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Asli Rummy - Play Online Rummy Anytime, Anywhere You Want & Earn Tons Of Cash, Bonus & Rewards!

Rummy is an incredible classic game of 13 cards that can easily pass your time and in the times of passing your time you can even get a chance to win some extra cash, and we are talking here about real cash. Don’t worry, it is not illegal. Playing rummy at Asli Rummy is a completely legal way to win money because Asli Rummy abides by all the rules set forth by the supreme court of India. Plus, it promotes this game os 13 cards as a game of skills rather than a game of chance, The reason why you might find Asli Rummy as an incredible site for playing your favorite rummy game is that of the team, yes! The Asli Rummy team has members who have years and years of experience in not only playing rummy but also in online gaming. Other than this, Asli Rummy amazes its user base with such exciting AsliRummy offers online that will compel you to play this game even more. When you do an AsliRummy sign up you might get an AsliRummy sign up bonus; if you make an AsliRummy deposit, you might get an AsliRummy deposit bonus, and to access these bonuses you need AsliRummy promo codes and guess what? You are provided with the AsliRummy promo codes for free! Yes, absolutely FREE!

Asli Rummy Sign Up Bonus 

All amounts in INROldNew
Bonus typeDepositBonusWagerBonus releaseWager

Bonus release

Welcome Bonus1000500500*5=2500100*5=500100*25=2500


Double Welcome Bonus



Triple Welcome Bonus



Coupon Code1000100500*1=500100*1=100100*25=500


How to claim Asli Rummy Bonus

PartConditionReferrer Pending Bonus
1"Referee" makes 1st PurchaseRs. 1000/-
2"Referee" Wagers 500 Real ChipsRs. 300/-
3"Referee" Wagers 500 Real ChipsRs. 300/-
4"Referee" Wagers 500 Real ChipsRs. 300/-
5"Referee" Wagers 500 Real ChipsRs. 300/-
6"Referee" Wagers 500 Real ChipsRs. 300/-

"Referrer" - Total Bonus

Rs. 2500/-

Reasons To Choose Asli Rummy Over Other Online Rummy Playing Platforms

AsliRummy Sign Up -Easy & Effortless Registrations

The team at Asli Rummy were once on our side of the table, so they clearly know that people do not really want to waste their time in registering and other stuff. They just want to get to the real deal and start playing their game of rummy. So, when the time comes for AsliRummy sign up all you need to do is devote in just five minutes of your time or even less. You will have to simply put in your username, email address and password and you are all set to play your game of rummy. You do not have to put in your credit card or bank details or anything, just these three things only. Simple enough, right?

The 100% Legal Nature

As you have been previously told, playing rummy at Asli Rummy is completely legal in nature -100% legal. Asli Rummy does not break any laws or rules set by the Supreme Court of India or the Indian constitution. To those who promote this game of 13 cards as a game of chance will surely be facing trials and jurisdictions; but, those who promote rummy as a game of skills are following the laws!

The User’s Information Safety & Security

Keeping the user happy and building their trust is always the foremost priority of every single online platform. At Asli Rummy whatever piece of information that you will be entering or providing, will be kept safe and secure: it will not be distributed or used further without the users' consent. Also, while you play your game on the software then there will be safety and security too so that in no way possible there’s someone who tries any sort of fraudulent activity.

Really Easy Payouts

A lot of people worry about, if you would get the money you have won and even if you do how much time will it take. See, at Asli Rummy you do not have to worry about these things. All you need to do is file for a payout and the process will soon be initiated and you will get your payout as soon as possible.

Responsible Playing

As it already has been made clear that Asli Rummy is a 100% legal rummy playing online platform. So that is why, you will find here, on the website, a restriction for people who are below the age of 18. These people are not allowed to register, allowing them to do so will be breaking the law. Also, if there arises a case where someone tries to deceive the Asli Rummy authorities with their age then proper steps will be taken against that person and he or she might even have to go through a criminal jurisdiction.

In Doubt? 24*7 Customer Support

Doubts really can come in through the door without even knocking. They need to be solved so that the person, having these doubts, is able to make a clear and proper decision. Now, at Asli Rummy if you have any sort of doubts regarding the gameplay, the payouts or even the registrations then all you need to do is contact their customer support. It does not matter what time you decide to clear your doubts, be it early morning or late in the night, the representatives of Asli Rummy will be there to clear your confusion and provide you with proper solutions to your query and that too as soon as possible.

A Novice? Learn How To Play Rummy

There are people who have just recently experienced the zeal to play this game of rummy. But not all of them know the proper rules of playing rummy. So, to help you learn better there is a separate tag on the official Asli Rummy website that will present the novices, in the online rummy playing field, with a tutorial about how to play rummy and it is portrayed and explained in a simple way which is easily understandable.

Play Rummy Any Time, Any Where

Keeping your comfort in mind, Asli Rummy has made their software available on the leading iOS and Android platforms. You can download them and install them in your devices and after that, you can access Asli Rummy any time, any where you want and play your game of rummy any time, any where you want. Amazing, right?

Lucrative AsliRummy Offers Online

This seems to be the perfect thing that the user base of Asli Rummy will come across. You will be able to find numerous lucrative AsliRummy Offers Online that will come in handy for you while you decide to make a deposit or do an AsliRummy sign up. The AsliRummy promo codes that are needed to avail the benefits of these AsliRummy offers are available for free.

AsliRummy Sign Up Bonus & AsliRummy Deposit Bonus

-Get 100% AsliRummy Sign Up Bonus to up to Rs. 500

-Get 15% Guaranteed AsliRummy Deposit Bonus on every deposit of minimum Rs. 1000

-Get instant free cash by claiming a voucher

-Get free Rs. 200 cash after joining Asli Tourney Tournament

-Get Rs. 500 cash reward every day after joining Premium Tourney tournament.

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