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Almosafer Offers, Deals & Coupon Code

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Almosafer Coupons, Offers & Voucher Codes for Flights & Hotel Booking

DiscountsLast Checked
Save 5% Off On Flights & 10% Off On Hotels30/04/2018
Great Holiday Deal - Grab 5% Off On Flights & Hotels05/01/2018
5% Off On Flights + Hotels Bookings30/04/2018
Exclusive Special Offer Save 10% On Makkah Hotels Bookings30/04/2018
Start Booking Trip & Enjoy 5% Off On Hotels & Flights30/04/2018

Almosafer - Online Travel Agency

Almosafer is a Saudi Based Online Travel Agency established in the year 2013 with an intent to carve an everlasting impression on the minds of consumers. With Almosafer, customers can pretty well book their accommodations across the world with ease and comfort. They can attempt to do so by way of Applications, Call Centres, Social Media handles and they are pretty happy to ease their customers with Buy Now, Pay Later facility.

Having a team of well trained employees that are dedicated to build world-class experiences, Almosafer is sure to give you some everlasting bunch of memories to cherish because that is what they strive for, especially the Almosafer Coupons are going to help you find the best in domain hotels and accommodations with a hawk eye, to find the best Almosafer Coupon Codes, Almosafer offers and Almosafer discount coupons serve the customer with the best available quality so as to build and maintain the everlasting bond called trust! Looking for more reasonable deals? Use Almosafer Coupon Code and Almosafer Voucher Code for more discounts and deals.

Almosafer Offers

1. 10% Off On All Almosafer Flights and Hotels with Al - Rajhi Bank Cards

With code ARB 10, customers can now avail the Almosafer discount that too with quite an ease.

All you need to do is follow a couple of steps-

  • The very basic step is to book your Hotel/flight through Almosafer website.
  • Now they got you covered with  Almosafer Coupon code, named ARB 10 which you can enter in your discount box and fill in all your relevant AL - Rajhi Card details and avail your discount therefrom.
  • And you’re all sorted with the Almosafer flight bookings!

 2. Lump-sum is Not Your Thing? Don’t worry Almosafer Flights Got You Covered!

Paying in lump-sums is a problem faced by many when it comes to travelling, so how about getting an instalment plan with a  0% interest rate?

Under this facility,  Almosafer Flight Booking just got easier. Here, you are required to pay a fixed sum of money at specified intervals for all those services you wish to enjoy.

Just go through the following steps to be a part of this benefit.

  • Book your flight/ Hotel through the Almosafer website or the app.
  • With the Transaction ID, you need to connect with your bank within 48 Hours of the transaction and make a request to convert your payment to instalment.
  • However, the offer is only valid for the transaction made with Credit Card. Keep it handy Please?
  • And the Minimum Transaction value is SAR 1000 in order to avail the said benefit.

3. Low Fares on Local Almosafer Flight Booking and Trip from Riyadh to Dubai With SaudiGulf

Travelling from Riyadh to Dubai has never been this cheaper before! With the year-round Almosafer Offers, you can never be satisfied enough!

Ever heard of flying from Riyadh to Dammam from SAR 355 and from Dammam to Abha for SAR 880  before? Well, now you can!

  • All you need to do is check the “Fare Conditions” during the Almosafer Flight Bookings to view all sort of applicable fare rules, penalties and flight restrictions.
  • However, the fares are applicable on SaudiGulf Flights only.
  • Booking Period is valid till 31 May 2018, so hurry, please?

4. Let This FIFA World Cup 2018 Be All About Fun, Book Your Flights Now!

Being an authorised travel agent of Dadabhai Travel of Match Hospitality in KSA and UAE,  Almosafer, Whole - heartily welcomes you to FIFA 2018 this year. With Almosafer Hospitality packages, You can now secure your ticket-inclusive hospitality packages and for the hassle-free experience, you now can contact us directly and need not purchase any additional travel services.

  Here’s everything they got!

  • An experience never had before, in a tented structure, adjacent to the stadium and totally safe and secure within the security perimeter.
  • An upmarket Deli- Style menu both before and after the match!
  • A heartwarming welcome by their Match Hospitality Hostess.
  • As a Memorial, a gift for your would-be cherished journey!

5. Almosafer Offers - Freedom to choose across 1 Million hotels!

With a whooping and ever-growing network of around 1500 destinations, Almosafer allows you to book your tickets to a number of destinations that too at an easy, and affordable access to various airline options. Hotels have never been this accessible and affordable before!

6. Almosafer Flight Booking Affordable? Yes Totally!

Why pay more, when you are lucky enough to be an Almosafer’s customer?  Be their guest and go for Almosafer flight bookings, and the convenience, affordability, accessibility are sure to hit your cards. With Almosafer, you can go safe with your bookings, by conducting a beforehand search of prices for the same flight across different airlines including the flight tickets of business and first class seating.

7. Did Almosafer Mention Convenience Earlier?

With the newly launched Almosafer app, browsing has reached to a rather updated level, as far as convenience is concerned! You can now book the online tickets, packages in a single go!

Available for free, do check out their app for access to a huge database of flights and booking options and a sleek user interface being a real-time hero!

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