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There are various types of benefits that TicketNew offers its wide audience. The best being the TicketNew Coupons. All you need to do is go to the TicketNew homepage and there you will see various sliders suggesting you the live TicketNew offers that will make you save some extra bucks. Some of them are: if you use Mobikwik to make the payments and book tickets you will get 15% off, If you use freecharge you will get up to 50% cashback (no TicketNew coupon is required for this one), there is one from ICICI where you will get Rs. 125 off and all you have to do is use the provided TicketNew Coupon code. It is that easy. You will easily find all the TicketNew offers, TicketNew coupons and TicketNew Promo codes and even earn extra cash back if you make the bookings on TicketNew via GoPaisa. GoPaisa is India’s No.1 Cashback site which compiles all the various offers, deals, coupons, and promo codes available on the internet at the single domain for everyone to use. Shopping through GoPaisa is exciting due to the fact that you will also get assured cashback on your purchase.

TicketNew initially started operating in Chennai. There it targeted on those regional cinemas and local events whose tickets were not made available in popular ticket booking platforms. Now, TicketNew has expanded, now TicketNew offers its services in all the major cities in India. Apart from this, there are various TicketNew coupons and several TicketNew Promo Codes, which TicketNew offers its users regularly.

TicketNew Referral Program

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TicketNew Offers

There was a time when the box office was always flooded with people and everyone had to wait in long queues to book their tickets and that is not the worst part, the worst part is when you have been in the queue for hours and the show becomes house-full. Now, TicketNew offers you the ease to make your bookings at home and be relaxed and then directly go to the cinema hall and watch the film. There are various other things that TicketNew provides its users:

1. Wide Reach - TicketNew is different than any other online ticket booking service because it acknowledges every single cinema or events whose tickets are not available on big banner platforms. It is not even limited to just the cinemas, there are various movies whose screenings are not easily known, TicketNew offers you the list of cinema halls where it is being screened.

2. Movies - TicketNew offers you the ease of making bookings for newly released films or movies. All you have to do is enter your location and TicketNew will automatically show you all the nearest cinema halls on which that movie is being screened. You can use TicketNew coupons to get a discount on the bookings.

3. Theatres - If you have interest in watching theatre held shows then in this field too TicketNew offers you the easiness of booking tickets at home. You will also get discounts in this field if you use the desired TicketNew coupons.

4. Events - There’s another field where, if you use the proper TicketNew coupons you will get TicketNew discounts: Events. There are various events happening in our locality and we are not even aware of it. In this field, TicketNew offers you a long list of events shortlisted on the bases of your location and all you have to do then is make the booking. That’s it.

TicketNew Application

You can also install the TicketNew application which will make it much easier for you to access and make bookings anytime, anywhere. You can also use the TicketNew coupons to get the best discounts even through the app.