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Lic's e-Term Assurance Policy

Starting @ Rs.3121 Yearly

Insurance PlansUp to 30% Off
Home InsuranceLow cost premium

PolicyBazaar.com - Compare, Buy & Save at India’s Best Insurance Destination

Insurance is something that allows one to sleep peacefully at night without any sort of stress whatsoever. What are people most worried about? Their family and when some casualties happen, everyone has someone who he/ she leaves behind and at that moment they need not only emotional support but most importantly they need financial support so that they do not have to rely on others. PolicyBazaar is a portal that is there to provide you with the best insurance plans. Also, the specialty about PolicyBazaar is that it provides its family of thousands of users with best in class services and varied types of PolicyBazaar Coupons, PolicyBazaar Offers, PolicyBazaar Coupon Code, PolicyBazaar Payment Offer, PolicyBazaar Wallet Offer, and Insurance Policy Coupon Code.

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  • Term Life
  • Health
  • Life Insurance Investment
  • Car
  • Two Wheeler
  • Travel
  • Term Life 100yrs
  • Child Plans
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Tax Saving Investment
  • Zero Commission Investment Plans
  • Home Insurance

The Specialities About PolicyBazaar

PolicyBazaar is regarded as world’s leading fintech innovator 2nd year in a row. PolicyBazaar provides you with a wide variety of insurances such as the PolicyBazaar Two Wheeler Insurance, PolicyBazaar Car Insurance, PolicyBazaar Health Insurance Plans, PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance etc. Each and every one of these PolicyBazaar insurances holds their own PolicyBazaar coupons and PolicyBazaar offers.

PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance

At PolicyBazaar you can compare over 30 plans from 16 insurers and select the one which seems the best to you. PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance has secured over 12,12,535 families who have been consulted by over 1500 advisors who helped them to compare and opt for the best one of the lot. If there ever arise any sort of query then you have customer support for 365 days.

PolicyBazaar Offers Maximum Up To 50% Off On PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance

PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance Which Covers You For 100+ Years

This is a new edition under his category. This one of the PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance covers you for the lifetime and not just a certain period. Now, the best part about this is that you will get guaranteed Rs. 1 crore terms cover at the rate of Rs. 1.4 k per month.

PolicyBazaar Offers On PolicyBazaar Term Life Insurance For 100+ Years

-You are applicable for tax benefits under section 80C and 10 (10D)

-There are Flexible Premium Payment Options

PolicyBazaar Health Insurance Plans

Under this category, PolicyBazaar offers you with a list of more than 250 health insurance plans from 10 insurance companies. There are more than 2 lakh satisfied and happy customers of the  PolicyBazaar Health Insurance Plans. You will not have to wait for the receipt too as PolicyBazaar follows the mentality of “ instant purchase, immediate receipt.” You do not need to worry about anything because PolicyBazaar offers you a full and free end to end assistance on claims. If, still, a doubt arises then you will be guided by representatives who will provide you with free support for 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

PolicyBazaar Life Insurance Investment

Here you will be able to get the best growth plans for yourselves. PolicyBazaar will not charge you anything in the form of commission for suggesting plans. If there are no commissions then you are getting extra returns, right? There are zero capital gains unlike that 10 % in mutual funds.

PolicyBazaar Car Insurance

Through PolicyBazaar car insurance people in India have over 25 lakh vehicles insured. PolicyBazaar gives you the freedom of choosing the best car insurance by comparing several insurance plans from over 15 insurers.

PolicyBazaar Offers Maximum Up To 60% Off On PolicyBazaar Car Insurance

PolicyBazaar Two Wheeler Insurance

A majority of Indian population commute via two-wheelers so PolicyBazaar provided them with the best insurances in town. If you have been travelling with an expired policy then you can easily renew that online. To resolve your every doubt you will be assigned an experienced relationship manager with dedicated claims assistance.

PolicyBazaar Offers Maximum Up To 58% Off On third-party premium in PolicyBazaar Two Wheeler Insurance

PolicyBazaar Travel Insurance

When we travel to some foreign there is a precaution that we need to take. Anything might happen there and we would be demanded of going through several processes and procedures. With PolicyBazaar Travel Insurance one can ensure a safe and happy travel. By its PolicyBazaar travel insurance, PolicyBazaar offers covers for flight cancellations, delays and sudden change in plans, pre-existing diseases covered at no extra cost, baggage and passport loss, personal accident and personal liability covered, and quick claim settlement with cashless options.

PolicyBazaar Child Plans

There are plans for children too. Such plans which can help you secure your child's future. You will get the best advice, the best policies, and the best hopes for securing the future of your beloved sons and daughters.

PolicyBazaar Retirement Solutions

After you have lived the best years of your life, then why stop after retirement when you have nothing to be worried about.  You do not always have to rely on your kids to do everything for you. You can do things for yourself and not be dependent on others. At PolicyBazaar you will get the list of best pension plans out of which you can select what seems to be the most perfect for you.

PolicyBazaar Tax Saving Investment

There is also PolicyBazaar tax saving investment plans through which you will be able to save a lot on the taxes you submit. You will get the instant tax receipt, you will be able to save tax on the amount you have invested, the maturity amount is also tax free, also you will get inbuilt life cover, plus there is an option to invest in Equity or Debt/Govt Securities.

PolicyBazaar Home Insurance

PolicyBazaar also has its hands in the home insurance market. You will be provided with just the best plans there are available in the market.

PolicyBazaar Coupons & PolicyBazaar Offers

In the field of insurance there are a variety of offers and coupons and with PolicyBazaar Coupons & PolicyBazaar Offers you will get just the best discounts there are in this field. Along with these, there are also PolicyBazaar Coupon Code, PolicyBazaar Payment Offer, and PolicyBazaar Wallet Offer which can work for you in getting more rewards, benefits, and maybe discounts.

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