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Adda52 Rummy Offers : India’s Leading And Reputed Online Rummy Playing Site

Adda52 Rummy is considered to be India’s leading and reputed online rummy playing website, plus Adda52 Rummy offers the two types of rummy playing experience to its user base including the 13 cards classic rummy game and the 21 card rummy. These type of games of games are perfectly designed to cater to the rummy lovers dispersed all over the country. The software that Adda52 rummy offers is a simple software with an easy to understand user interface. Plus, it is going to offer you such an incredible feel for playing this usually physically played game in a safe and lively virtual environment. Along with this, the Adda52 Rummy user base is presented with Adda52 Rummy Promo Codes for really exciting Adda52 rummy coupons, Adda52 rummy offers, and Adda52 rummy bonus.

Adda52 Bonus Offers



RoyaleNo Limit

Why Use Adda52 Rummy?

Looking at the people who have involved themselves with Adda52 rummy and have trust on this website, one can rarely doubt Adda53 rummy. This website has entertained over 10,00,000 registered users; has dealt in more than 1,55,00,000 hands, and there have been the tournaments which have till now given up 18,00,00,000 worth of prices. These are the stats which are openly posted on the official Adda52 rummy site, also you can see for yourselves how many tables are live at the moment.

Easy and Free Registrations

There are easy and effortless registrations that will not take much of your time and neither will it ask for any personal information except just the regular details like username, email, and password. It will not even ask for your contact number, unlike any other online rummy or poker playing website.

How To Play?

In those 10,00,000 + registered users, there are people who are skilled in playing rummy and then there are those who have an interest in playing rummy but don’t really have a clear idea about how to play this game of 13 cards and the rules. So, Adda52 rummy has an option of “How to play?” for these novices to learn how to play rummy and understand the rules of it.

100% Legal and Secure

It is a 100% legal and secure medium to play rummy on. It will take care of the information that is being provided by you and will keep it safe in every way. Also, playing Rummy online is legal because it is considered to be a game of skills and not a game of chance.

Payments Accepted

Adda52 rummy accepts payments from American Express, BBK, South Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, Bank Of India, State Bank Of India, Citibank, Yes Bank, the list goes on and on and on. You can deposit from any bank you are associated with.

Payment Process: Deposits and Withdrawals

Make yourself and real cash account and you will be able to buy real cash to put up in your rummy game, you will not have to do anything or waste any of your time. You can easily deposit money, just the same way you can easily withdraw your money. Although, you will have to wait for certain days to make your withdrawals.

Players’ Feedback

This is an incredible thing because players are allowed to give feedback about their experience with playing at Adda52 rummy. So, it is the true review that will help you understand how the gameplay is at Adda52 rummy.


There are certain tournaments too which happen regularly or at times of special occasions which any users can be a part of. Plus, there will huge amount of money on a stake as the jackpot.

The Adda52 Rummy Blog

The Adda52 blog is one other important thing that people can work with. Through the blog, the experienced rummy players at Adda52 rummy will provide you with tips and tricks for playing rummy using which you can play the best in terms of everything.

Adda52 Rummy Offers

Now, this seems to be the most exciting one. Here, you will be provided with al, the promotion that Adda52 rummy offers. These include the adda52 rummy coupons, adda52 rummy offers, and adda52 rummy bonus. These can be used to avail such exciting benefits that rarely any other online store provides. The Adda52 rummy promo codes to these Adda52 rummy offers are available to be used for free.

-Get 100% Adda52 Rummy bonus for up to Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 300 instant cash

-Happy Hours -Get up to 100% deposit bonus (Instant and Locked)

Royale Club members will get 30% instant bonus and 70% locked bonus

Diamond Club members will get 25% instant bonus and 60% locked bonus

Platinum Club members will get 20% instant bonus and 50% locked bonus

Gold Club members will get 15% instant bonus and 40% locked bonus

Silver Club members will get 10% instant bonus and 30% locked bonus

Bronze Club members will get 5% instant bonus and 20% locked bonus

-Valentine’s Day Adda52 Rummy Offers -Win a free trip to Goa with Your Valentine.

The Adda52 Rummy Prize Pool

Now, there is a prize pool too which has a huge amount at stake that can be won by any one of the users who is capable of doing so.

-21 Shooters has Rs. 2,50,000 in the Prize Pool

-Knock Out League has Rs. 2,00,000 in the Prize Pool

-Cool In Pool has Rs. 1,25,000 in the Prize Pool

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