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Sattviko Coupons & Offers -Tasty Bhi, Healthy Bhi? No More Impossible!

We all live an era where the tastier the food is, the happier the mood is. But in that limbo, we literally forget about keeping our health game strong. The team of Sattviko knows what you desire and what your hope is: You like to eat tasty food products and still wish not to gain even a single pound. So, Sattviko is there to provide you with healthy food products that are tasty to eat and you will not gain much weight after eating them too, because these are the mix of the old wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga and that is why, whatever Sattviko food product you are going to consume will be light, nutritious, easy to digest and Sattviko forces on the point that all of these food products are freshly prepared. So, for those who go to the gym or does not go to the gym, they can enjoy a mix of spices and flavour and still keep their health intact. Now, you might even be thinking that these products might be costly but that’s not true, these Sattviko branded food products are available at affordable prices and apart from that, you will be able to even get an extra discount on the already reasonable prices by using the Sattviko promo codes of the various Sattviko coupons and Sattviko offers.

Sattviko Offers, Coupons & Promocodes

CategorySattviko Offers
Sattviko Super Special ComboUpto 26% Off
Dry MangoFlat 23% Off
Gur ChanaFlat 23% Off
Gift BoxesStarting at Rs 299
RaisinsUpto 9% off
Salsa AlmondsUpto 20% Off
Ajwain Flax SeedsUpto 23% Off

Sattviko Coupons & Sattviko OffersThe Specialities About Ordering From Sattviko

Sattviko Makhana100% Cashback
Order Peri Peri Makhana, Khakhra chips above Rs.350Free shipping
Order Raisins above Rs.350Free shipping

The exciting Sattviko Coupons & Sattviko Offers, this is simply the most amazing and exciting thing that there is in the Sattviko official store. There are always some kind of Sattviko coupons or Sattviko offers that will make you able to buy their already affordable products at discounted prices. And these Sattviko coupons and Sattviko offers provided discounts run on a majority of the categories that there are for you to choose your products from.

Sattviko Offers On The Various Categories

Makhana - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 17% off in this category.

Makhanas are one such thing that is fun to eat and easily digestible plus they do not have any sort of fat in them. They are just like popcorns but a bit healthier and with the amazing twist of flavors that Sattviko offers, these flavourless to eat makhanas now have the magic of spices that will satisfy not only our hunger but also our taste buds too.

  • Pudina Makhana -Sattviko offers you a maximum discount of up to 17%
  • Peri Peri Makhana -Sattviko offers you a maximum discount of up to 17%
  • Herb & Cheese Makhana -Sattviko offers you a maximum discount of up to 17%
  • Paan Raisins - Sattviko offers you a maximum discount of up to 9%

Raisins - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 9% off in this category.

When we are on a diet and we think about eating something sweet but not too sweet because the excessive sugar will lead to a consumption of a lot of calories and the sugar earned calories are really very hard to shed. But consuming raisins will really help you dial down that craving for sugar and with the paan flavored raisins that Sattviko offers, you can really be able to experience a new taste.

Salsa Almonds - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 20% off in this category.

Nuts are simply the best thing to eat while you have craving for snacks. And the Sattviko provided Almonds are not only roasted but they also have a flavor of salsa in it and it feels really good to eat.

Ajwain Flax Seeds - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 23% off in this category.

Looking for something that is not only healthy but also light and crunchy? If yes, then you simply need to place an order for Ajwaini Flax Seeds at Sattviko. These seeds are not only flavorsome but also, they are healthy in nature and fun to eat.

Dry Mango - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 23% off in this category.

Apart from all of these Ajwaini Flax Seeds, Salsa Almonds, Paan Raisins, and Makhana, this one seems to the best food product to eat while trying to pass some of your time. Dry Mango is sweet and sour, it has that tinge of sourness in it that really compliments the sweetness of the all of it. And the price of it too is really very low so that more people can afford it and enjoy the taste of it. You will not resist yourself from saying -”Yes! I would like to eat more of it!”

Sattviko Combos - Sattviko Offers you a maximum discount of up to 26% off in this category.

Here come the Sattviko combos. In this category, you can buy combos of everything that Sattviko offers. You can buy a combo of Sattviko Khakhra chips and Makhana along with Raisins. You can even buy the combo of Dry Mango, Salsa Almonds, Paan Raisins and the Ajwaini Flax Seeds. There are combos that include everything that Sattviko offers. You can buy them at affordable prices and there is one of the Sattviko offers running on it that allows you to buy these combos at a maximum discount of up to 26% off. Are these combos amazing and affordable at the same time?

The Other Categories

There are certain categories too that have just been recently introduced and that is the only reason why you will not be able to find any sort of Sattviko offers running on them. But if you make your purchase in the combos you might be able to experience one of the Sattviko offers.

These categories include Gur Chana, Peanuts and Khakhra chips (plain flavour, pizza flavour, and methi flavour). These may be new and they do not have any Sattviko offers running on them but still, they are worth trying, the twist in their flavours will not disappoint you.

Other Sattviko Offers

There are some other Sattviko offers that you can use to help yourselves save some more money. These Sattviko offers include:

  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Deals - Sattviko Offers to purchase one product and you will be able to buy another one for FREE. Yes, FREE!
  • Register Now And Get Rs. 50 Cash Back - Sattviko Offers If you will register to Sattviko now then you will get Rs. 50 cash back on your first purchase.

Why Sattviko?

The Sattviko Services

Apart from the Sattviko offers there are certain services provided by Sattviko that feels just like an icing on a cake. The shipping, the refund, the replacement policy has been perfectly explained and well sorted. You will not be tangled in understanding the policies.


  • Cash On Delivery - If you do not want to make payments online via card then you always have the option for cash on delivery. All you need to do is relax on your sofa and place your order and on certain days you will be delivered with your desired product. You need to open the door and make the payment and pay extra Rs. 50 for delivery.
  • 100% genuine Quality Products - Sattviko assures you that whatever product that will be delivered to you is 100% original, genuine Sattviko branded product that has gone through various stages of quality checks too.
  • The Secure Payment - If you would like to make the payments for your bought products via your debit or credit cards and even net banking then you can effortlessly do that too. You do not have to worry about if the payment domain is secure or not, Sattviko assures you that it is safe and secure. Your provided information will not be used further without your consent.

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