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Magzter Cashback Offers

Magazine BundleUpto 86% off
3,6,12 Months Magzter Gold Subscriptions25% discount
Purchase of Annual Subscription20% off
Annual Digital Subscription30% discount

About Magzter Digital Magazine

Keeping updated with all that is happening around you and in the world, is essential. Magazines are one thing that give you an insight of all the latest incidents that are taking place. With a life as fast as ours, it is not always feasible to carry a magazine and read it regularly. To make this easy, the concept of digital magazine was developed.

Magzter is the world's largest and fastest global digital magazine newsstand. With its headquarter in New York, Magzter app was launched in June 2011. This digital magazine is available across multiple devices. More than 3500+ leading publishers upload their content which gives the users 8,500+ magazines to read from.

Readers, at Magzter can preview and purchase magazines that they prefer reading and can read them on any five of their chosen smart devices. Magzter also pampers its users with bonus video and audio content published by the publishers in their digital editions. These videos are best in quality and multiply your news reading experience. A Magzter customer can participate in contests, take polls, or even follow an interesting website.

Magzter is easy to access as you can read its content on your tablet or smartphone. It is compatible with both iOS and android operating system. One can even use the web to read at Magzter.  Magzter is also available on storefronts such as the Amazon App Store.

Magzter Subscription Offer - Get 1 Month Free Trial 

Magzter Gold 1 Year Free Subscription offer - Subscribe Magzter Gold 1 Year Subscription worth Rs.3999 at Rs.999 & Get Flat Rs.1050 GoPaisa cashback. So in short, you are getting Free Magzter gold subscription + Extra Rs.50 Cashback on top. Enjoy reading the magazines and articles anytime and anywhere on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. So subscribe now & Enjoy 1 year of unlimited access to 5,000+ Best-Selling Magazines and Premium Articles.

Magzter Discount Offers on Bundles

Magzter Bundles OfferDiscount
Your Baby Bundle50% Off
Wing Chun Illustrated 2017 Bundle50% Off
All about Shridevi88% Off
Elle Bonanza10% Off
Enterpreneur 2018 + Free ebook Manage your Own Business68% Off

Magzter is stocked with all types of magazines that you would love to read. You have the liberty to choose a magazine according to their titles, category, region and type. Before you purchase a magazine at Magzter, you can preview it for free. If you like it, subscribe it with just one click. Magzter offers three types of subscription period: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Once you’ve subscribed to a magazine, every new issue will be pushed to your device automatically as they are published. Once you’ve created a free Magzter account, you can access purchases across all your devices - phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. If you have missed an important news from the past, Magzter helps you get the old issues of magazines and allows you to go through them without and hussel.  Magzter launched “All you can read” subscription service called Magzter GOLD on Jan 19, 2015. This subscription has allowed the Magzter readers the unlimited access to 1000s of magazines for a low monthly price.

Magzter Gold Subscription Offer

Get flat 75% discount on magzter gold. Enjoy unlimited access to 5000+ magazines for just Rs 999 per year which actually worth Rs 3999/ year. Use promo code 'GOLDFLATOFF' and get access to 5000+ magazines and thousands of premium articles for just Rs 399/month. Hurry Up!

How to Save Magazine from Magzter?

  1. Download and install Firefox web browser if you don’t already have it.
  2. Run Firefox.
  3. Vist and login to Magzter.
  4. Open the magazine that you want to save a copy.
  5. Browse to the page that you want to save a copy.
  6. Click or tap on the i icon on the front of the address bar.
  7. Then click or tap on the > (right arrow) at the end of the row that specifies “www.magzter.com”.
  8. Then, hit the More Information button.
  9. In the “Page Info” dialog, go to Media tab.
  10. In the list of addresses, look for Image type of files that have? Expires parameter appended to it. These are the caches of the 6 pages of the magazine that are downloaded and presented by Magzter. The 6 images represent previous, next and current magazine spread that you’re opening now. Select the pages that you want to save, and hit Save As button to select the folder where you want to store the magazine offline.
  11. Repeat the steps by browsing to other pages, and save the new images loaded in the Firefox cache.
  12. If you want to save the magazine as Acrobat PDF format, you can paste the JPG images into Microsoft Word and then save the document as PDF, or use any other utilities such as PDF merge applications to perform the conversion.

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