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Latest Chai Point Coupons & Offers For You

For some people, morning isn’t actually a morning until they have had their cup of bed tea and then a wake-up tea. Sometimes during the day, we consume tea as a replacement for our afternoon naps, and other times we consume tea just because we like the taste of it. Now, here’s a store that is all about Chai and all the other foods that you can consume with it. Chai Point offers you a twist in the taste of India’s most beloved beverage. Also, you will find here sandwiches, Maggi, snacks, shakes and iced teas. Apart from that, Chai Point offers its user with various exciting Chai Point Coupons with unique Chai Point Promo Codes which can easily be used to get discounts on the total purchases.

Chai Point Coupons & Offers

For all userFlat 30% Off on all orders
For new userFlat Rs 50 Off on First Order
For new userSmall Chai Flask Free on First Order
For all userFree Banana Cake over Rs 100

PrioriTea Wallet & Chai Point Cashback Offers 

Add Money in PrioriTea WalletEarn 5% Cashback
Pay through PrioriTea WalletEarn Upto 9% Cashback
Monthly purchase below Rs.250 on Chai Point AppEarn 2% Cashback
Monthly purchase above Rs.250 on Chai Point AppEarn 4% Cashback
Order above Rs.500Earn a free drink
Order tea from Chai PointWin free Beverages

Why use Chai Point?

  • Convenient & Time-saving - First of all, Chai Point is an online store, so you will not be asked to go out to the market and purchase your desired chai. All you need to do is select your favourite chai and place the order and it will be delivered to your doorstep and that too, in 30 minutes. Convenient and time-saving isn't it?
  • Reach - The store has its reach in five of the most popular cities in India and is slowly but steadily expanding its reach to the other chai lovers across the country. If you live in Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune then, you will surely get the chai you love from chai point in no time.
  • Categories & Products - Now, the website has been divided into seven categories: Hot beverages, all-day breakfast, Maggi, snacks, shakes, iced tea and garden to glass. Some of the categories such as hot beverages, Maggi, shakes and iced tea, has already made it clear to us, with their name, what they will offer. The products under these categories are available in really exciting and mouth-watering flavours; you can choose your favourite one amongst them and satisfy your craving. In the category of all-day breakfast, snacks, and garden to glass, you will find sandwiches, pohas, upmas in the first one; cake, bun maska, puff, samosa and various other ready-to-eat snacks in the second one, and in the third one, Chai Point offers you tea leaves and a chai bot that you can buy and get delivered to your home for making your favourite tea by yourself.

PrioriTea Wallet & Chai Point Offers

This is a digital wallet that you can use exclusively at Chai Point. The best part about PrioriTea wallet is, you can save easily and pay even more smoothly. If you decide to load your PrioriTea wallet then Chai point offers you 5% cashback. You can even walk-in to their store and share your phone number with chai point's store partners and make your payments by any medium (net banking, cash, debit and credit card) and still, you will get the 5% cashback immediately.

PrioriTea - A Chai Collective & Chai Point Offers

Do you love chai? Then why not become a PrioriTea customer at Chai Point? It is amazing. It is already clear that adding money to your PrioriTea wallet will get you 5% cashback but if you decide to make payments for your chai through that PrioriTea wallet then, Chai Point offers you 9% cashback. Plus, you can get a chance to win a free beverage and various other rewards and exciting Chai Point offers.

Chai Point Coupons & Chai Point Subscription

There are various Chai Point Coupons which you can use to get necessary discounts. You can get up to 20% off on the purchase of your favourite tea and all you need to do is use the proper Chai Point Coupons with that unique Chai Point promo codes.

You can also save money if you subscribe to Chai Point. After taking the subscription, you will get news and special Chai Point offers twice a month.

Chai Point Offers & Official Application

Chai Point was already a convenient website to order tea from, and with the launch of their official application, for both Android and iOS platforms, the convenience has taken a step ahead. It is much easier now to place orders for your favourite snack, tea or any other food and get it delivered. And that is not the best part, the best part is that some of the exclusive Chai Point offers can only be used in the app. You will get 2% cashback on your every purchase until your monthly purchase is below Rs. 250. Also, you will get 4% cashback on every purchase after the total purchase has exceeded Rs. 250. Plus, you will also be eligible to get a free drink on every Rs. 500 spent with Chai Point. Aren’t all of these Chai Point offers convenient and exciting?

About Chai Point 

Chai Point is an Indian tea company and a cafe chain which focus on the tea-based beverages. Chai Point was founded in Bangalore, India in 2010. The name Chai Point is derived from the word Chai which is the Indian term for tea. Know More...

Number of locations: 97 (2017)

Motto: India runs on Chai

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Head Office Address: Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd,
3rd & 4th Floor,
#12, MPD Tower,
5th Block, Industrial Main Road,
Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 095.

Phone: 8880141000

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