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Harman Audio - A Samsung Company

Harman Audio is a Samsung Company and is accepted as a global provider of audio and infotainment devices. Harman Audio is parent company which provides you with audio devices from famous companies like HARMAN Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson, AKG and lastly Infinity Systems. You can buy them and enjoy your favorite tracks and playlist anywhere and anytime you want, be it in the car or while staying at home or even during a family gathering. Along with this, the Harman Audio company provides these audio and infotainment products at a reasonable price and also they are known to provide certain occasional Harman Audio offers and Harman Audio coupons to its wide audience. The Harman Audio promo codes for these Harman Audio coupons and Harman Audio offers are available to be used for free by Harman Audio's huge customer base.

Harman Audio Coupons, Offers & Promocodes

JBL Harman Audio OffersCategory
Orders over Rs 2,000Flat Rs 200 Off
Orders over Rs 1,000Flat Rs 100 Off
Buy at Rs Rs 849JBL C300SI Headphone
Buy at Rs 799BL T250SI Headphone
Flat 50% OffJBL Flip2 Wireless Speaker
Flat 40% OffJBL Flip3 Wireless Speaker

Specialities About Harman Audio Offers

The Brand Name & Trust

The brand has been on the market for over 60 years and moreover, we all know about Samsung and how trustable that company is. It is a leading brand in the techno world and a majority of us have an unbound trust in it.

100% Genuine Products

At Harman Audio you are going to find all the genuine products provided by the brands that land under the parenting of Harman Audio. You are going to find 100% authentic products in whichever category you decide to buy the products from.

The Various Categories

There are in total six categories on the Harman Audio official website and all of these categories has a wide variety of products in different colors to choose from. You can opt for what seems to be the best to you and then buy them at affordable rates on the website itself. The categories include wireless, headphones, speakers, sound bars, just launched and launching soon. All of these categories also come under the radar of Harman Audio Offers.

Harman Audio Offers and Harman Audio Coupons

What are offers and coupons for? They help you save some money by providing you with a discount on the maximum retail price. The Harman Audio Offers and Harman Audio Coupons can only be accessed with proper Harman Audio promo codes when the discount is huge, otherwise, you will not have to use any sort of Harman Audio promo codes to get discounts. The products will already have the desired price cut on them.

Wireless - Harman Audio Offers maximum up to 58% off in this category.

In the wireless category, you are going to find every audio and infotainment devices that will need no wires and nothing. You do not have to waste your time in detangling the already intertwined wires, just open your phone’s Bluetooth and connect it with Harman Audio wireless products like headphones, home speakers, portable speakers, and soundbars.

Headphones - Harman Audio Offers maximum up to 64% off in this category.

When in rush or while travelling to someplace we always have our favourite companion, music, with us. Harman Audio products are amazing and have effective noise cancellation which brings you and your favourite song closer. In this category, you are going to find various types of headphones such as in ear, on ear, wireless, and sports and fitness. You can choose which seems to be the best of your and lies in your comfort zone.

Speakers - Harman Audio Offers maximum up to 50% off in this category.

Sometimes when there happens a small house party but the budget was not able to include a disc jockey in it. So what? You can still have music at your party. You can play your favourite songs and many of guests’ favourite song in your own Harman Audio quality branded speakers which might become the life of the party. And if you are travelling to someplace and you would like to carry a speaker with you then you do not have to worry either because Harman Audio provides you with really good portable compact speakers. So under the speaker's category, you will find speakers which are wireless, portable and are available with a mic, which is already in built, too.

Sound Bars - Harman Audio Offers maximum up to 58% off in this category.

Would you like to have a whole theatre kind of a feeling while watching a film or a TV series on your television set? You surely would, right? So here at Harman Audio, you are going to find such amazing sound bars that you can connect with your television sets and enjoy the feeling of sitting in a theatre! You might have to work with the popcorns through.

Just Launched

Now, this category holds all kinds of newly launched products from all categories. You can look for what seems the best to you and if you would like to keep yourself updated with the latest upcoming technologies.

Launching Soon

Under this category, you will find a list of products which will soon be launched on the Harman Audio platform. So if you would like to buy something new then you can look under this category and plan what you would like to buy.

Shipping & Delivery

After placing the order you will be able to buy these products without paying an extra cost for shipping. You will be delivered with the product in five to seven days and there’s also one thing else, Harman Audio does not deliver outside India (if you place an order in the Indian domain of the website).

Bulk Orders

Harman Audio allows you to place bulk orders on the website too. But you will have to fill a certain form to place for yourself a bulk order and that form includes information like company name, contact person, contact email, contact number, address, and product name and that’s it, you are done.

Harman Audio Contact Us

If you would like to contact the concerned authorities of the brand Harman Audio then you are provided with the address of the corporate headquarters and the Indian headquarters of Harman Audio. Also, if you would like to contact the customer then you are provided with the contact number and the email address of the Harman India support and get a solution to your query.

Harman Audio Email:   [email protected]

Harman Audio Customer Care Email: [email protected]

Harman Audio Contact Number: 8369771896

Support Hrs - Monday to Saturday (10 AM to 7 PM - except national holidays)

Warranty and Guarantee

Harman Audio is a well-known brand so it is the best if they provide the audience with proper products and give them proper warranty and guarantee. They do that. They provide you with proper, high-quality products and with proper warranty and guarantee information. All of the products that you buy from Harman Audio or from any other authorized reseller of their products, they all lie in the one-year manufacturing warranty.

Service Centres

What should you do, if there arises a problem in the product you have bought and it is still under warranty? Go to the service centre, right? Yes, we all do! But they are hard to locate too. However, on the official Indian domain of the Harman Audio website, you will come across a list of service centres in all over India. You can select the one that is the closest to you and contact them and take the required steps later on.

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