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Sherni Movie Download Free & Watch Online at Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video Offers - Free 30 Days Trial

Amazon is offering 30 days free trial in which user can get access to all the exclusive tv shows, videos & movie in amazon prime videos, amazon audible, early deliveries and prime music. What else do anyone can ask for free? Here, you can get all the prime facilities free for 1 month. So, sign up today to take the amazon prime service and watch unlimited tv shows and videos for free online. Not only that, users can even download the tv series and movie offline on their connected devices like smartphones and tablets. Subscribe Now!


How to Avail Amazon Prime Video Free Trial Offer?

  • Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial.
  • Click Start your free prime video trial.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.
  • Enjoy your free trial for 30 days and if want to continues further pay Rs 129/month.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Original Series List

  • Made in Heaven

  • Sketchy Behaviour

  • Breathe Season 2 

Exclusive Trending Prime Original Series & Shows

How to Download Tv Shows & Movies Online on Amazon Video?

  • Visit Amazon Prime Videos.
  • Search for the tv show, series aur movie, you want to watch.
  • Click on the your favourite show.
  • Your can either download the whole season at time.
  • Or you can download the particular episode you like most by click on season.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Are you a movie - buff? Someone who likes to spend time watching interesting flicks and interesting TV series. Someone who is a crazy Bollywood or Hollywood fan? Someone who binge watch Tv series without any guilt? If you just nod in the answer to all these questions then this is meant for you. Amazon Prime is a way to entertain yourself while you unwind from your work-stress.

How Amazon Prime Video Works?

All you need to do to have access to this amazing feature is to register yourself on the website and get yourself a membership for a fixed amount of time. Post which you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, US TV series and some exclusive series who are only launched on the Amazon Prime Video such as breathe.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Video?

If you subscribe for the annual plan of Amazon Prime Video you can have a number of benefits not only in the terms of Amazon Prime Videos but also your day to day Amazon Orders. Being a member of Amazon Prime Video you become eligible to One-day and Two-day delivery of the products available on Amazon.in. also, you becomes the VIP member of Amozon.in and get the first entry to all the special deals and sales organized by Amazon. Which means you get to stock your favorites dresses before anyone can even have a look at them. The deal is great, isn’t it?

Amazon Prime Video App

With the help of Amazon Prime Video you can have access to the exclusive Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters such as Sultan and Kabali or Mission impossible, Rogue Nation and US TV series such as award-winning Amazon Original Series like Transparent. You can use Amazon Prime Video on your smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other compatible devices. With the help of Amazon Prime Video you can watch your favorite flicks on Android as well as iOS devices. Download the application and enjoy the HD experience on your handheld devices.

More entertainment with Amazon Prime Video

The deal is only getting better and bigger with Amazon Prime Video, if you buy FIRE Stick you can watch these biggest movies and the most entertaining TV series on the big screen. And not to mention the flavour of HD channels is going to make you longer for long. The experience is only leave you with the best of the memories. All you need to do is to plug in your FIRE Stick with your big screen and let yourself along with your family enjoy the time. You can also switch to voice recognition mode if you are too lazy to press the buttons. The stick will automatically recognize your voice and follow your commands within seconds. You can thank us later for the great tip.

Why you should have Amazon Prime Video?

We know how important movies are in your life and how they help you release your stress. At the same time we know how much you are stuck up with your pre-occupations and cannot take time out even for your own self. Hence, we have the perfect solution for you! Watch your favorite flicks at Amazon Prime Video without having to watch advertisements. In fact you can download the whole movie or any TV series and watch it at your own convenience. There have always been a list of movies you always wanted to watch but couldn’t get time or the platform to do so. Now is the good time to start doing that.

Amazon Prime Video - Best for your kids?

You remember the time your kids make you dance on your feet? The time you so wish you can keep them distracted and busy, not at the cost of your peace. The good news is that you can now do that with the help of Amazon Prime Video. You can search through a never-ending list of kids’ programs and keep them busy. You can also make them watch some interesting and knowledgeable stuff and help them in their mental growth. Hand them your phone and play their favorite cartoon, then feed them, travel with them or bathe them. You can do all this next to impossible stuff with the help of Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video - Useful while travelling

Amazon Prime Video is a very useful source of entertainment especially while you are travelling. Now imagine yourself travelling and low on your daily dose of entertainment. The situation can still be managed if you have the access to internet. But what about the case when you don’t have internet on your phone and you are dying with boredom? In that case, Amazon Prime Video comes to your rescue as you can download your choice of TV series in advance and watch it while you are travelling. Even if you are watching it real time on the Amazon Prime Video, it consumes very less data and help you save your internet package for the emergencies.

Amazon Prime Video - Multilingual

There are times when you miss your home or your mother tongue or more than anything else you like watching the movies in your own language but cannot do the same owing to your cable operator who either doesn’t play movies in your language or even if he does you cannot watch them as your inmates don’t let you. We have the perfect solution for this crisis too. With Amazon Prime Video you can watch movies, shows or anything in any regional language you prefer to. This gives you the privilege to watch your favorite shows without having to explain the same to someone else and you longer have to go through the fear of being judged by anyone.

Access to Exclusive Shows

Amazon Prime Video gives you the utmost pleasure of watching your shows at your own ease as well as let you watch the exclusive series which are only being launched on Amazon Prime Video. One fine example of the same is Breathe. A thrilling story of characters portrayed by the A-grade actors such as R. Madhavan and Kabir Sadh. This web-series has not been launched anywhere but at Amazon Prime Video only owing the popularity of Amazon Prime Video.

Prime Video Offers Digital Videos You Can Watch Instantly on a Compatible Connected Device

Prime Video is available on the following devices:

  • Computer (Visit PrimeVideo.com to stream using your computer.)
  • Fire tablets
  • Android mobile devices
  • iOS devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch)
  • TVs (LG, Sony & Samsung)
  • Fire TV Stick
  • PlayStation consoles (PS3 and PS4)