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Behrouz Biryani Coupons

Biryani! Considerably the most incredible cuisine including rice for the non-vegetarians. Whenever someone who loves to eat tender chicken and finely cooked mutton with a little taste of Kesar and tinge of lemon, he goes for biryani. But when the biryani tastes a little bit extra spicey or the meat isn’t as tender as is required then that really spoils the mood. However, there is an online store, which is also a restaurant, that specializes in cooking biryani: Behrouz Biryani. When you have a precedence desire of eating a finely balanced, flavoursome biryani, with the essence of saffron and cardamom then you should grab a bite of the Behrouz Biryani. This store enhances the flavour by providing you it's biryani at affordable prices along with Behrouzbiryani coupons which have unique Behrouzbiryani promo codes to get extra discount on the already low prices.

Behrouz Biryani Cashback Offers

Behrouz BiryaniOfferCashback
Orders above Rs. 350 - Max Rs. 7515% OffFlat Rs.140 Cashback
Amazon Pay - Max Rs. 100Extra 50% CashbackFlat Rs.140 Cashback
Min Order Of Rs. 349Flat 20% OffFlat Rs.140 Cashback
Biryani orders of Rs.199 & aboveExtra 10% offFlat Rs.140 Cashback
Orders Of Rs. 700 & AboveFlat 15% OFFFlat Rs.140 Cashback

Behrouz Biryani Story 40 Second

What is unique about Behrouz Biryani?

There are several other stores that provide you with an option to buy biryani but they also offer various other dishes along with it. But Behrouzbiryani offers you only biryani and other dishes that might complement the biryani; however, the variety of biryani is more than any other variety in the various categories.

The Halal Meat

Behrouzbiryani offers to claim that whichever meat (Murgh and Gosht) they put in along with the rice and other ingredients are cut the halal way and are not the jhatka way. This is done to enhance the flavour of the meat and eventually, the biryani becomes much tastier than ever.

The Website

Behrouzbiryani offers the users of its official website - for placing home delivery - an easier than usual way to buy the biryani you want. If you want to try a new flavour, then, along with the biryani, you are provided with ingredients of the biryani and how many people will that particular quantity of the biryani will serve. You are also provided with how spicy the biryani will be. All this is done to enable the biryani lover to buy his favourite biryani without any confusion, and placing an order is not that time-consuming.

Behrouz Biryani Review Unboxing

Biryani and Behrouzbiryani offers

Now, Behrouzbiryani offers you three types of biryani: Shahi Biryani (serves 1), King Size Biryani (serves 2) and Kilo Biryani (serves 4 to 5). And in these three varieties there are further varieties of biryani; if you are a vegetarian don’t worry! Behrouzbiryani offers biryani for you too, people will surely call it pulao but it has that flavour of biryani in it because it is made the same way. Now, you can easily save up to 20% on your biryani purchase due to the ongoing Behrouzbiryani offers.

Kebab koobideh and Biryani Combos

We cannot always be happy with biryani; we need something extra to go with it. And to do just that, you have here veg and non-veg sides that you can consume alongside your delicious biryani. You can place an order for kabab and koobideh and meatballs. You can buy these together as combos and save some more bucks. So, consuming these delicacies are tasty enough to calm your stomach and give your hunger an unspoken peace.

Amazon Pay Behrouz Biryani Offer 50% Cashback Upto 100

Shirin and Sharbat

We all need an exciting sweet dish, in the end, to finish a meal because without it we didn’t really have anything. So, you will be able to buy here gulabjamuns, gulkand-E-Bahar and chocolate ecstasy. Also, if you are fond of raita along with your mouth watering biryani then you can buy here mint raita and ayran buttermilk. A perfect meal, don't you think?

The Stories

Now, this is an interesting part. While you wait for your biryani you can read series of stories provided to you Behrouz Biryani. It provides you with a fictional story of how the Behrouz Biryani came to this stature or in fact, came into existence. It is an interesting one and not a time kill so surely read them.

Behrouz Biryani Contact Email: [email protected]

Behrouz Biryani Contact Number: 7700050050

Behrouz Biryani Offers

Using the proper Behrouzbiryani offers can get you your favourite dish at exciting prices. You can get up to 20% off on your biryani order and also the same discount will be valid if you place an order for more than Rs. 500. There are various other Behrouzbiryani offers that come and go occasionally and not only the Behrouzbiryani offers you can even find various Behrouzbiryani coupons that will lead you to save a lot more than these offers. Amazing isn’t it?

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