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Magnet India Coupons & Magnet India  Offers

There are certain Magnet India Coupons & Magnet India Offers that can easily get the discounts along with the other benefits that you can avail. You can also get Magnet India Promo Code to enjoy the handsome discounts.

Magnet India Coupons, Offers & Promocodes

Offer CategoryMagnet India Offers
Smart Watches

Flat Rs 2500 Off + 5% Extra Off

Bluetooth Speakers

Upto Rs 1000 Off + 5% Extra Off

Earphones & Headphones

Upto Rs 1000 Off + 5% Extra Off

Smart TVsStarting at Rs 19990
Wireless Charger

Upto 50% Off 

Magnet India - A Technological World!

Magnet India is an online web portal that offers innovative technology to its customers at a very reasonable price. The magnet is adopting the utilitarian philosophy to cater to all fragments of the society, with great zeal and enthusiasm and to come up with products which masses can relate to and use in their everyday lives. The magnet is moving towards the adoption of high-end technology for masses by offering affordable innovations through unique product offerings and removing barriers to large-scale adoption of advanced technologies. The aim of the Magnet India is to provide the people with the latest technology at a never seen before price.

Specialities About Magnet India

Magnet India Wireless Charger

You will get the best in the market and also the best in price. You can charge a wide range of QI enabled Android smartphones and iPhones by just placing your QI-enabled smartphone on the pad and see the glowing LED light of continuous charging. There is an auto cut-off feature also that ensures your phone doesn’t get over-charged to avoid the hazards arising due to over-charging, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-heating, etc. There’s a glowing LED light for continuous charging that keeps you well informed whether the device is charging or not. The wireless charger looks sexy and slim and is highly portable in nature. So, you can make it your travel companion. Apart from this, the lucky customers may also get a free upgrade to Premium charger.

Magnet India Laptops

The Magnet India is also providing its customers with a wide range of the laptops at a much lower price. It includes laptops of different brands like MacBook, HP, Lenovo, Dell and IBM.

Magnet Smart Watches

While digital watches have been around for decades, tech companies only recently began releasing watches with smartphone-like abilities. So, Magnet India is offering a variety of smartwatches at an affordable price starting from Rs. 1799 up to Rs. 4499. So, you can choose any smartwatch of your choice according to your budget.

The payment channel of Magnet India is 100% secure. So, if you wish to buy any item, you can do the online transaction without any worries or you can also pay with the cash on delivery option.

Magnet India Refund and Cancellation

  • You can ask for a refund or change your order preference before the order is dispatched.
  • You can access the status of the order on the website www.magnetind.com
  • All refunds will be processed within 15 days of your request and will reflect in your bank as per their respective norms.
  • For any other requests or queries regarding this, kindly write to us at [email protected]
  • There are no refunds for Pre Booking amount.

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