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MylesCars Offers, Coupon Code & Promo Code

SpendMylesCar Discount Code & Promo CodeMyles Offers & Deals
Rs.3000 (First-time user)APP750FTURs 750 Off
Rs. 6500 (Android Only)MAPP1200ANRs 1200 off
Rs.8000 (iOS Only)MAPP1400IOS1400 off
Rs 8000MAPP15001500 Off
Rs. 8000MWEB1000Rs 1000 Off
Rs.9000MWEB1515% Off
Rs. 2500MWEB500Rs 500 Off
Rs.5000MWEB750750 off
Rs.2500 (First-time user)MYLES550FTURs 550 Off

MylesCars Coupons & Offers 2018

MylesCar Offers CategoryMylesCar Offers
Myles New User OffersFLAT 50% Off
Myles New and Existing Users OffersFLAT Rs 500 Off
Myles Cars Bookings over Rs 5000 in IndiaFlat Rs 750 OFF
Bookings over Rs 8000Flat Rs 1000 OFF
Bookings over Rs.2500FLAT Rs 500 Off
First Booking over Rs.2500FLAT Rs 550 Off

For those who make plans to travel but not that regularly but whenever they do, renting a driver along with a car seems to be too costly, let alone investing in a new car for travel purposes. So, to make it easier on you, there is MylesCars. MylesCars is India’s first self-drive offering an online portal through which you can rent yourselves a car, take it anywhere you want and pay according to the hourly basis. MylesCars also surprises its customer base with exciting Mylescars offers, which include various Mylescars coupons with unique Mylescars promo codes that can be used to get discounts and help you avail some extra benefits.

Why Use MylesCars?

MylesCars offers you over 38 car models to choose from. They have Compact-SUVs, Hatchbacks, Luxury cars, MUVs, Sedans and SUVs. The company has expanded to over 15 major cities of India since its launch, and in those major cities, MylesCars offers you a total of 250+ pick up locations.

Loss Damage Waiver

Renting a car is hard because you are under a lot of stress. The car might experience some sort of damage or anything, which might cost you a fortune to repair it. So, to fix this issue of yours, MylesCars offers you the Loss Damage Waiver feature. You can use it and get a waiver to accidental damage, get roadside assistance, accident vehicle document loss and third-party damage implications.

No Security Deposit

You heard it right no security deposit! Actually, in this new feature of MylesCars, you have two options either pay for the security deposit or purchase loss damage waiver for no security deposit at Rs. 100 a day.

MylesCars Coupons and MylesCars Offers

There are several MylesCars Coupons and MylesCars Offers that might come in handy to you in every way to save money enough money.

Flat 50% off - MylesCars Coupons

If you live in Bangaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore, and Noida/Ghaziabad, and you are in need of a self-drive car then you can easily book your favourite at MylesCars. The best part about it is that you will be able to get yourself a 50% discount of maximum up to Rs. 4000/- on the booking. All you need to do is access the necessary MylesCars coupons and use the unique MylesCars promo codes.

First Time User - MylesCars Coupons

For those who are the first time user of MylesCars, there is a special MylesCars offers especially for them. You can get Rs. 550 off on the spend of Rs. 2000. Also, the MylesCars Coupons is available on the website with the MylesCars promo codes.

Discounts On Spends - MylesCars Coupons

Using the proper MylesCars Coupons and their unique MylesCars promo codes can get you such exciting discounts which you can’t even resist. On making a booking of Rs. 2500 you get Rs. 500 off, on making a booking of Rs. 5000 and above you get a discount of Rs. 750, and on the bookings made for Rs. 8000 and above you can get a discount of Rs. 1000. Isn’t this much more convenient and affordable?

MylesCars Coupons and MylesCars Offers for App Users

MylesCars aimed to expand its reach and leave no stones unturned to make the booking procedure a lot more convenient than ever for its customer base. So they launched their application for both the Android and iOS platforms. You can make your bookings at MylesCars effortlessly and that too, anytime, anywhere. But that is not the best part, the best part of the official MylesCars app are the exclusive MylesCars offers. For the application users, MylesCars offers you Rs. 750 off on the spends of Rs. 2000 (first-time users) and along with this, you can get Rs. 1500 off on the spends of Rs. 8000. Remember, these MylesCars Offers are exclusively for the app users only.

The MylesCars Franchise

It is well established that MylesCars is a tried and tested business model and people have faith in the brand name. So, anyone of you who decide to be a part of this growing family, you can easily be that by enlisting yourself as a MylesCars franchise holder.

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