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About Perfumebooth

Perfumes are no more just a luxury product but a definite necessity. The dynamism stored in the essence gives a soothing pleasure and relaxes the mind like an ayurvedic treatment. The high-quality perfumes are not denoted by the design of the bottle but the long lasting cooling effect of the fragrance. In the midst of all this comes a heavy price tag with the shining glass case. The better the perfume the more is the relative cost. But sometimes you end up finding a better option where you can choose the perfume first from various varieties and then you can test the product from a mini tester series. All this comes with even more discounts and vouchers from the online perfume store named Perfumebooth. International variants of specially crafted perfumes designed separately for men and women are clubbed together in a series of seven variants that is further added with a carry case, some tipping guide and a mini Rs501 voucher to be redeemed on the purchase of a 100ml bottle.

All the perfumes come with brands like Emper, Lomani, Chris Adams, Maryaj, Louis Cardin and much more. The women’s section is motivated with a floral fruity flavor that that comes in a fun fragrance box named Perfume Selfie lurve, tease and Sophistique. The men’s section is accompanied with three happy boxes of perfume Selfie named Cazanova, Masculine, and wild with a strong dusky and charming smelling essence, perfectly manufactured for guys.

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A collection with French elegance, English sophistication, and Dubai desires is another name of perfume booth’s all this from the online store and shower the soul in love once again. 

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