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Tolexo Coupons & Offers

Tolexo Category/ProductTolexo Offer
Industrial SuppliesUpto 80% off
Top brands Safety ProductsUpto 60% off
Drill MachineUpto 60% off
Branded FanUpto 50% off
Safety ShoesUpto 80% off
Hand ToolsMinimum 60% off
Led LightingUpto 80% off
CCTV CamerasUpto 60% Off
Smart security systemsUpto 60% Off
Electrical AccessoriesUpto 80% off

The Lucrative World of Tolexo Online Shopping

The internet and the ecommerce industry have completely and irreversibly changed the way people interact with businesses and make their purchases. Whereas most ecommerce portals that are popular today reach out to the retail consumers directly, there are actually a very few that are in the domain of business to business transactions. Commonly known as B2B transactions, these financial deals are struck between the two businesses such as the manufacturer and a wholesaler, a wholesaler and a retailer or even directly between the manufacturer and the retailer rather than between a company and individual customers. It is in this lucrative and lesser explored space that Tolexo.com has been able to establish its firm presence and leadership. The website currently deals in products under three major verticals, that of the manufacturing and tooling industry, construction industry and laboratory devices. Tolexo.com has more than 50,000 SKUs with almost 95 percent of the sellers being listed as SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises.

Launched fairly recently in 2014 by the same team as that of the other industry behemoth, Indiamart.in  and based out of New Delhi, Tolexo has been able to establish a firm presence in the bulk selling industry in an extremely short period of time. With already a base of 7000 sellers selling 8000 brands, Tolexo is growing from strength to strength. Tolexo online shopping, by virtue of it being a direct business to business dealing is always more competitively priced than the other websites that sell on a retail to individual customer basis.

How to find great Tolexo Offers

Tolexo.com, apart from being a bulk order website, also offers many unique ways to save money on its website by providing innovative discount deals through Tolexo coupons, Tolexo discount codes and Tolexo cashback offers that it promotes usually in conjunction with another pioneering website, such as gopaisa.in.

Tolexo.com sells a large number of innovative and unique products from its websites, most of which are usually not found on the websites of the other ecommerce portals. Some of the versatile products that Tolexo.com sells are:

1) Safety Equipments: One of the only few online portals that sell these kind of products in bulk, Safety equipments are one of the most important and popular verticals of the Tolexo.com website. With unique products like Safety Shoes, Safety Helmets, Safety Gloves, Safety eyewear etc, Tolexo always provides the best quality safety products with the best possible deals and great Tolexo cashback and other offers, along with providing product assurance and warranty.

2) Electrical Equipments: Tolexo carries an extremely comprehensive listing of the best and the most widely available varieties of electrical equipments and tools and that too at an extremely competitive price that is usually much lower than the market and other ecommerce portals. With multiple products such as lights and lamps, wires, fans and other consumer electrical equipments, Tolexo.com has really taken the level of the available choices in this particular segment of electrical equipments and tools to another level of ease and comfort of shopping.

3) Hand and Power Tools: Tolexo.com has one of the largest inventories of hand and power tools available anywhere on the internet. Sold on lucrative and genuine Tolexo offers , these tools are sourced from the best suppliers and feature popular and reputed brands such as Goodyear, Dell and Attrico. Offering discounts as high as 70% on some of these products, Tolexo online shopping  believes in aggressive and sustained marketing where it aims at achieving returns based on huge volumes of the products sold rather than the profits on individual sales. There are actually very few websites operating in the e-commerce space in India that offer such great variety and quality of these kind of tools which is made even more special by the amalgamation of great Tolexo discount codes and tolexo cash back offers that the website gives in conjunction with gopaisa.com.

4) Plumbing Supplies: Tolexo.com has really aced the online market of plumbing supplies. Carrying huge inventories and reputed brands of faucets, sinks, water heaters and plumbing pipes, Tolexo.com has achieved an unassailable lead in the category of plumbing supplies that are sold online. Offering huge discounts through innovative offers such as the 'deal of the month' and various others in partnership with other sites, specially cash back and coupons websites, Tolexo.com offers incredible value for money to its customers.

The best Tolexo offers on Gopaisa.com

Towards maximising the benefits rolled out to its customers , Tolexo has teamed with the leader in providing lucrative and genuine cash backs and discount coupons to its discerning customers, the pioneering online coupons and cash back website Gopaisa.com. Along with gopaisa.com, Tolexo.com offers some of the most incredible and innovative deals on its already heavily discounted products, hence multiplying the customer benefit.

While the offers on gopaisa.com keep changing, currently there is a great offer going on, on the Tolexo.com website that provides the customer a cash back of up to Rs. 250 with a minimum shopping of Rs. 51 only. This cash back is over and above the already massive discounts that Tolexo.com offers on its website.  Claiming the lucrative cashback is extremely easy too, you just need to sign in to your gopaisa.com account and choose the product that you want to buy from Tolexo.com. Once you are redirected to the Tolexo.com site, you do your purchases absolutely normally, like you would have done otherwise and just wait for your cash back to be tracked to your go paisa account. Once that is done, you can go ahead and spend it the way you like, on any website of your choice. As simple as that.

It can be easily judged from the above examples that it really makes sense for a customer to shop at Tolexo.com through gopaisa.com and enjoy exclusive Tolexo discount codes and Tolexo cashback offers, especially since it doesn’t require any special effort on your part at all. Though Tolexo online shopping has already created a clear niche in the discounted hardware market, it really is a great option for all Tolexo shoppers to aim at getting further Tolexo offers and may be some rewarding Tolexo coupons by visiting the site through gopaisa.com and use its resources to get extra cashback and discounts.