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Grab the Best Storytel Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals, Discounts, and Offers

Storytel discount coupons and promo codes are all you need to dive into the world of stories. Stories take us to a different world of imagination where there are no boundaries or limits to the thoughts. A child learns after listening to stories from elders, and bed-time stories, full of kings, queens and castles, are every child’s favourites. Storytel is the right destination for those who seek an online platform to read stories, biographies, and poetries. Our busy schedules often keep us away from reading books but Storytel brings a solution for that too. No problem if you don’t have time for a book to read, listen to its audiobook and stay connected with what you love the most. 

What is Storytel?

The way one tells a story, keeps the audience engaged. Whenever you would tell a story to a child, his expression changes as the story advances or changes the plot. In the very same way, Storylet keeps you hooked up to stories and leaves you wanting for more. Their collection is so wide that you will start feeling short of time to read them all. There are thousands of titles in varied genres that you can think of reading. Now imagine what it will be like having an entire library in your pocket? Whenever you would feel like reading to a book or listening to a story, you only need to open the Storytel app on your smart device. As per your convenience, you get what you want!

Why Storytel?

It is not possible to carry hardcovers or even paperbacks everywhere, especially when you are a bookworm and eat up books real quick. Wouldn’t it be great to have all these books handy and absolutely hassle-free? Storytel lets you deal with the exact same problem by giving you an option to access all your favourites with one tap. A single user gets unlimited access to all the books out there. 
Storytel kids mode - Finding books for children has become easier than ever. Keep your child engaged and away from all trouble makings by introducing them to the world of books. As mentioned, a kid learns a lot from stories, Storytel lets children between 4 and 12 years know about the stories from across the world in a safe environment.  
Unlimited listening - When your eyes feel tired from continuous exposure of smartphone’s and computer’s screen rays, given them rest and listen to an audiobook instead of reading it. Reading books or listening audiobooks, especially before going to bed, keeps all worries and work-pressure at bay. Therefore, whenever you would feel stresses or want to calm down your mind, pick a book at Storytel at any time and anywhere.
Read at Airplane Mode - Constant notifications break the flow when you read a book online on a smartphone. Knowing how annoying is it to swipe every notification, Storytel gives you an option to save a book and read it at aeroplane mode. No more you would be disturbed by unwanted notifications while reading to books.
Storytel Flexible Payment Options - Storytel offers two kinds of subscription plans; one is recurring and another one is non-recurring. In case, you are not comfortable with auto-renewal facility, you can always opt for a non-recurring subscription, available for one month and three months. 
Storytel coupons - With the help of numerous Storytel discount codes, users can save on their subscription plans at Storytel. For this, users only have to apply an eligible Storytel coupon code before completing the transaction. 

Opt for Storytel Subscription Using Storytel Coupons

Listening to a story is a completely different feeling. To experience it, you need to become a member of Storytel family. After taking Storytel streaming subscription, you could get your hands on numerous books across categories. The catalogue of Storytel includes children books, Classics, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Lyric Poetry, Language, Personal Development, History, Economy & Business, and more. What is there that Storytel doesn’t have. Take any name and Storytel have it. To take a subscription, choose any one of the Storytel plans. Additionally, you can take help of Storytel deals and offers that give you discounts on membership.

Purchase A Storytel Plan Using Storytel Discount Coupons

To get an ultimate experience of reading books online, you need Storytel subscription. At present, there are three Storytel subscription plans, out of which one is recurring that is auto-renewal. The Storytel Unlimited recurring subscription is available at cost of Rs. 299 per month while Storytel Unlimited non-recurring subscription for one month and three months are available at Rs. 299 and Rs. 897 respectively. While making payment for the Storytel plan ensure to use the applicable Storytel offer code to reduce the cost even further.
The recurring subscription comes with a free trial of 14 days. During this period of two weeks, you can explore the world of Storytel and take a good look at its collection. The subscription will be renewed automatically every 30th day until you terminate the membership on your own. On the other hand, non-recurring subscriptions do not have free-trail of 14 days included. Your subscription will be auto-cancelled after the completion of 30 days if you select a one-month subscription or after 90 days if three months subscription plan has been picked by you. As long as you have an active subscription, you will able to read and listen to as many books as you want. 

Use Storytel Offer Code to Send a Storytel Gift Card

What would be a better gift for a bookworm than a Storytel Gift Card? Give a gift card to your family and friends and give them access to the limitless number of audiobooks on their smartphones. There are in total four Storytel gift cards to choose from; 1-month Storytel unlimited at Rs. 299, 3 months Storytel unlimited at Rs. 599, 6-months Storytel unlimited at Rs. 1,199, and 12-months Storytel unlimited at Rs. 2,399. You can purchase the Storytel Gift Card with the help of different Storytel offers. 

Storytel Offers and Deals on GoPaisa

If you don’t have time to read a book, listen to it on Storytel where you would come across plenty of books to grab. Or if you feel like reading one but doesn’t want to carry a hard copy, read it online on Storytel. Whatever genre be your favourite, find it on Storytel. Simply, pick a book and start listening to wherever and whenever you want to. To purchase a Storytel subscription, you can take help of numerous Storytel promo codes. Using these Storytel offer codes will help you save a lot on subscription plans. In case, your concern is where to find Storytel offers and coupons the GoPaisa is the answer. It is the biggest coupon and cashbacks destination in India. 
On this platform, you will get numerous Storytel deals to grab. And not only this, but GoPaisa also offers varied cashback offers on your purchases. So, whenever you shop, you receive mentioned cashback, which can be later used to shop in future. This way, you save more than expected. Therefore, before you purchase a Storytel subscription make sure to look for Storytel discount deals on GoPaisa and to start earning cashbacks.