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As it is observed in the recent years that the lifestyle of Indians has changed drastically. Their working hours have stretched longer and their eating habits have caused issues owing to the lesser nutritious value. Hence, it is the call of the hour to be more conscious about the intake of daily diet if you want to stay fit and healthy in the longer run. This can be blamed on the working schedules of each person too. Sometimes people don’t get time to have proper breakfast or have to skip meals due to extra workload. Resulting in improper diet and disfigured body shape. However, we have a solution for this problem too. Bringing you the most nutritionist and low-carb food which is handy too. Nutraj is literally the king of nuts in the market, the largest and the most known brand when it comes to dealing in dry nuts. They are the biggest exporter of key nuts and dried fruits in India. So, kill your daily hunger with the healthy nuts. The best part is that you can eat them anytime and anywhere. You can fill them up in your pocket and chew them down as per your convenience. So, even if you are travelling to work all you need to do is to grab a fistful of nuts and that would suffice your daily dose of nutrition. And with the help of Nutraj Coupons, you can get your dose at the most reasonable price. Also, you can use Nutraj Promo Codes to get the discount on the online website.

CategoryNutraj Offers
All OrdersFlat 15% Nutraj Cashback
AlmondsUpto 40% Off
WalnutsUpto 40% Off
Nutraj Signature English WalnutFlat 40% Off
CranberriesUpto 55% Off

About Nutraj Offers Online

Nutraj is basically an online portal which deals in Nuts and Dried Fruits all over India. They are known for selling the finest quality nuts and dried fruits from around the world. They have been serving the country for more than 90 years and assures you to sell the nuts and dried fruits at the most affordable price in comparison to the Indian market. You can even stock up your pantry with sliced, diced, powdered or chopped nuts for cooking to flavoured, salted or roasted dry fruits for snacking. This is indeed one stop shop for all the foodie and health-conscious people around. Don’t forget to use Nutraj Discount Code when you pay online at Nutraj.

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Find the largest variety of nuts & dried fruits at the best rates and offers online in India at Nutraj.com

Natraj ProductsPriceDiscounted PriceNatraj Cashback Offers
California Almonds - 900GRs. 999Rs. 88415.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Order
Nutraj Signature Recipe Ready English Walnut Kernels 200G (Pack Of 2)Rs.660Rs. 39315.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Order

Nutraj California Walnut Kernels- 200G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 838Rs. 55215.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj Signature Recipe Ready English Walnut Kernels 200g - Vacuum Pack

Rs. 330Rs. 19615.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj Signature - Anmol Walnuts Inshell - 1000G

Rs. 1049Rs. 74915.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj California Almonds 500G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 1098Rs. 103515.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj - Gold Walnut Kernels - 250G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 870Rs. 63015.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj - Special Walnut Kernels - 250G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 1098Rs. 71615.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj - Super Walnut Kernels - 250g - Vacuum Pack

Rs. 650Rs. 40115.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj California Walnut Kernels- 200G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 838Rs. 55215.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj Signature Turkish Hazelnut 100G (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 670Rs. 36415.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Orders

Nutraj Signature California Walnut Kernels 200g - Vacuum Pack

Rs. 419Rs. 27515.00% Cashback on COD and Prepaid Order

Products at Nutraj Online

Nutraj - Walnuts

It is said that the shape of the walnut suggests how important it is for a healthy and sharp brain. You can savour overnight soaked walnuts as well as dried ones to keep your brain positive and relaxed. There are a variety of walnut packs available at Nutraj that you can choose from as per your convenience. These are -

  1. Anmol Walnuts (Inshell)

  2. Special Walnut Kernels

  3. California Walnut Kernels

  4. Bakers Pride Walnut Kernels

  5. Recipe Ready Walnut Kernels

  6. Super Walnut Kernels

  7. Recipe Ready English Walnut Kernels

  8. Regular Walnut Kernels

  9. Royale English Walnut Kernels

  10. Gold Walnut Kernels

Nutraj -  Almonds

As we all know Almonds are the supreme nuts in the world and are consumed the most. This nut is widely known for nourishing the brain and increasing the skill to remember and children are especially advised to consume almonds during their exam time as it boosts their energy level and improves their memory.  Nutraj has a variety of Almonds available in the stock and these include -

  1. California Almonds

  2. Signature California Almonds

  3. Platinum Almonds

  4. Roasted and Salted California Almonds

Nutraj - Cashews

Cashews are the most loved nuts by everyone around the world. They are widely used in Indian sweets and also for garnishing sweets and other savouries. However, choosing the right kind of cashew is pretty difficult owing to a thousand of varieties available in the market. Here, at Nutraj you will find a lot of genuine and authentic varieties to choose from -

  1. Signature Cashew Nuts - Vacuum Pack

  2. Platinum Cashews Vacuum Tray

  3. Signature Roasted and Salted Cashews

  4. Plain Cashew Nuts

  5. Healthy Bites Premium Cashews

Nutraj -  Pistachio

Pistachios are the most underrated but at the same widely used nuts. They are low in carbs and are advised for the sugar patients. Nutraj has a wide variety of genuine Pistachios available with Nutraj. These are -

  1. Iranian Roasted and Salted Pista

  2. California Roasted and Salted Pista

  3. Signature Pistachio Kernel

Nutraj -  Miscellaneous Items

If you too are in love with dried fruits and like to add a little more flavour to your bland food. Then, this is the place for you. There are other hundreds of items available at Nutraj which can be of your use and can fix your life for real. These items are mentioned as follows -

  1. Nut Cracker

  2. Sweet and Tart Sliced Cranberries

  3. Black Currant - Vacuum Pack

  4. Whole Cranberries - Vacuum Pack

  5. Macadamia Nuts

  6. Dried Blueberries

  7. Pitted Prunes

  8. Dried Kiwi

  9. Premium Raisins

  10. Pack of four - Cranberries, Blueberries, Macadamia, Hazelnut

  11. Turkish Hazelnut

  12. Pecan Kernels

  13. Signature Figs

  14. Dried Apple Rings

Nutraj -  Gift Packs

The motive behind this category is to be healthy and keep your friends and family healthy too. Now, don’t pick up the very first box of chocolates you see to gift your loved ones. Give them a gift of happiness and health combined together. Choose from the wide range of gift products from Nutraj and be the first to initiate a healthy festive mood. Also, be a smart one amongst your friends and use  Nutraj Coupon Code to make the best use of your money. Now, stay healthy body wise and money wise!

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