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About Healthians

How would you feel like, if I told you that you could save money on your medical tests? Ecstatic, right? Healthians provides health test at home services at an affordable rate in 8 most popular cities in North India, including Delhi-NCR, Kanpur, Lucknow etc. Healthians offers you the ease of getting all your tests done at home. You do not have to trouble yourself by going to hospitals to get your health tests done. Just stay at your home, make the booking and Healthians will send their phlebotomist and other experts to collect the samples for health tests. They also assure you that you will get the accurate results, their tagline says so too: “kyunki baat accuracy ki hai.” In the website, you will come across various Healthians coupons to save extra on your health tests.

Why go for Healthians?

Healthians has been in business for 3 years now and it’s founder and CEO, Deepak Sahni, has been presented with 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' award 2016. But why should we go for Healthians? What are all the services that Healthians offers?

1. Customised packages- Discount with Healthians coupons

You can customize your own package and the bill will be according to the tests you demand. If you just want some regular tests then do not worry Healthians offers you a list of popular tests too. You will be informed about what the test is for plus you will be provided with every single detail about the preparations for it: Do you need to do fasting before the test? Or you need to increase the liquid intake? It will also tell you how much time will it take for the reports to come. Using the proper Healthians coupons can help you get a discount on your total bill.

2. Honest price guaranteed -20% discount with Healthians promo codes

Healthians offers its users with the honest price that will be charged by the Healthians personnel. Not only that, if you visit the official site, you will come across particular Healthians promo codes which can be used to get you an additional 20% off on your total spending on the healthians service. Cost effective it is.

3. Free home sample collection & accurate results

Stay at home, rest, open Healthians, make a booking and voila! Your job is done. Now, starts the work of Healthians. You do not have to stress yourself with anything. You have made the booking, Healthians experts will come and all you have to do is open the door and co-operate. The expert will take the sample and that is it. You will get the result in the provided time. You do not have to stress about the accuracy of the result too because Healthians assure that the results will be accurate and on time too. The easiest way to get your health test done.

Healthians application

The same services as provided by the Healthians website can be much more easily accessible anytime, anywhere on the official app too. In fact, you will come across certain Healthians coupons that will only be used by the application users. Applications are easier to use than websites and they are much more convenient. So download the Healthians application and ease on with everything.

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