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About PinHealth 

PinHealth is a Medlife product that focuses only on providing its users with 100% genuine healthcare products along with getting them home delivered. These health care products are varied according to the age, too. So, you will be able to buy specific products, from various brands, for the kids as well as the elderly. Along with this, PinHealth offers you pet supplies such as pedigree too.

PinHealth Offers, Coupons & Deals

CategoryPinhealth Offers
HomeopathyUpto 15% Off
Medlife Copper BottleStarting @ Rs.779
Himalaya HerbalsUpto 15% Off
Medlife Essentials Single HerbsStarting @ Rs.299
Herbal Preventive SupplementsUpto 50% Off
Monitoring DevicesUpto 25% Off
Diabetic CareUpto 50% Off
Sexual WellnessUpto 40% Off

Why PinHealth Offers?

PinHealth is a brand by Medlife and Medlife has been a veteran of world-class healthcare delivery. So, you have a brand that is backed by a trusted, well established one. As PinHealth is a hub for healthcare products there are a variety of over-the-counter products for you to choose from. The PinHealth homepage is divided into categories to make it easier for you to understand how the process works - from order to delivery - and saves time.

1. Weight Management - Up to 20% Off with PinHealth Coupons

Excessive weight leads to various heart problems and an unwillingness to work, no-one wants that. If you feel like keeping yourself fit then, in this category, you will be presented with various types of weighing scales - digital and analogue - to regularly check your weight. If you feel like you are a bit over-weight then don’t worry because PinHealth offers you various fat burners, slim supplements etc. And if you are slimmer than you had expected, then you can also buy weight gain supplements on PinHealth. In this category, PinHealth offers PinHealth coupons using which you will get up to 20% off on the total bill. Isn’t this amazing?

2. Diabetic Care - Up to 25% Off with PinHealth Coupons

Diabetes is a serious problem and we all want to keep it at bay because we all love to eat chocolates and everything that is sweet. People who suffer from diabetes don't regularly check their blood sugar levels or forget to do so. PinHealth offers you various monitoring devices, test strips, Accu chek devices etc. to regularly check your blood sugar levels. And if you have a hunger for sweet then, do not worry, you can find sugar substitutes and various herbal supplements to control that hunger and control the blood sugar level. Plus in this category, if you use the legitimate PinHealth coupons, you will get a discount of maximum up to 25% on your total bill on diabetic care and extra 15% on sugar substitutes. Think about all the money you could save.

3. Ayurveda - Up to 25% Off with PinHealth Coupons

We know that all the natural and organic products are great. They rarely have any side effects and are much more effective than any of the other chemically made products. PinHealth knows your concern and that is why PinHealth offers you a wide range of Ayurvedic products to choose from, be it toothpaste, face wash, soaps, Ghee and a lot more. And that is not the best part, the best part is you will be able to save a lot on the purchase of these Ayurveda products because PinHealth offers you discount of up to 25% off on the total bill. Plus, if you purchase Jiva brands Ayurvedic product then you will get a discount of up to 10%. You are saving a lot of money here, people.

PinHealth Offers


Health Monitor DeviceActual PriceFinal Price
Omron Digital ThermometerRs.200Rs.136
Accu-Chek Aviva StripsRs.1300Rs.999
Control D Glucose meter kitRs.1499Rs.790
Omron Blood Pressure MonitorRs.2340Rs.1427


Diabetic & Orthopedic footwearActual PriceFinal Price
Healthfit 1015 Men's Diabetic & Orthopedic FootwearRs.325Rs.260
Healthfit Lazer Women's Diabetic & Orthopedic FootwearRs.299Rs.239
Podolite 518 Niwar Ladies SlippersRs.299Rs.241
Podolite 409 Price Gents SlippersRs.465Rs.395

PinHealth Offers - SRI SRI TATTVA

SRI SRI TATTVAActual PriceFinal Price
Sri Sri Tattva Shakti dropsRs.110Rs.101
Sri Sri Tattva Neem SoapRs.20Rs.18
Sri Sri Tattva Srinetra Sterile Eye DropRs.35Rs.32
Sri Sri Tattva Tumeric Face PackRs.65Rs.60


MEDLIFE ESSENTIALS?Actual PriceFinal Price
Medlife Essential CardiafortRs.999Rs.499
Medlife Essential Hepa-PreserveRs.999Rs.499
Medlife Essential DiabetasafeRs.999Rs.499
Medlife Essential ArthprotectRs.2997Rs.1199

There are various other PinHealth offers that will be a lot more useful for you to save money. If you decide to shop for respiratory devices on PinHealth, then you will get a discount of up to 20%. If you buy copper bottles then PinHealth offers you maximum up to 40% on your total purchase. Isn’t that just amazing? and it is not over yet. You can avail for a discount of up to 35% on diabetic footwear and when you will shop for Medlife essentials for diabetes, heart, joints, and lever then you will get a whopping discount of up to 60%. This seems to be just the best thing.

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