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Myra Medicines Offer

Myra Medicines Offers


Upto 35% Off + 5% Myra Med Cash

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Prescription Medicines

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Fastest Medicine Delivery

ValidityJune 2018

Need of Myramed

Myramed is a great initiative taken by the duo Faizan Aziz and Anirudh Coontoor in April last year. The idea behind the establishment of this application was to make the basic and an essential thing available for everyone. Most of the times people are deprived of right treatment at the right time because of the lack of availability of the medicines. Myramed makes sure that such an issue doesn't affect the health of the patients and
they get proper treatment on time.

Why Myramed?

In the times of digitization and where everyone prefers everything on the tips of their hands without much ado. This application comes handy and provides the best solutions for people who travel and have to carry their medicines everywhere. Does that mean that if you forget your medicines at home you will have to suffer? Does that mean you will have to search for the pharmacies around every nook and corner? Well, the answer
is NO if you have Myramed by your side and of course on your phone.

How does it work?

  • Easy Returns Upto 30 Days
  • Fastest Medicine Delivery
  • Flexible Payment Method

All you need to do is to download the application on your smartphone, get yourself registered at Myramed. Do not forget to add the location on the application for them to provide you with the personalized research. In a country like India, medicines are not accessible without the proper prescription from an affiliated doctor, and rightly so! Even this has been taken care of at Myramed. All one need to do is to take a picture of the
prescription and send it to Myramed. They will send the medicines to your doorstep with proper verification. And then, your personal pharmacist is ready to help you out in the situation of any crisis.

Myramed Offers

Myramed is not only about the medicines but provides you with the complete facilities of a medical store. If you are in need of baby care, feminine hygiene products, oral care, your knight in shining armour could be Myramed. And the best part is that you can get these things within an hour of placing the order with 20% discount. Although as of now their services are only available in the city of Bengaluru and around the towns of
Malleshwaram, Lingarajapuram and Richmond town but soon they are planning to expand their business plan.

Feature of Myramed

Myramed proudly proclaims their fastest delivery service owing to their cutting-edge technology which enables their delivery boys to reach the desired destination within an hour. They also provide 20% discount on the maximum retail price to their customers without any additional charges, consequently helping you to save the maximum from your pocket.

Myramed Coupons

Myramed Coupons are extra savings that one can do while using their services. These coupons help the patients to get the best of the products at lowest prices.

Myramed Promo Codes

These promo codes are used online with the coupons to avail the maximum benefit and save money. The services remain the same, they are just available at much lesser prices.

Support desk

The support/helpdesk of Myramed is always on their toes to help their consumers. You can call them at their helpline number or you can also write to them pertaining to your problems.

Myramed at GoPaisa

The good news here is that Myramed is now available at GoPaisa. You can avail the services of Myramed just like before. The benefit only increases if you avail these services through GoPaisa, you become eligible for extra cashback in your GoPaisa wallet.