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Dunzo Referral Code 2019

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Dunzo Signup OfferGet Rs 100 Free
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Grocery Shopping & Home DeliveryAt your Doorstep
Medicine Delivery From DunzoAt your Doorstep
Enjoy Food Delivery From Any Restaurant in the City @ DunzoAt your Doorstep

Is there a to-do list sitting quietly at your table while you are drowning in work or trying to catch some sleep that escapes you every night? Everywhere we go, this list follows us with words inked on it staring at us. What adds to the challenges that our lives throw at is are these tiny little to-do lists. They are a constant reminder of what we have kept hanging for a long time. Some of these tasks need our urgent attention but yet we cannot make time to complete them.
If you have been relating with all of the above statements then you are in need of the amazing Dunzo offers that have been lined up to take away all that burdens you every day. 

What is Dunzo?

Imagine if someone took the responsibility of doing all your extra chores for you. Imagine all the weekends you could save that you otherwise spend completing all the pending tasks of the week. Not just that, Dunzo helps you to complete a lot of things that will consume your precious time. Some of the things that Dunzo will help you do are listed below:
  • Pay Bills
  • Get your car serviced
  • Pick up your laundry for you
  • Get groceries
  • Get your cell phone and fridge repaired
  • Buy that bag that you had earmarked last week
The list of things that Dunzo will do for you is endless. You cannot even imagine the kind of services you can avail at Dunzo. Not just that there are amazing Dunzo promo codes and coupons that will fetch you great discounts on the services. Hurry up and download the Dunzo Application on your phones and tap your way through chores. Besides, when you download Dunzo’s app from Google Play store, you get Rs.150 on signup. 

Dunzo Refer and Earn Offer

In order to earn Rs.150, you will have to use Dunzo promo code, GL4LXP while signing up for the first time. After that, the first benefit that you can get right after downloading the Dunzo app is through Dunzo refer and earn offer. Refer Dunzo to your friends using your Dunzo referral code. When your friends signup using your referral code, they will receive Rs.100. Once their first delivery is successful, you will receive the same amount.

Dunzo New User Offer

Dunzo is not leaving any stone unturned in order to give its new users a fulfilling welcome.  Dunzo new user offer will fetch the user Rs.100 on their first two orders.

Besides the offers mentioned above, Dunzo has loads of other deals lined up just for its customers. 

Dunzo PayTM Offer

Dunzo Offers Free Delivery For The First 3 Kms

  • Order from any restaurant in the city that is within a 5km radius.
  • Pay no delivery charge for the first 3km with Dunzo by your side. 
  • No Dunzo coupon code is required for this offer.
  • This offer is limited for a period only.

Too Good to be True?

Let your concerns regarding Dunzo go for a six. Dunzo is here to help. It has been taking care of tasks and making lives simpler and hassle-free for 3 years now. Dunzo offers services that can be extremely trivial or significant. No matter what is it that you require, Dunzo is there to provide it for you. Suppose if you have forgotten something back at home and can’t go back to fetch it, Dunzo will collect it and drop it at your office or wherever it is you are or want the package to be delivered. There is absolutely why you should or could shy away from availing its services because, in the end, it will be a rewarding experience for you. 
 Dunzo currently operates only in Bengaluru, Pune, and Gurgaon. They are planning to extend their services to metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad in the near future. There is another very important aspect if Dunzo that a lot of the customers might not know of. Dunzo is the first Indian home-grown start-up to be funded by online giant Google.

Dunzo currently operates only in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Gurgaon. They are looking to expand their services into more metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad in the near future. By the way, Dunzo is the first Indian home-grown start-up to be funded by online giant Google.

Enjoy Food Delivery from Any Restaurant with Dunzo

With Dunzo, you can get your orders picked up from your favourite restaurant that lies within a radius of 5km. This service is available for all the users without any other kind of condition.

Get Your Medicines Delivered at your Doorstep

Not just food, you can enjoy the comfort of getting your medicines delivered for you. Why take the pain of going to a pharmacy and collect your medicines. Let Dunzo take care of it for you. This service is especially aimed at the elderly who live alone and have difficulty going to places. 

Got to Go Grocery Shopping? Dunzo is Right Here for You

We all know the pain that grocery shopping entails after a long tiring day at work. Dunzo will take away all your pain. Dunzo offers to do your grocery shopping on your behalf. Did you ever imagine that a day such as this would ever come?

Payment Options Available on Dunzo

Besides bringing ease into your life, Dunzo also brings the comfort of having various payment options to choose from. It is a cashless experience. Payment options on Dunzo include, Paytm, Credit Cards, Net Banking, PhonePe and more.

How to Coordinate with the Service Providers?

On Dunzo its pretty simple. A customer can straight chat and coordinate. All the customer has gotta do is punch in the right details and voila! It's just like asking a friend to do your chores for you. 

With Dunzo your life will get better and simpler. At a time you can order on Dunzo to get multiple tasks done at the same time. No matter if you have more than one task at hand, Dunzo will make it possible for you to get all of them done without any hassle. You can always track your orders to know the current status of them all. 

You have got try Dunzo to believe it. The services it has to provide has been spreading joy everywhere. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

Dunzo Referral Code

Dunzo Referral Code - GL4LXPIf you sign up with this you get 150 Dunzo Cash and if you order for a Rs. 100 or more item I will get Rs. 150 bonus as well. Hope you use this ;)

Dunzo is an application which facilitates hyper-local goods delivery for example you need to send your home keys from office to someone at home you can use Dunzo, get grocery from the market etc. It is basically a person working to get your local tasks done and making it simpler with the help of technology.

As multiple people are doing this already, be it Swiggy, Grofers, Uber etc, I use Dunzo only for there offers for example today I got 20 cigarettes which has an MRP of 300 bucks for a mere Rs. 110 - 90 discount from Dunzo and 100 cashback from Paypal. This is a steal deal. Additionally I ordered a Kingfisher Radler today and it was completely free. So if you are an offer monger like me, keep visiting Dunzo every week and you will be in for a surprise.