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MyWellnessKart Coupons & Offers

MyWellnessKart Offer Details

MyWellnessKart Offer Today

Shop for Rs. 500 or above & Get Flat 10% Off + Free Shipping + Free Sebamed Cleansing Bar

MyWellnessKart Baby Care Combo Offer

Buy a pack of three Sebamed Baby Extra Soft Cream, worth Rs. 2100, for just Rs. 1490. GoPaisa cashback offer is also included in the price.

MyWellnessKart Baby Care Discount Offer

Buy a pack of four Sebamed Baby lip balms, at a nominal price of Rs. 1120 only. The original worth of these products is Rs. 1688, which can be bought at a discounted price by using GoPaisa cashback and offers.

MyWellnessKart Coupon Offer

Get a discount of flat 10% on all products using MyWellnessKart Coupon Code 'SAVE10'. Along with the offer, you can also enjoy the benefit of GoPaisa cashback which will help you save extra money.

MyWellnessKart Promo Offer

Just shop for Rs. 500 and above and enjoy a Flat 10% off your shopping, free shipping, and get Sebamed Cleansing Bar for free.

MyWellnessKart Baby Care Offer

Now you can buy Sebamed Baby Care Products like Diapers, Apparel, Toys, Books, Strollers, Cradles, and more at a starting price of Rs. 107.

MyWellnessKart Cashback

Get 10% Assured Cashback Upto Rs. 75 on your translation via MobiKwik. Min. transaction value is Rs. 499.

MyWellnessKart Cashback Offer

Enjoy up to Rs. 400 GoPaisa cashback on orders above Rs. 1300. To claim this cashback, you just need to shop for your products via customized links provided via GoPaisa.

If you are looking for working MyWellnessKart offers, promo codes, and MyWellnessKart discount codes, then you could just celebrate this moment because you are in the right place. We at GoPaisa, always try our best to bestow our users with the latest & 100% working coupons, offers and promo codes for over 1500 brands, including MyWellnessKart. So, it's time to shop all range of original Sebamed products online at affordable prices using MyWellnessKart coupon codes. That's not all! With GoPaisa, you can unlock more benefits. If you choose to shop with MyWellnessKart via GoPaisa, you can earn up to Rs. 400 as a GP Cashback on top of the MyWellnessKart coupon discount.

Enjoy Big Savings On Sebamed Skin & Hair Care Products Via MyWellnessKart Coupons

If you are very concerned about your skin or have sensitive skin, then these products are for you. With a pH value of 5.5, Sebamed products are suitable for all kinds of skin. They have a wide variety of products for every skin type, be it sensitive, oily, dry or normal. Even, Sebamed products are suitable for a baby's sensitive skin. MyWellnessKart also comes up with exciting offers, deals and discount codes so that you won't have to pay the entire price. You can currently buy Sebamed skin & hair care range at upto 50% off using the MyWellnessKart discount offer. You can even pay for your orders using MobiKwik to get a flat 10% instant cashback of upto Rs. 75 on your entire order value. Furthermore, refer MyWellnessKart to your friends & family members and win a handsome amount when they make their first purchase from MyWellnessKart online store. Besides this, you can get some of its best-selling products, like Sebamed Clear Face Foam at a bargain price using the MyWellnessKart offer of the day. What else do you want? Check out the GoPaisa MyWellnessKart coupons page for more updated offers, deals and discount coupons.

MyWellnessKart Trending Offers And Deals For You

As you may have already known by now, MyWellnessKart products are suitable for every skin type and are harm-free. So it can be said that MyWellnessKart is a safe place for those who are interested in products with a PH value of 5.5, with a safe skincare experience. Here are some of the best and trending MyWellnessKart offers and deals for you. Select the deal or offer, that suits you best, and click on the grab deal button on the GoPaisa MyWellnessKart page. After that, you’ll be redirected to the official website of MyWellnessKart Sebamed. Moreover, you can also earn cashback while shopping for MyWellnessKart products via GoPaisa.

  • MyWellnessKart Offer on Baby Cream: If you are so much concerned about your baby’s skin, and want to avoid any kind of harsh chemicals from using on your little one's body. For that thing, you can blindly trust on MyWellnessKart baby care products. You can buy a pack of three Sebamed Baby Extra Soft Cream by paying Rs. 1490 only. This cream has been developed by Dermatologists to ensure extra care for your baby’s skin.

  • MyWellnessKart Offer on Baby Lip Balm: For that extra care of your little one’s lips, MyWellnessKart has brought Sebamed Baby Lip Balm, especially formulated by Dermatologists. Sebamed Baby Lip Balm is free from any kind of harsh chemicals, thus it ensures maximum safety and protection for your baby’s lips. You can buy a pack of four Sebamed Baby Lip Balm at a nominal price of Rs. 1520. But wait, that is not all. You can also earn an extra amount of Rs. 400 as a GoPaisa cashback. So the effective price of four lip balms comes up to Rs. 1120 only. For your baby’s extra care, at least this amount is worth paying.

  • MyWellnessKart Coupon Offer on All Products: If you are seeking that extra discount on your shopping with MyWellnessKart, then you may use this coupon, provided by MyWellnessKart. This MyWellnessKart Coupon Code is applicable to the shopping of all Sebamed products. Use MyWellnessKart Coupon ‘SAVE10’ to get a discount of a flat 10% on your shopping. No minimum purchase is required to avail of this coupon. 

  • MyWellnessKart Sebamed Lightening Deal: If you haven’t bought anything previously from MyWellnessKart before, now is the time to do so. Because, if you shop with MyWellnessKart, you will be enticed with some benefits. Add products to your cart with a value of Rs. 500 or more and get a Flat 10% Off & free shipping on your entire order. Plus, you will get a Sebamed Cleansing Bar for free.

  • MyWellnessKart Baby Care Offer: If you have just welcomed a new baby into your life, then this deal is for you. To celebrate your parenthood, MyWellnessKart is providing a whole range of baby care products, starting at a price of Rs. 107 only. At MyWellnessKart Sebamed, you can buy Diapers, Apparel, Toys, Books, Strollers, Cradles & more at the best price for your little one.

  • MyWellnessKart Cashback Offer: To let you save extra money on your shopping, GoPaisa provides you with the best MyWellnessKart Coupons, offers, deals, and discount codes. But the list doesn’t end here, there’s more to it. For every shopping, you choose to do via customized links provided by GoPaisa, will help you earn a guaranteed GP cashback. Yes, that is true. You can earn up to Rs. 400 as the GoPaisa cashback on your shopping.  

More About MyWellnessKart Sebamed

Sebamed was started 55 years back by a German dermatologist Dr Heinz Maurer who was passionate about skincare and wanted to create an effective solution which ensures that your skin remains the way it is meant to be. Sebamed is a popular name in the world's leading skincare industry with more than 50 years of rich experience. With a presence in more than 85 countries worldwide, Sebamed is the brand of choice among users for its comprehensive skin care solutions for all age groups. The skin care solutions include Age Defense, Clear Face, and Baby Sebamed to meet every skin's specific needs, whether it is sensitive or problematic. All Sebamed products are clinically tested on sensitive skin and are not tested on animals. If you want products that are not harsh on the skin and promote natural glowing skin, then here's your chance to shop at MyWellnessKart, popularly known as Sebamed worldwide. 

MyWellnessKart Product Category

MyWellnessKart brings a wide assortment of skin and hair care products for both babies and adults that support the skin's natural barrier with pH 5.5. Whether you have oily and acne skin or sensitive skin that needs extra care, Sebamed works perfectly for all skin types without damaging the skin. Their comprehensive skincare solutions include soap bars, cleansers, shampoos, lip balms, lotions, and facial creams for all age groups. You can buy all the Sebamed products using MyWellnessKart coupon codes and get a considerable discount. 

1 - Baby Care:

It is well-known fact that newborn babies are prone to numerous skin-related problems. These skin problems could range from itchiness and rashes to cradle caps and dermatitis. A baby's skin is super soft and sensitive, which is the main reason you require an ideal product for baby skin care. The range of My Wellness Kart baby care products such as Sebamed baby wash, shampoo, lotion, massage oil, rash cream, etc., are the best way to prevent your baby’s skin from contracting an infection or a rash. You can even seize some savings you Sebamed baby care products using MyWellnessKart coupon codes. 

2 - Skin Care:

When it comes to skincare, there are a number of products available in the market promising a better skincare routine. However, not all of them prove to be effective for your skin type. In fact, some of them could harm your skin. Sebamed offers a range of skincare products at the MyWellnessKart online store, ranging from cleansing bars, face creams, and body lotions to anti-ageing protection creams, liquid face & body wash and moisturising creams. Also, get an assured discount and free shipping with MyWellnessKart coupon codes each time you shop online via GoPaisa.

3 - Hair Care:

It can be the worst part of life when having a regular hair fall or an itchy scalp and white flakes on the head. We all want healthy, good-looking hair because it is a crucial part of our personality. But how to improve hair health? At pH 5.5, the scalp remains adequately hydrated, which helps prevent some of the most common hair and scalp issues like dryness and dandruff. Sebamed hair care ranges such as anti-dandruff shampoo, daily-based shampoo and anti-hair loss shampoo are formulated with the ideal pH value of 5.5 to keep your hair moisturised and provide a shield against harsh weather conditions. You can even buy Sebamed hair care products at a 30% discount using the Mywellnesskart promo code and free shipping.

4 - Nutrition Products:

Persistent or periodic nutritional gaps are a common problem for many of us. And if you don't consume adequate amounts of certain foods, your body may lead to further nutrient shortfalls. You may feel weak and lethargic. Sebamed nutrition products like Diataal Nutripop, Diataal D Nutripop, USV-GoLite and Diataal Chocovits take care of your daily nutritional requirements for your good health and well-being.

Save Big On My Wellness Kart Products With GoPaisa Cashback

You can save a good amount of money on natural face care and hair care products, using MyWellnessKart promo offers and coupon codes. But, there is a lot more from our side, that will help you save even more money. Now you can earn extra cashback on every MyWellnessKart shopping if it is done via GoPaisa.

GoPaisa presents you with a lucrative cashback of Rs. 400 on all MyWellnessKart orders above Rs. 1300, which you will buy through the custom links provided by the GoPaisa App or website. GoPaisa, being the most trusted and highest cashback paying platform in India, helps you to seize exciting discounts and save money. It helps all online shoppers by providing coupons, offers, and cashback across 1500+ online stores, including MyWellnessKart Sebamed.

Steps to redeem discounts & cashback using MyWellnessKart Sebamed coupon codes?

To redeem the cashback & discount offers on the purchase of MyWellnessKart Sebamed, follow these simple steps listed below.

  1. Visit GoPaisa.com or download the GoPaisa App, and sign in or create an account with us using your email address & phone number. Though we recommend you download GoPaisa App for an easier and better shopping experience.

  2. After you signed up successfully,  go on to search for the MyWellnessKart Sebamed store page on GoPaisa to find the best MyWellnessKart Coupons, offers, and deals.

  3. After visiting the MyWellnessKart Sebamed page, go through the deals and offers available out there.

  4. Once done, select the MyWellnessKart promo code or MyWellnessKart discount code that matches your requirements. 

  5. Now you need to click on the 'Activate Coupon' or 'Grab Deal' button, and after that, you'll be redirected to the official website of MyWellnessKart Sebamed.

  6. Select the products (across all the categories) of your choice, and add them to the cart by tapping on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  7. After adding all your required products to the cart, now click on the cart, available at the top right corner of the webpage.

  8. Now select your payment method. After that, you will be asked to fill in your phone number and other details to proceed with your shopping.

  9. Fill up the details, you asked for. Add your shipping address, and go ahead with the payment options.

  10. Apply the MyWellnessKart coupon or MyWellnessKart discount code in the discount code box to avail of the extra discount on the products. 

  11. Now proceed to the payment. After the successful transaction, you’ll be provided with cashback after the confirmation period of 60-90 days.

MyWellnessKart Contact Details

If you have any queries or want to ask something about MyWellnessKart orders and services, then you may contact them using the details that are mentioned below.

Contact No.:  +91-9967673355

Email:       [email protected]

Address:   USV Private Limited Arvind Vithal Gandhi Chowk, BSD Marg, Station Road, Govandi East, Mumbai 

Opening Hours:    Monday to Saturday (Except Holiday): 10:00 AM- 6:30 PM