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Ejohri Silver Jewellery up to 20% Off

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About Ejohri

In a world where everything has adopted and evolved with the internet, why do the jewellers be behind? Ejohri offers an e-marketplace for customers to shop for their favourite jewellery online. This site is accessible all over India. Through their site, Ejohri offers the customers an access to connect with the jewellers from over 20 cities around India and order their favourite jewellery, that too, at discounted rates -if you use the proper Ejohri coupons and Ejohri Promo codes.

Ejohri Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes

Ejohri OffersDiscount
Gold Jewellery
  • Upto 20% Off
  • Upto Rs.1000 GP Cashback
Diamond Jewellery
  • Upto 15% Off
  • Upto Rs.1000 GP Cashback
  • Starting from Rs 2,533
  • Rs.350 GP cashback
  • Starting from Rs 2,627
  • Rs.350 GP cashback
Gold Coins
  • Starting at Rs 3,454
  • Rs.300 GP Cashback
Silver Coins
  • Starting at Rs 267 
  • Rs. 130 GP Cashbacks

Why Ejohri and what Ejohri offers?

Sometimes we do not have time to visit a jewellery store to buy Necklaces, Rings, Pendants and various other ornaments; even if we do, a lot of time is wasted there looking for the perfect one. Ejohri offers various types of jewellery made from Gold, Diamond, Polki, Platinum and several other luxurious metal or stone you could think of, the list goes on. These ornaments are sold by different jewellers across India, so you are going to find a lot of varieties! You can even book a store visit and buy the jewellery you like from the store itself. Other than this, what Ejohri provides its customers with is:

1. Wide variety of Jewellery and Ejohri coupons

If you have decided that you are going to buy jewellery and if you visit Ejohri.com, you will surely place an order. You are going to come across a lot of precious metals and stones to choose from. From Ejohri.com you can easily buy Gold, Diamond, Cubic Zirconia - CZ, Polki, Platinum, Solitare, Silver, Kundan and finally temple. See, how many types of jewellery they have for their precious customers. And to top this, Ejohri offers their customers with various Ejohri coupons. These Ejohri coupons provide you with various Ejohri promo codes that will help you get up to 25% off on your jewellery. This is just great, right?

2. A long list of products and Ejohri discount

With Ejohri’s stretch to over 20 cities, you are going to find a variety of jewellery and designs well known in those cities, compiled in one place. You do not have to look for the product you like and hustle from one place to another. You just have to sit peacefully and open Ejohri.com and look for the different designs from different jewellers. It does not matter, if it is a pendant, a ring, an earring, a necklace, a bangle, or a chain, the list goes on and on. You can buy gemstones, coins and even accessories like pens, watches and cufflinks too. Ejohri does not fall short for products. But they surely have limited Ejohri coupons and Ejohri offers, using which you can save up to Rs. 4000 on your total purchase. So why wait? place an order right away.

3. Brands and Shop by price

Ejohri has its network in more than 20 cities spread across India and from those cities, they have compiled more than 50 brands and jewellers. You can easily shop from the jeweller you like and purchase the jewellery. Easy enough, right? Now, Ejohri has made it easier. You can shop for the jewellery on the basis of the price, in other words: on the basis of your budget. If you have a budget of, let’s say, Rs 10,000/- then you can easily choose for the jewellery below Rs 10,000/- You do not have to worry about anything because you will get an authentic ornament.

4. Return Policy

Ejohri.com knows that people are confused about buying such costly things online. So, to ease the stress, Ejohri offers its customers the surety that they can return or get a refund for their Ejohri bought product if the buyer reports it within 7 days of purchase. The buyer will be charged 2% of the amount and the money will be refunded within 3 working days of the pick-up. The pick-up will be arranged by Ejohri itself. Also, if the product has been tampered with then the refund will not be initiated and the product will be returned to the buyer. Ejohri has kept everything sorted and simple enough to understand so the customer is not confused.

Ejohri Offers and Ejohri Coupons

Using Ejohri is easy but it is a money saving process too. You have got all of these Ejohri offers and Ejohri coupons to choose from and save as much as you can. You can avail for Ejohri coupons which can be used to get a discount of up to 25% on jewellery. You can also use ongoing Ejohri offers through which you will be able to save Rs. 4000/- on your shopping. Those who would like to buy payals can get a whopping discount of up to 50% on their purchase.

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