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About Treebo

For those who are looking for a stay worth remembering but at the same time want it to be reasonable for your pocket, then you should go for Treebo Hotels. That’s the speciality about Treebo hotels, they offer you such great hotels to stay in that you will surely remember the time you spend there and the amount of those rooms will not be so hard on your pocket. Along with this, there are certain Treebo offers and Treebo hotels coupons with unique Treebo promo codes that can be used for making your hotel bookings a lot more fun with discounted rates.

Treebo Offers

Why go for Treebo?

Right now, Treebo offers its reach to over 60 cities all over India and they are planning to expand their reach to numerous other major cities of the Indian subcontinent. In those 60+ cities, you have choices from over 250+ properties and 6000+ rooms. You have Agra, Indore, Haridwar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Kolkata, Kochi, Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad and a lot more other cities as a part of those 60 cities.

Clean & Fresh Rooms

Treebo offers you a surety that wherever you decide to live in, you will be provided with fresh and clean rooms. Plus, Treebo will take care of everything that is being delivered to you, they will do their best in providing you with a best in class service, which will also depend on what you have paid for.

30 mins service promise

If you are confused about something and you are looking for some kind of relief from all the doubts in your mind then you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff either. All you have to do is put in the request and then, Treebo’s well trained staff will be at your service within a maximum of 30 minutes.

Assured Essentials

There is a surety for essentials that Treebo offers to whichever hotel you decide to stay in. You will get free Wifi, branded toiletries, air-conditioned rooms and breakfast on the house (for free). These essentials will majorly be free of cost and can be enjoyed by you while you stay in your favourite hotel.

Treebo Rewards

You can easily be a premium member and you can get such exciting Treebo rewards that will make you feel even more special. Being a premium Treebo account holder can get you best rates of the hotels and even let you earn points on the basis of the bookings made. These Treebo points can further be used to make hotel bookings while planning for another stay.

Treebo hotels coupons and Treebo offers

We all know how great are coupons and offers for us, they help us in saving a lot of money. Using the proper Treebo hotels coupons can get you really exciting discounts on your hotel bookings.

Up to 22% off -Treebo hotels coupons

There are an active Treebo hotels coupons amongst the various other Treebo offers that can easily get you up to 22% off on the hotel bookings. Think about all the money that you can save from one booking and use it for some additional features and all.

Treebo Official App

If you have been using the official Treebo app you can only say that making bookings through the application is easier than making a hotel booking on the website. The Treebo app is a well-simplified version of the official Treebo website plus it is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Apart from being a simplified medium, the other special thing that you will get while using the app, for making bookings, are the exclusive Treebo offers and Treebo hotels coupons - exclusively for application users.

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Would you like to save more than you thought you would, even after using the Treebo offers and Treebo hotels coupons? If you do, then make your hotel bookings on Treebo via GoPaisa.com. GoPaisa is known as India’s No.1 cash back destination where you will find numerous deals, offers, and coupons which can be used for getting necessary discounts. You can use them for free too. GoPaisa along with these exciting offers provides you with assured GoPaisa cashback. So you are getting a discount and also a cash back. If you are looking for making a hotel booking then this would be the best time to do so.