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Thyrocare Test CategoryThyrocare Offers
Master Blood Check Up - 61 Tests including Vitamin D & ThyroidBuy at Rs 999 Only
Master Blood Check Up - Blood Tests and Home Sample Collection

Buy at Rs 1250 + Rs 500 Netmeds Voucher

Complete Check Up - 84 Tests & Unlimited Free Teleconsultation

Buy at Rs 2350 + Rs 500 Netmeds Voucher

Thyrocare - India’s First Fully Automated Laboratory

In today’s world, the emphasis is given more to the prevention of disease and promoting health awareness. The desk-bound lifestyle, increasing stress level at the workplace and the addiction to the automobiles indicate that we are giving more to our body than what it actually needs. And this all has given rise to various health problems. So, Thyrocare is providing the preventive health care services and pathology lab tests. Thyrocare is regarded as India's first fully automated diagnostic laboratory.

Thyrocare Paytm Offer

Thyrocare Bank Offers

ProfileBank CardActual Rate

Offer Rate

Wellness AIDBI Silver Health Package2700/-800/-
Wellness BIDBI Gold Health Package4000/-1175/-
Wellness CIDBI Platinum Health Package1550/-5100/-
Wellness DIDBI Special Diabetes Package1175/-3200/-

Thyrocare Hdfc Offer

Get more than 60% discount on health packages

ProfileNo of TestsCatalogue Rate

Offer Rate

Wellness A712700/-750/-
Wellness B744000/-1125/-
Wellness C795100/-1500/-
Wellness D684000/-1125/-

    Thyrocare Aaarogyam 1.7 offer

    Pro Aarogyam 1.7 at Rs.2400 include 86 test

    • Cardiac Risk Marker (6)
    • Vitamin(3)
    • Arthritis(2)
    • Thyroid(1)
    • Diabetes(2)
    • Iron Deficiency(4)
    • Hormone(1)
    • Renal(5)
    • Liver(11)
    • Wellness(4)
    • Electrolytes(2)
    • Complete Hemogram(28)
    • Toxic Elements(9)
    • Lipid(8)

    Why Thyrocare

    Thyrocare aims to provide its users, both in India and internationally, with accurate and affordable laboratory tests and results. It enables you to even look for proper hospitals that will comparatively be cheaper than other hospitals for you to get your treatment done at. The labs associated with Thyrocare work 24*7 and cater to every single need of the user. The other specialty of Thyrocare is that they know the value of time so they deliver the results as early as possible, in fact, 95% of their business is air cargo driven. If you do not even feel like going to a lab then you need not worry about it, you can book a test and the concerned person will come to your house to take the sample. All you need to do is fast for 10 to 12 hours.

    Thyrocare Discount Offers on Health CheckUp Package

    TestOriginal ChargesDiscounted AmountFinal Charges
    AAROGYAM A1,6804801,200
    AAROGYAM B3,1601,4601,700
    AAROGYAM C3,2251,0252,200
    A1C DIABETIC2,4109101,500
    MINI AAROGYAM600100500
    DIABETES PANEL 1600200400
    DIABETES PANEL 21,100400700
    DIABETES PANEL 31,520620900
    VITAMIN PANEL 1800180620
    VITAMIN PANEL 21,220360860
    VITAMIN PANEL 31,360460900
    THYROID PANEL 2580130450
    THYROID PANEL 31,220320900

    Thyrocare Health Package

    AAROGYAM 1Rs 800
    AAROGYAM 2Rs 1,200
    AAROGYAM 3Rs 1,600
    AAROGYAM 4Rs 2,000
    AAROGYAM 5Rs 2,400
    AAROGYAM 6Rs 2,600
    AAROGYAM 7Rs 2,800
    AAROGYAM 8Rs 3,200
    AAROGYAM XRs 3,500

    Specialties About Thyrocare

    1) Quality

    Thyrocare is among the few Indian laboratories that meet the international standards of quality and is accredited by reputed global agencies like the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Its stringent quality control parameters coupled with intelligent IT-enabled systems ensure the consistent reproducibility of results and reports. Its internal Quality Parameters include not only the systems and instruments but also well trained and responsible staff to execute the entire processing in highly calibrated, sophisticated analyzers. Thyrocare has been certified by both national and international accrediting bodies for its quality services.

    2) Cost

    Thyrocare has been working on the cost of retail reagents for its services. A fully optimized, highly efficient, seamless automation has ensured men, material, and machines delivering the highest level of quality services at affordable costs.

    3) Reach

    The presence of Thyrocare is growing in more and more cities, countries and continents. Thyrocare today boasts of processing 3 billion investigations in a year and having a capacity to process 10 billion in a year.

    Thyrocare test booking and Thyrocare packages

    Test menu is a carefully crafted list of investigations catering as much to sick care as to preventive care. The tests cover varied age groups from offerings for prenatal screening, to screening for hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and tracking lifestyle disorders. So, if you want to book any test or a package, you can do it sitting in your comfort zone without any hassle with just a single click. The tests are made even more pocket-friendly because of the Thyrocare offers and Thyrocare coupons that are going to earn you a hefty discount.

    Thyrocare Coupons & Thyrocare Offers

    There are certain Thyrocare Coupons & Thyrocare Offers that can easily get the discounts along with the other benefits that you can avail. Apart from this, there are various other offers on which Thyrocare is giving amazing discounts. The Thyrocare paytm offers and you can get Rs. up to 100 paytm cashback. Thyrocare hdfc offer, Thyrocare freecharge, Thyrocare one plus one offer, Thyrocare icici bank offer, Thyrocare aarogyam 1.7 offer and Thyrocare wallet offer.

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