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TeaMRPOffer PriceOFF
Autumn Special Darjeeling Black TeaRs. 221Rs. 18715% OFF
Clonal Special Darjeeling Black TeaRs. 316Rs. 25220% OFF
Darjeeling Okayti Full Wonder Black TeaRs. 346Rs. 27620% OFF
Clonal Light Darjeeling Black TeaRs. 335Rs. 28415% OFF
Clonal Musk Darjeeling Black TeaRs. 409Rs. 32720% OFF
Darjeeling Arya Rose Black TeaRs. 461Rs. 36820% OFF
Darjeeling Clonal Muscatel Black TeaRs. 670Rs. 50225% OFF
Darjeeling Okayti Spelndour Black TeaRs. 691Rs. 51825% OFF
Darjeeling Clonal Thunder Black TeaRs. 773Rs. 54130% OFF
Clonal Wonder Darjeeling Black TeaRs. 1004Rs. 85315% OFF

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About Teafloor

Originally from China, tea has become a part and parcel of our everyday life. This popular drink was initially known for its medicinal purposes. It was much later that it evolved to be one of the most consumed drinks in the world. There are about 3000 varieties of tea in the world. While the world is full of tea lovers, each one has a different taste. While some love the aroma of Assam tea, others prefer Darjeeling tea. Then there are those who crave for Nilgiri tea.

Apart from regular tea drinkers, there are occasional ones who wait for rains and get togethers. There are some who take tea for healing purposes. No matter what the reason is, tea always finds a way to our home.  

Teafloor understands this relationship that you share with tea. They know that everyone has a different taste and hence brings to you, tea from different parts of the country. At Teafloor, you will find the freshest and excellent quality tea from different locations sold at one platform. No matter where you stay and what your preferences are, Teafloor knows how to reach you with your favourite tea.  Choose your tea according to the garden, type, flavour and season only at Tea Floor. Plucked from the famous tea gardens across the country, the tea sent to you are authentic and free from any harsh elements. 

Teafloor have a long selection of tea for you to choose from. At Teafloor, you can buy premium tea variants like black, green, oolong, white, herbal and flavoured. Take a sip of the best tea with Teafloor. Use Teafloor coupon codes for your purchase and avail heavy discount.

Types of Tea at Teafloor

Green Tea: Green tea is loaded with a number of nutrient values and has antioxidants that provide your body with numerous health benefits. It reduces the risk of cancer, improves the functioning of human brain, and helps in fat loss in individuals. Get the best green tea at Teafloor and stay healthy. Make sure you have a Teafloor coupon when you make your purchases.

Black Tea: Black tea is one of the most common forms of tea consumed worldwide. The leaves of the are allowed to fully oxidize. Its only then that they are heat-processed and dried. This gives the black tea a strong taste and flavour as compared to other tea. Get this strong tea from Teafloor using Teafloor coupon available at GoPaisa.

CTC Chai: CTC Tea is processed using the "crush, tear and curl" (CTC) method. The tea leaves are placed through cylindrical rollers with small teeth. CTC is a balanced combination of tea and spices, consumed with milk, sugar, honey, or lemon. Treat yourself with this delightful tea. Place your order for CTC chai using the Teafloor coupon listed at GoPaisa.

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is a unique type of tea that originates from Camellia sinensis plant. It is known for its rich flavor and taste with additional health benefits. Oolong tea is loaded with antioxidants which provide it with numerous health benefits. Buy your favourite Oolong tea at Tea Floor using the Teafloor promo code listed at GoPaisa.

White Tea: White Tea is the rarest variety of tea. The leaves are plucked when the buds still have a covering of white hair on them. It undergoes the least processing and is also not fermented. White tea contains less caffeine and more antioxidants than any other type of tea. Get the best White tea from Teafloor by availing Teafloor coupon listed at GoPaisa.

Tea from Different Regions at Teafloor

Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling produces all tea varieties of tea, be it black, oolong, green or white. With over 78 tea estates, Darjeeling produces over 9 million kg of tea. Darjeeling tea is best known for its aromatic flavour. Get the best Darjeeling tea delivered to your home by Teafloor. Make your purchases by using the Teafloor coupon code available at GoPaisa.com.

Nilgiris Tea: Grown around Nilgiri hills, Nilgiri tea have features like briskness, exceptional fragrance and exquisite flavour. The liquor is golden yellow in colour and offers a creamy taste. Notes of dusk flowers too are found in this variety of Tea. Bring home tea from Nilgiris using the Teafloor coupon code available at GoPaisa.

Assam Tea: Tea plantations in Assam cultivate the Camelia Sinensis var Assamica variety of the tea. Assam is the only region globally where tea is grown in plains instead of hills. The tea from Assam have full bodied, yellowish-brown colour with a brisk, strong taste. Give your morning the right welcome with tea from Assam. Place your order using the Teafloor promo code available at GoPaisa.

Tea from Other Regions

At Teafloor, you can place your order for tea from other regions too. Apart from the conventional Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri Tea, they even have Kangra Tea, Nepal Tea, and Tea from North-East India.

Different Tea as per Flush at Teafloor

First Flush - The first flush tea is plucked between March and April following the first light showers of late February. These are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and produced the freshest cup of tea. First Flush tea are considerably more expensive than the rest. To get these at a pocket friendly price, use the Teafloor coupons listed at GoPaisa.

Second Flush - Second Flush Tea are plucked in early to late summer. It takes place during June and July. The main characteristics of this tea are smooth and fruity flavour and are darker in colour. Bring home the second flush tea from Tea Floor using the Teafloor discount coupon featured at GoPaisa.

Third Flush - The third Flush tea are mostly found in Darjeeling. Known for their large leaves, these are harvested in Autumn. Once the monsoon season end, the tea plants begin to grow again. They are then harvested in October-November. The leaves are dark in colour and have a fruity flavour. Place your order for the Third Flush Tea at Tea Floor by using the Teafloor coupons.

Winter Flush - Winter flush are rare. They are usually harvested between November and February, but only under the best weather conditions. The quality of Winter flush is considerably low but the flavour and aroma can wake your up from your deepest slumbers. Place your order for winter flush tea at Tea Floor and avail heavy discount using the Teafloor coupon. 

Teafloor Special Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea - While Darjeeling is best known for its tea, the green tea from its hills have recently gained much popularity. We all are aware of the advantages of green tea. When flavour is added to these numerous advantages, every sip of tea becomes crave worthy. Get the famous green tea from Darjeeling using the Teafloor promo codes.

Organic Green Tea - Organic Green tea is a completely natural green tea cultivated with natural fertilizers only. The use of any kind of synthetic products like synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides is not present in organic farming. Organic Green tea not just benefits your health but is also good for earth. At Tea Floor, you can get fresh and organic green tea. Place your order now using the Teafloor discount coupon mentioned at GoPaisa.

Organic Black Tea - We all know the benefits of organic tea. They are richer in antioxidants prevent your body from numerous diseases. Get yourself the best cup of organic black tea only from Tea Floor. Don’t forget to use the Teafloor promo code while placing your order.

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When you shop at Teafloor via GoPaisa, you will come across several Teafloor coupons and promo codes that will make every cup of tea easy on your pocket. These coupons will give you an added discount and assured GoPaisa cashback on your purchases. The cashback amount can be later redeemed to make mobile phone recharges, bill payments, shopping, etc. You can also put forth a cash out request and get the amount transferred to your bank account. Here is a simple guideline that will make getting your favourite beverage via GoPaisa a great shopping and saving experience.

• Log in to GoPaisa and search for Tea Floor.

• Here you will find several Teafloor deals. So, click on the deal that you find best.

• Once you click on Activate Deal, you will be redirected to Tea Floor retail page.

• Now you can continue to shop in the regular way.

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