  • Buy Vitamin C Face Wash Worth Rs. 399 For Rs. 295 Only
  • Vitamin C Face Serum & Foaming Face Wash Combo For Rs. 655 At Flat 30% OFF
  • 7% Kumkandi Face Wash With 24k Gold Dust At Rs. 99 Only

TAC Face Toners Best Buys

  • Pure Indian Rose Water Toning & Hydrating For Rs. 185 Only At 25% OFF

TAC Face Moisturizers and Face Cream Best Buys

  • Buy Kumkumadi Day Cream & Night Gel With 24K Gold Combo For Rs. 789 @31% OFF
  • Buy 15 % Vitamin C Face Serum (Pack Of 2) For Rs. 759 Only At 30% OFF
  • Buy Nalpamaradi SPF20 Glow Cream Worth Rs. 549 For Rs. 405 Only
  • Buy 10% Nalpamaradi Glow Cream & Anti-Aging Cream Worth 1148 For Rs. 789 Only
  • Buy Kumkumadi Night Gel For Rs. 455 At A Discount Of Flat 25%

TAC Sheet Masks Best Buy

  • Buy Kumkumadi Serum Sheet Mask (Pack Of 3) @Rs. 259 Only
  • Buy Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask (Pack Of 3) @Rs. 259 Only
  • Buy Ubtan Serum Sheet Mask (Pack Of 3) @Rs. 259 Only
  • Buy Nalpamaradi Serum Sheet Mask (Pack Of 3) @Rs. 259 Only
  • Buy Eladi Serum Sheet Mask (Pack Of 3) @Rs. 259 Only

TAC Face Polishers Best Buy

  • Buy Nalpamaradi 100% Natural Face Polisher Scrub For Rs. 369 Only At 26% OFF
  • Buy Nalpamaradi 100% Natural Mini Face Scrub For Rs. 99 Only

TAC Sun Protection Best Purchases

  • Buy Kumkumadi SPF 50 Sunscreen And Face Wash Combo For Rs. 479 Only Which Worths Rs. 689
  • Buy Eladi Sunscreen SPF 50 Mini (8g) for Rs. 99 Only
  • Buy 10% Nalpamaradi Glow Cream With SPF 20 For Rs. 405 at a Flat 26% OFF
  • Buy Kumkumadi Sunscreen With SPF 50 Sunscreen For Rs. 295 Only @26% OFF

TAC Lip Care Best Buy

  • Buy Indian Rose Lip Balm For Rs. 219 Only
  • Buy Beetroot Lip Balm For Rs. 219 Only
  • Buy Beetroot Lip Butter & Lip Scrub Combo at Rs. 445 Only

The Ayurveda Co. Hair Care: As far as the hair care is concerned, it is a whole industry by itself. We do a lot of things to maintain our hair in an effective way and to enhance its appearance. There are several hair salons that can handle the entire procedure for you, from the highlight to the hair rebounding. Our hair must be good, healthy, and strong on the inside in order for it to appear attractive from the outside. Numerous ayurvedic hair care items are offered by The Ayurveda Co. that support the health of your hair by giving it the necessary nutrients. Here under the TAC hair care category, you can shop for Hair Oils, Shampoo, Conditioners, and Hair Masks.

TAC Hair Oils Best Buy

  • Buy Onion Shampoo And Onion Hair Oil Combo For Rs. 848 Rs. 585 Only
  • Buy Methi Hair Oil & Shampoo Combo For Rs. 798  Rs.549 Only
  • Buy BhringaBali Hair Oil Worth Rs. 399 for Rs. 295 Only
  • Buy Onion Hair Oil With Ginger Mini - 10ml For Rs. 75 Only

TAC Shampoos Best Purchases

  • Buy Methi Hair Anti-Dandruff Shampoo With Amla For Rs. 295 Only.
  • Buy Onion Shampoo And Onion Hair Oil Combo Worth Rs. 848 For Rs. 585 Only
  • Buy BhringaBali Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Growth At Rs. 549 Only

TAC Conditioners & Hair Masks Best Buy

  • Buy BhringaBali Hair Conditioner For Rs. 295 At A Flat 26% OFF
  • Buy Methi & Amla Anti Dandruff Hair Mask For Rs. 445 Only

The Ayurveda Co. Performance & Wellness: It is quite challenging for us to preserve our health and keep up with our well-being in the present day since everything moves at such a rapid pace. The things we eat, drink, and breathe all have distinct effects on us and can make it difficult for us to live a healthy lifestyle. The Ayurveda Co. looks after our health and performance by giving us ayurvedic products to assist us in increasing our strength, energy, immunity, metabolism, and other bodily functions. In other words, The Ayurveda Co. makes sure we lead healthy lives free from ailments and disorders.

Some of the best buys from The Ayurveda Co. under the performance and wellness category are stated below:-

  • Buy 100% Natural Shilajit Resin For Improving Immunity For Rs. 959 Only
  • Buy 100% Natural Pure Shilajit Resin For Improving Immunity (Pack of 2) For Rs. 1785 Only
  • Buy 100% Ayurvedic Shilajit Capsule For Vigour, Vitality And Stamina For Rs. 895 Only
  • Buy AyurLean Weight Loss - 30 Veg Capsules for metabolism & fat-burn @Rs. 445 Only
  • Buy AyurBoost Tablets For Immunity & Nutrition For Rs. 445 at a Flat 25% OFF

The Ayurveda Co. Body Care Products: Looking for some of the really best body care solutions for yourself and your family, then what could be any better than the ayurvedic body care products. The Ayurveda Co. comprises a fine line of body care products using specially formulated natural and ayurvedic ingredients. The Ayurveda Co. selection of body care products includes Soaps, Body Oils, Body Polishers, Body Lotions, Underarm Roll-Ons, and Body Mists. These products can be availed at a discounted price using the trending TAC coupons and offers for this particular category.

Some of the best buys under this category are stated below, find your best picks there.

TAC Bath Soaps Best Buys

  • Buy Ubtan Soap (Pack Of 3) at Rs. 259 only
  • Buy Rose & Milk Soap (Pack Of 3) at Rs. 259 only
  • Buy Eladi & Neem Soap (Pack Of 3) at Rs. 259 only

TAC Body Oils & Lotions Best Buys

  • Buy Nalpamaradi Glow Oil with Peepal & Curcumin at Rs. 369 only
  • Buy Nalpamaradi Body Glow Oil (100ml) And Body Scrub (75gm) at Rs. 689 only
  • Buy Indian Rose Body Lotion at Rs. 329 only
  • Buy Kumakumadi Body Butter at Rs. 445 only
  • Buy Kumkumadi Body Lotion at Rs. 329 only

TAC Body Polishers & Body Mists Best Buys

  • Buy Nalpamaradi Body Scrub at Rs. 369 only
  • Buy Nalpamaradi Body Scrub Mini (10g) at Rs. 99 only
  • Buy Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist at Rs. 295 only
  • Buy Nargis Body Mists at Rs. 295 only

TAC Ayurvedic Roll On Deos Best Buys

  • Buy Underarm Roll-On Deo (Pack Of 3) at Rs. 465 only
  • Buy Rose Roll On And Oudh Roll on for Rs. 309 only
  • Buy Oudh Roll-On Deo And Whitening Underarm Serum at Rs. 309 only
  • Buy Rose Roll On And Whitening Lemon Roll On Combo at Rs. 309 only
  • Buy Whitening Underarm Roll On Serum for Rs. 165 only

Maximize your savings via GoPaisa Cashback on The Ayurveda Co. Orders

Nevertheless, you can always take advantage of TAC coupons, hot deals, discount codes, and offers to get The Ayurveda Co. personal care and makeup products at affordable prices. However, GoPaisa offers its users much more than these discounts in order to assist them in saving money. For every order you place using the customized links provided via GoPaisa, you can earn up to 20% GoPaisa cashback. Once the minimum threshold limit is reached, you may deposit this cashback—which is real cash in your bank account. 

Steps to claim GoPaisa cashback on TAC beauty & personal care orders

  • Visit GoPaisa.com or install the GoPaisa App, and sign in or create an account using your email address & phone number. 
  • Now type ‘The Ayurveda Co.’ & select the store from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the best The Ayurveda Co coupon codes or offers, then tap on the ‘Grab Deal' button.
  • And find your preferred products and them in your cart using the ‘Add to Bag’ button.
  • Log in to your TAC account or create a new one if don’t have an account yet.
  • Fill in your shipping address and all the other details.
  • Apply the TAC coupon in the discount box to seize an extra discount.
  • Select the payment method to proceed with your transaction. 
  • The GoPaisa cashback will be reflected in your GoPaisa account within 24 hours.
  • You’ll need to wait for 60-90 days to get your cashback confirmed.

The Ayurveda Co. Coupons FAQs

Q. How can I enhance my savings while shopping for beauty & personal care at TAC?

You can take advantage of trending GoPaisa deals, coupons & offers to seize discounts on your shopping. Additionally, you can also get benefitted from the GoPaisa cashback offer on TAC shopping.

Q. Is there any best offer or deal currently active on TAC beauty & personal care?

Yes, there are many deals & offers that currently live on The Ayurveda Co. You can always find the latest deals & currently active coupons & offers on The Ayurveda Co. store page at GoPaisa.

Q. Can I cancel my TAC order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 3 hours of placing the order.

Q. What are the delivery charges on The Ayurveda Co. orders?

They offer free delivery on orders of Rs. 395 and above. For orders of less than Rs. 395, you need to check it every time on their website.

Q. Can I return my order?

Yes, you can return your order by dropping an email at [email protected] or you may call at 7701805070. In case you received a wrong or damaged product, write an email or call them within two days of delivery. Their customer care will assist you with this & resolve the issue at the earliest.

Q. When can I expect my refund from TAC?

Refunds will be processed within 36 hours to 48 hours on the same payment method using which the payment was accepted.