Greatest Rakhi 2021 Gifting Ideas For Siblings

rakshabandhan 2021

As siblings celebrate Raksha Bandhan, they show each other the utmost care and respect. Raksha Bandhan is simply viewed as an emotional event. Brothers and sisters have an unexplainable and unbreakable link that blossoms with time, best described as sacred and pure. Always arguing and bickering, brothers and sisters share a precious relationship that is treasured for an entire lifetime. The bond is considered as the purest and closest to heart. Surprisingly, the bond between sisters and brothers is the strongest of all. Most cherished by a beloved brother the unconditional love and care from a dearest sister is certainly a blessing. The bond between brothers and sisters is the only type of relationship that requires a lifetime of unwavering commitment, sacrifices, compromises and commitment to one another’s wellbeing.

With much enthusiasm and joy, the Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by all families. The Rakhi tradition involves sisters tying a holy band around their brother’s wrist and receiving a gift as part of the symbol of affection between them. Siblings exchange blessings and vows of protection, care, support, well-being, and prosperity for the rest of their lives while performing customs and traditions.

Fortunately, finding an excellent gift for brothers and sisters is no longer a challenge. Looking for a unique gift for your brother or sister? Check out our list of unique gifts and surprises for your brother or sister.

Rakhi-themed gifts and presents are a perfect way to show your brother or sister how much you care. Check out below the series of best Rakhi-special gifts and presents that we believe will surely not only be the ultimate gift but a gesture of greatest love and togetherness for your loving brother or sister.

Best Gifting Ideas for Sisters

A perfect present to express your love and affection to your sister is even more difficult when you have infinite options. As each passing day brings us closer to the Rakhi festival, it is imperative to think of a perfect gift to make the festival even more special for your sister.  


Flowers & Treats

Express your love to your sister this Raksha Bandhan with flowers, chocolates, sweets and cake. Surprise your sister with amazing gifting options from India’s first Rakhi brand Sneh introduced by Ferns N Petals. To make this Rakhi extremely fulfilling the brand Sneh offers the widest range of Rakhi packs, sweets, chocolates, personalised gifts and more. What could be better than expressing affection with a sweet gifting hamper coupled with a bouquet of vibrant blossoming flowers? Glamorous Mix Roses Bouquet, Yellow Roses, White Roses, Purple Orchids, Pink Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Carnations, amongst others are some of the best gifting flowers that are sure to leave a beautiful mark. Indian Gifting Portal (IGP) is another leading gifting brand that brings a specialized range of exclusive gifts for sisters that are incredibly superb. Choose from the finest range of gifting options like showpieces, bedsheets, earrings, photo frames, necklace sets, pendants, personalized women’s makeup kits and much more. The gifting options comprising mugs, printed  cushions, chocolate combos, gift baskets, gadgets are some of the most favourite picks that are specially and carefully curated by FnP and IGP to help brothers express their feelings to their sisters more beautifully. 


Designer Jewellery

Designer jewellery is probably the best gifting option for sisters that turns out to be truly touching. Igp brings to you the greatest range of designer jewellery for sisters that are highly elegant yet stylish. Be it contemporary or ethnic, urban or traditional, IGP designer jewellery is sophisticatedly crafted with perfection. Silver-plated ring with Monalisa Stone, studded silver bracelets, floral shaped earrings, solitaire stones pendant, pearl necklace, amongst others are some of the most beautiful gifting designer jewellery options for sisters. Impress your beloved sister with a remarkable collection of exclusive designer jewellery and accessories that compliments her confidence and charm. 


Beauty & Skin Care Products

Amaze your sister this Rakhi with some of the best makeup and skin care products. Get existing discounts and cashback on a range of beauty products from top brands like Lakme, Loreal, Mama Earth, Miss Claire, Colorbar and more. Choose from the best of eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations, nail paints and more. Express your care with a stunning range of hair and skin care products comprising shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair oils, face packs, etc. Help your sister indulge in superior care and makeup regime and get a gorgeous makeover right at home.   


Designer Handbags 

As a Raksha Bandhan surprise, give your sister a beautifully crafted designer handbag that she may take along on her travels and that will serve as a constant reminder of the sacred bond you share as siblings. It’s impossible for women to leave the house without a luxury handbag or clutch. Like nothing else, women adore their handbags and consider them to be an absolute need. A designer premium handbag is a secure bet and a great present option for brothers who are unsure what to buy their sisters this Raksha Bandhan. Innumerable alternatives make a fantastic handbag even more alluring to ladies. Stylish totes, leather bags, sling bags, clutches, hobo bags and more attract ladies to carry the most stylish yet quality purse that best shows their charm and confidence. You can choose from a wide range of designer and branded handbags from top brands that are available at Amazon and Flipkart at attractive prices.


Stunning Fragrances

The desire of every female to have a variety of perfumes and colognes for different occasions is common. As a Raksha Bandhan present, spoil your sister and make her feel special by giving her an expensive perfume that enhances her personality. Amazon and Flipkart provide the largest selection of women’s perfumes and fragrances. Women are much more obsessed with scents and fragrances than men are. It is not uncommon for them to go bonkers over unusual and high-end perfumes. 


Fashion Apparel

Fashion dresses and chic outfits are probably the favourite choices for women. Get your sister a fabulous dress to remind her of your love and care whenever she adorns it. Choose from the widest collection of superb dresses, sarees, t-shirts, kurtas, dupattas, loungewear, and much more. For brothers unsure about the best gifting option for their sisters, fashion clothing could turn out to be the safest bet. Whether it’s about gifting an ethnic dress or trendy outfit, what could be a better occasion than Rakhi. Some of the other fashion options for sisters that could be beautifully paired with trendy clothing includes Leopard printed stole, printed stole with tassels, floral scarfs, Stole with sequins work and more. Choose from the widest range of clothing available in superb designs, colours and patterns that would easily prove to be the most special gift for your sister.  



Best Gifting options for brothers 

Men by nature are extremely obsessed with grooming and shaving. Not just the looks but bold watches, fashion clothing, footwear, and electronics are some of the options men are most fascinated about. Make this Raksha Bandhan even more special for your brother by gifting him one of the best timepieces from leading brands. Help him groom to the best and stay smart with the finest of the grooming products and fashion clothing from most popular brands.


Grooming & Styling Products

Grooming is one of the most important practice by modern-age men. Gift your brother a set of premium grooming products from The Man Company. Being one of the most popular brand amongst men, The Man Company offers an entire range of men’s grooming products. Be it the care for beard, body, face or hair, the products by The Man Company are undeniably the best in class. Spice up the occasion by gifting your brother amazing fragrances, shaving gels, hair care products, and much more. To help sisters pick the right gift for their brothers, brands like The Man Company and Breardo makes it the right choice. Some of the advanced gifting options for men this Raksha Bandhan are beard oil, beard wash, beard wax, skin creams, face creams and serums, shaving products and perfumes.


Branded Fashion Wear

Branded fashion wear tends to be the most uncompromising choice for men. Being conscious about the looks and style, men can absolutely not afford to lose out on a smart pair of denim, shirts or jackets. Gift your dear brother a stylish yet dashing pair of fashionable clothing that he could perceive as his best. Explore the entire range of great fashion wear for men on Amazon and Myntra offered at seriously unbelievable prices and never before discounts. For men, it is nothing but impossible to get rid of rough denim. Gift your brother a great pair of denim that he could perceive as his favourite and put on whenever he chooses to head outdoors. Be it traditional or modern, formal or informal, fashion clothing happens to be the must-have wardrobe staple. Choose from a wide range of bold shirts, premium denim, trendy trousers, vibrant tees and more this Rakhi and help your brother realize the importance of dressing sharp. Let your brother get going with a dashing pair of shirts and cool denim and make your choice his most favourite. Refresh your brother’s wardrobe by blending in a new set of designer clothing and solid denim. Appreciate the love of your brother by letting him never think about the next best pair of jeans and shirts. 

As guys tend not to be overly concerned with what they wear, a set of premium and trendy clothing might be a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Instead of giving him the option of wearing new clothes, stock up on the latest fashions to replace his shabby, outdated shirts and pants. This is the perfect time to give him a set of shirts and trousers or jeans that he may wear without a second thought, knowing that it is a gift from his sister. The most popular trademark brands are available on Amazon and Flipkart, making it easy to show your brother how much you care. On Amazon and Flipkart, a specially curated range of Men’s fashion clothes is available, which encompasses ethnic to western wear outfits. Avail of the Rakhi special discounts and offers that are too good to pass up!


Stylish Footwear

Once you’ve convinced your brother to change his clothes every time he goes outside, teach him the necessity of matching it with a stylish pair of shoes that not only enhances his appearance but also boosts his self-esteem. Stylish footwear is a must-have for men. No less than preserving an antique collection, maintaining a collection of sophisticated, trendy footwear is no easy task. Gifting your brother a stylish pair of shoes may also be a reflection of the fact that he has been walking the additional mile to be there for you when you need him. A man’s shoes are well renowned for reflecting his personality and are often used to criticise him. Shoes and smart clothing may boost a man’s appearance and help him achieve success in all that he does. Browse through Amazon’s and Flipkart’s men’s footwear options, which include a huge selection of popular and top brands.


Premium Timepieces

A premium watch is probably the men’s favourite accessory that they could hardly go without. A premium timepiece from a luxury brand is perceived to be the must-have by all men. Let your brother sense your presence and cherish the memories and time spent with you through a brilliant timepiece. 

Gifting a watch that your brother could pair with a suiting or fashion wear could truly be the most precious token for him. Often watches are considered by men as the most sought after accessory that adds a superior touch to the dress-up. Let your brother revisit the times you shared together. Avail whopping discount on some of the best selling watches from Daniel Klien, Titan, Timex, Vills Laurrens, Tommy Hilfiger, Sonata, Aurex, Olevs, Zesta and more. 


Smart Phone & Gadgets

Festivals used to be commemorated with customary presents, but those days are gone. Gift-giving has become more thoughtful in recent years, as people look for something distinctive, meaningful, and practical. The idea that we should choose a present that will be useful has supplanted traditional beliefs and thoughts. Happiness has become a major motivator for us to select a gift for our loved ones that they will welcome with love and enthusiasm. Giving a smartphone is the ultimate gift, as cellphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and have played a significant role in defining our personalities. In addition, men tend to be more interested of modern technology and specifications in a smartphone. Due to the emergence of appealing discounts, offers, deals, and discounts, it is now easier than ever before to choose a smartphone powered by amazing technology. With a new smartphone, you can help him multi-task professionally or keep him occupied with games with excellent output and interface. Even more handy is the free, super-fast delivery offered by Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon and Flipkart have it all, whether it’s photography or surfing the web. It’s time to give your brother a smartphone he’ll cherish for the rest of his life, just like you have for the past 20 years. Limited time offers, deals and discounts from Amazon and Flipkart could help you save more on your smartphone purchase. Currently, cellphones make the ideal gifts because they offer amazing value at an inexpensive price. Finding a high-performance smartphone with exciting features is no longer an expensive option to consider.


Your Raksha Bandhan would be more special when you surprise your siblings with stunning and unforgettable gifts and presents.

All the best for finding the greatest gift for your beloved sister or brother this Raksha Bandhan!

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