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Musafir Coupons, Offers & Deals

CategoryMusafir Flight Offers
Night OwlFlat 12% Off
Happy Hours OfferFlat Rs.900 Off
Domestic Flight OfferFlat Rs.450 Off
International Flight OfferFlat Rs.9000 Off

About Musafir

Travelling to new places is the best place to relax. Everyone needs a break from the harsh city life and what better way to rejuvenate than travelling. Be it a weekend getaway or a long vacation, travelling to new places and exploring a new destination is the best way to enjoy your life. When it comes to travelling, there are quite a few things that one need to keep in mind. While most of us rely on travel agents to helps us plan our vacation, there are those who want to plan things on their own. For the self-planners, there are a number of travel websites that help them get the best travel deals on flights, buses, hotels, holiday packages, etc. one of such travel websites is Musafir.com. Musafir.com is India’s fastest growing travel website. They offer flights to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, holiday experiences and much more. The word Musafir means “traveller” in Arabic. Musafir.com was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya and Albert Dias in August 2007 and was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani on April 23, 2009. Its services were launched in India in 2010.

Musafir Night owl Offers

Musafir DiscountMinimum booking

Musafir Promo code

Flat 12% off*Rs 5,000Between 12am - 4am


Musafir Happy Hours Offers


Musafir DiscountMinimum booking

Musafir Promo code

Flat Rs 400 off*Rs 5,000 - Rs 10,000

Between 12 - 2pm
and 10pm - 12am


Flat Rs 500 off*Rs 10,001 - Rs 15,000
Flat Rs 700 off*Rs 15,001 - Rs 20,000
Flat Rs 900 off*Rs 20,001 +

Musafir Domestic Flights Offer

Musafir DiscountMusafir Minimum booking

Musafir Promo code

Flat Rs 150 offRs 3,000 - Rs 4,000


Flat Rs 250 offRs 4,001 - Rs 5,000
Flat Rs 350 offRs 5,001 - Rs 6,000
Flat Rs 450 offRs 6,001 +

Musafir International Flights Offer

Musafir DiscountMinimum booking

 Musafir Promo code

Flat Rs 750 offRs 20,000 - Rs 30,000


Flat Rs 1,250 offRs 30,001 - Rs 40,000
Flat Rs 1,500 offRs 40,001 - Rs 50,000
Flat Rs 2,500 offRs 50,001 - Rs 75,000
Flat Rs 4,000 offRs 75,001 - Rs 1,00,000
Flat Rs 5,000 offRs 1,00,001 - Rs 1,30,000
Flat Rs 6,000 offRs 1,30,001 - Rs 1,60,000
Flat Rs 7,000 offRs 1,60,001 - Rs 2,00,000
Flat Rs 9,000 offRs 2,00,001 +

Book Hotels Across the Globe

Musafir offers you a plethora of hotel options to choose from. Wherever you may go, Musafir will assist you get the best hotel deal. You can choose from some of the best hotels listed on their page. The hotels listed at Musafir have been rated by genuine users and hence you can choose the best accommodation according to your budget and facilities required. Musafir hotel offers and Musafir hotel coupons make your stay comfortable as well as affordable.

Travel the World with Musafir Flights

When it comes to travelling from one place to another, Musafir is a great travel website to trust. Musafir offers flight services for both domestic and international destinations. During Sale season, Musafir often comes up with Musafir discount coupons, Musafir flight coupons, etc. The Musafir promo codes for domestic flights are the best to avail during their festive season sale. The same applies for Musafir international flight. These Musafir coupons make International flights budget friendly.

Visa Assistance with Musafir.com

The long queues and the endless trip to the embassy can tire you. The best way to apply for visa is through Musafir. At Musafir you can apply for visa for international destinations like Thailand, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Oman, US, UK, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, New Zealand, France, Italy, Philippines, China and Singapore. You can also apply for Schengen Visa via Musafir.com.

Click-Click Your Trip

We have all heard of Musafir and what goodwill they have amongst the traveller sects of the society. The name of the company itself means “traveller.” Musafir is a travel aggregator that allows you to make hotels and flight bookings just with a single click. Musafir offers you flights to over 3000 destinations and hotels bookings to over 85000 properties, all around the world. You can also find here solution for your Visa problems along with a whole page designated to creating a full fledged holiday plan. Other than this, you can use various Musafir offers with several Musafir coupons who’s unique Musafir promo codes can be used to get discounts on your bookings.

Why go for Musafir?

The best thing about Musafir is its well-sorted user interface of the website, it looks simpler to use and you will not have to spend much time on understanding how it actually works.
There are some specialities about Musafir which might be useful to you:

  • Best Holiday Packages - There is a holiday tab on the official Musafir website’s homepage. There you will come across really exciting holiday packages which Musafir offers to its customer base. You can easily select how you would like to plan your holiday. Musafir will ask you about the theme (romantic, sightseeing, weekend and a lot more), then it will ask you if you would like to plan it for an international location or domestic, and then finally, it will ask you about your budget. Putting in these details, Musafir will help you select the best holiday package.
  • Solution to your Visa problems - You can easily get your Visas too. Apply online and you will get your visa in 5 days plus there is a pickup and drop facility too. So, you will not have to go through any sort of hustle for doing all the paperwork and stuff. Just rest and let Musafir take care of everything.
  • Affordable Hotel Bookings - You can even make your hotel bookings at Musafir. Put in your locations and Musafir will suggest you the best budgetary hotels that you should opt for.

Musafir Coupons and Musafir Offers

There are various Musafir Coupons and Musafir Offers that you can use to get yourself a hefty discount and several other benefits. These below mentioned Musafir Coupons and Musafir Offers can be used for free on the official Musafir website.

Happy Hours - Musafir Offers

There is a happy hour Musafir Offers that can easily get you flat Rs. 1000 off on your flight bookings. You can only avail the benefits of this Musafir Offers if you make your bookings from 12 to 2 PM and 10 PM to 12 AM. A Rs. 1000 off really makes a big difference.

10% off on Domestic Flights - Musafir Offers

There are regular flights that take off under the domestic boundaries and if you get a discount on them then you would really feel very lucky. Through this Musafir Offers, you can get 10% off on the bookings of your domestic flights. Incredible, right?

The Musafir official App - Musafir Offers

Musafir offers its own official application for both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Through the official Musafir app, you will not only get the special features provided on the website but also several exclusive Musafir Offers that will only be used through the app. There is an ongoing Musafir Offers that can be used to get you 12% off on flights but you will have to make the flight bookings through the official app.

Make Your Musafir Better with GoPaisa

We all know that travelling is an expensive affair and when you are a and to make travelling easier for you GoPaisa has assured cashbacks that gets transferred to their GoPaisa wallet after every transaction. GoPaisa offers Musafir coupons codes, Musafir Flight coupons, Musafir Hotel coupons, Musafir promo codes and more to make travelling a little gentle to your pocket. Here is all that you need to do to avail exciting Musafir coupons via GoPaisa.

How to get Musafir Offers?

  • Log in to GoPaisa and search for Musafir.
  • Here you will find a number of Musafir deals. So, click on the deal that you find best.
  • Once you go to Activate Deal, you will be guided to Musafir.com.