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Pokermet - Play Free Poker Online in India

Pokermet is one such online poker playing portal that will cater to all your poker playing needs and in just the most hassle-free way possible. Pokermet helps you interact with other poker lovers all over India and help you initiate a fair game with them. Even the novices, who have never played poker, will be able to have a fair gameplay with other skilled poker players. Other than that, Pokermet is known to please its audiences by providing them with occasional Pokermet offers online. These Pokermet offers include various Pokermet bonus code, Pokermet promo code and Pokermet joining bonus. These Pokermet offers online can come in handy while making deposits and participating in tournaments through your official Pokermet account.

Pokermet Offers Online

There are several lucrative Pokermet offers online that can get you some discounts and do some savings at the time of the deposit and when you decide to participate in a tournament. These Pokermet offers include Pokermet bonus code, Pokermet promo code, and Pokermet joining bonus.

Pokermet Bonus Code

Using the unique Pokermet Bonus Code that will be provided to you by Pokermet, you can get locked cash bonuses. If you make your deposits between Rs. 1000 to 10,000, you will get 40% real cash bonus; If you deposit between Rs. 10,100 to 20,000, you will get 35% real cash bonus; if you deposit between Rs.20,100 to 30,000, you will get 30% real cash bonus; and finally, If you deposit Rs. 30,100 to 50,000, you will get 25% real cash bonus.Such bonuses would really lead everyone to make the deposit on their account as soon as possible!

Special features About Pokermet

  1. Responsible Gaming
    Underage players are not allowed to participate in any table at Pokermet and if they try to deceive Pokermet with their age then their earnings will be fortified and they will be subject to criminal jurisdiction.

  2. How To Play?
    For those who would like to play poker but are unaware of the rules and regulations of it then they do not need to worry about how they should play poker? because Pokermet provides you with a detailed account of how to play poker? And all the necessary things that need to be avoided so that you could play as an experienced poker player.

  3. Set Your Own Monthly Deposit Limits
    Pokermet gives you the freedom for setting your own real money deposit limit.

  4. The Official App
    Pokermet understands the worth of an easy to understand user interface and they would like to provide its users with just the simplest one. Through any platform you decide to access Pokermet, you can effortlessly play your game of poker. You can play via the browser or the app for your desktops (both Windows and Mac).

  5. Deposits, Withdrawals & Registration
    Registering at Pokermet will not trouble you in any way, you will have to just put in your username, password, email ID, gender and your phone number and that’s it, you are now a registered user. Making deposits is safe, secure and easy and withdrawing the money you have won is just as hassle-free.

  6. Tournaments
    There happen ongoing tournaments on Pokermet. In all of these tournaments, a big jackpot is involved. You can participate in them and win big.

Play Freeroll - Pokermet Offers Online

Pokermet offers to all of its users a free chance to grab Rs. 20,000 and this can be won by doing a freeroll. The freeroll is done hourly and there is an hourly reward of 1 k and the freeroll can be played 20 times a day. Interesting and exciting at the same time right?

Register & Play Poker on PokerMet
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