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Proleag Sign Up Offers - A Gaming World beyond Reality!

Fantasy is a welcome relief from the stress and boredom of everyday world. Be it for a kid or a grown up, everyone loves watching fantasy movies, reading stories and even being a part of something relevant to fantasy is great. In this technically advanced world, living in a fantasy world is not a big thing to achieve. There are a lot of people who are passionate about the sport and want to make their career in sports but playing on a field in real is something very difficult and requires a lot of effort. So, they prefer playing online in a fantasy world. Proleag is an online fantasy gaming platform but it is unlike the others in the league where you would be playing different types of games including cricket, football, Ludo, Kabaddi, WWE and Rummy. The Proleag is not just known for gaming but is also known for Proleag coupons, Proleag promo code, Proleag free contest code, Proleag fantasy offers, Proleag fantasy coupon code.

What is Proleag

Proleag is an online fantasy gaming platform but it is unlike the others in the league. At Proleag, you are going to find varied types of games including cricket, football, WWE, Kabaddi, Ludo and Rummy. Proleag is the first paid fantasy Cricket League website in the daily fantasy sports industry. We offer the opportunity for fantasy Cricket League fans all over the world to play and Win Real Cash Prizes. It is considered as the game of skill and not the game of luck. You can participate in with a simple login from your facebook or google account. In cricket and football, you can create your own team and play matches, tournaments, innings etc and win real cash. All you need to do is, simply sign in with your Facebook account or your Google I’d, choose your sport then your game, pick your team and play to win your glory. Isn’t it simple?

How to play Proleag

a) Create your account

You can participate in with a simple login from your facebook or google account.

b) Create your team

Now you can create your team by using all your cricket knowledge and managerial skills to create a Fantasy team of your choice. Pick what you feel are the best batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders for that given match and watch them destroy the competition. But there's criteria you have to follow while choosing your team. If you are choosing a batsman, you can select minimum 3 players and maximum 5 batsmen. In case of a bowler, you can pick minimum one and maximum 3 bowlers. In case of all-rounders, you can select minimum one and maximum 3 players. Each time your chosen players score on the field, your team gets points that ultimately make you a winner, at the game and you win real money in your account!

Why Proleag

You can make your own team and if the team wins, you will get the cash prizes of handsome amounts. The Proleag also provide the users with some great discount. At the end of every match, Proleag updates the final ranks and points received by each player. If you have participated in a Cash contest and have won it, the winnings for that match shall be credited automatically to your account. You can see the total balance in your Proleag account and can either deposit/withdraw money. Remember, you need to get your account verified by Proleag to withdraw money! Don’t worry. This is a one-time activity unless you wish to change your account details. Apart from this, it also giving exclusive Proleag fantasy coupon code, Proleag fantasy offers, Proleag promo code and Proleag offers, on the usage of which you will be able to get yourself an interesting discount. Also, you can participate for free in a contest by using Proleag free contest code.

Proleag Coupons & Proleag Offers

There are certain Proleag Coupons & Proleag Offers that can easily get the discounts along with the other benefits that you can avail. If you want to join a match that too free of cost, you can use the Proleag free contest code. There are various other Proleag coupons, Proleag promo codes and Proleag fantasy offers from those you can take advantage and save a handsome amount of money.

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